Sunday, August 2, 2020

20 ft Radio Present & Dream Weapons present - Alone Together by Dj Lemon Fogg

Let us move beyond our pasts, the present and travel alone together with disco funk and progressive sounds from Sweden, psychedelia and yé-yé pop from France, jazz rock from Spain and Japan, Brazilian MPB, soul funk from Morocco, garage rock from Hong Kong, electronic psychedelia, country and christian rock from USA, baroque pop from Denmark and much more. You'll definitely find something to enjoy, either alone or together -DJ Lemon Fogg

Side A
1.Lasse Samuelson – Sunnysound
2.Julian Jay Savarin – Cycles
3.Catharsis – 32 Mars (edit)
4.Boatz – It Was Only The Radio
5.Crash Coffin – Alone Together
6.Fusioon – Farsa del Buen Vivir
7.Blåkulla – Idealet
8.Tninho Horta E Orquestra Fantasma – Aquelas Coisas Todas

Side B
9.Golden Hands – Al Harka
10.Jake H. Concepcion & His Orchestra – Scarborough Fair
11.Zoé – Zoé
12.Johnny Walsh – The End
13.The Artchis – In A Gadda-Da-Vida
14.Far Out – The Hip Sound
15.Patmos – Suicide Mission
16.Kræn Bysteds – Slotte Af Sand
17.John Stuckey – Without You
18.Maple Leaf - Tanjō
19.Curt o Roland – Estou Alegro

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Dream Weapons present: ANEMOIA C60

 «Nostalgia for a time you've never known». These tunes will make you long for those carefree summers long before you were born. Yes its truly gorgeous stuff. Some of you may recognize the cover art’s resemblance to Drawn From Memory. That’s because this is its fraternal twin. So I might as well re-use what I wrote then.

-Some music transcends you to outer space or other dimensions - while Anemoia is like a time machine that transports you backwards to a deceitfully wondrous past that never was. Twenty-one dusty old gems that time forgot from all over most of the world -Moahaha

1 Katyna Ranieri - La Contessa Scalza
2 Dalva de Oliveira - Sem Ele
3 Piero Piccioni - Haway
4 Marti Barris - Ahbe Casabe
5 El dúo Marfil-Morales - Canto Guajiro
6 Svend Nicolaisen - Suerte
7 Arturo Gatica - Frente a Frente
8 Dark Ducks - 越後獅子 / Echigojishi
9 Bianchi & The Jungle Sex-Tet - Lonely Flute
10 Nella Colombo & La Orquesta Maravella - Xipna Aghapi Mou

11 Edmundo P. Zaldivar - Mañana al Alba
12 Pacita Tomás - Escenas Andaluzas - Reflejos
13 Volta Sêca - Escuta Donzela
14 Yaseen & Party - Nna-Kiliyo
15 Hal Mooney - Maria
16 Pearl Bailey - I Got Rhythm
17 Lale Andersen - Gold'ner Ohrring
18 Jack Medell and His Orchestra - Umbe’
19 Gilda Lopes - A Hora Do Amor (Les Files De Cadix)
20 Nakano Tadaharu - Yamadera no Oshou
21 Mandolin' Club de Paris & Jeanne Ricada-Mathorez - Je Crois Entendre Encore

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons Present: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA C60

«Through hardships to the stars». Gorgeously warm and earthy jazz grooves in a soulful & easy-going oriental/spiritual, latin, psych and all that jazz-fusion kind of way. Lotsa flute and nice vibes throughout. My favorite jam for the summer, and for the rest of the year -Moahaha

Btw: If you're in the mood for a similarly themed mixtape-jazzbonanza just spin these earlier comps of mine after you've finished this one: Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of Spirits Unknown).

1 François Rabbath - Requiem Pour Goa
2 Manu Dibango - Walking To Waza
3 Bobby Hutcherson - Zuri Dance
4 Ahmad Jamal - Children Of The Night
5 The 360 Degree Music Experience - Tradewinds
6 Harold Alexander - Sandy's Love

7 I.P. Son Group - Raggio Di Sole
8 Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5 - Mirosbass
9 Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Jump Before You Think
10 Toru Takemitsu - Searching for Fantasy
11 Toshiaki Yokota And The Beat Generation - Reza
12 Rafiq Babayev - Azerbaijan Etude - 2


Monday, June 15, 2020

DJ Lemon Fogg & Dream Weapons Present: HAVE YOU BEEN SLEEPING? C60

 How have you been sleeping over the past few days? Have you had trouble falling asleep at the beginning of the day? Have you been waking up in the middle of the day? If yes: What do you do? Do you get up? Do you go out? Do you get lost? If so, put on this mixtape. You’ll get Indonesian Garage Rock, Polish Soul Jazz, Italian Twist, Turkish Funk, Lebanese Surf, Icelandic and Norwegian Prog, Venezuelan fusion, French Synth-pop, Cuban Psychedelia and much more, to help you find your way home in 60 mins  -Lemon Fogg

Side A

1. Maple Leaf - Purorōgu
2. Zoo – Have You Been Sleeping?
3. Ugo Busoni – Rullio
4. Zdzisława Sośnicka - Dobranocka, Moje Kochanie
5. Spilverk þjóðanna - Skáldið
6. Richard Hayman - Don't Rain on my Parade
7. 13th Power - I See A Change Is Gonna Come
8. Gianni Morandi - Go-Kart Twist
9. Koes Plus – Kelelawar
10. Figen Han - Haydi Bastır
11. Assa'd Khoury - Al Ghaba
12. The Berkeley Kites - Alice In Wonderland

Side B

13. Alex Rodríguez – Quetepe
14. Denny Fast - This May Be The End
15. Joanne Grauer - Mystical Lady
16. Dominique Guiot - Wind Surf Ballad
17. Eddy Zoltan - Mjuke Dråpar
18. Omar Khorshid - Rakset El Fadaa
19. Juan Almeida - Decide tu
20. Larry and Myra - Silver Rings


Sunday, May 31, 2020

Dream Weapons present: ON ICE C60

An off season open air ballet for figure skaters, musically accompanied by dreamy analogue electronics. Although ideal for letting your mind drift away on a frozen lake (or into outer space), I think icy instrumentals are perfectly suitable for the summertime. I give you the more athletic side to cosmic tunesmithery. My made up concept aside, its basically Tveklang Part II -Moahaha 

1 Simon Boswell - Gioia Outside In The Rain
2 Miha Kralj - Andromeda
3 Paul Nagle - Bedenke Ich Bin
4 Niala Effen - Catherine
5 Jannick Top - Roland Romanelli - Helium 112
6 Busser, C.B. - Happy Faces
7 Osiris - Staring at Nothingness

8 Mark Shreeve - Dream Sequence
9 Franco Tamponi - ARIA
10 Shigenori Kamiya - First Step
11 Dennis Wize - Light As Air
12 Ted Atking / Alain Feanch - Mysterious Forest
13 A Place To Pray - Thelema 9
14 K. Yoshimatu - Part 2 I&II


Friday, May 15, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: SOUTH OF SAHEL C60

Culturally and historically, the Sahel is a shoreline between the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa. So this mix contains music originating from the latter part of the continent - that has generally been less influenced by arab culture. Which means more Afrobeat, Qaraami, Highlife,  Bikutsi, Mande+Yoruba Music, and no belly dance grooves. Full of beauty, life, joy and intense emotions - and perfect for the summer. Cheers! -Moahaha

(Intro: BBC Field recording - Kenya, Amboeseli National Park)
1 Matata - Beautiful Burra
2 Dur-Dur Band - Caashaqa Maxaa ii Baray
3 Yusef A. Lateef - O Blues Revisited
4 The Apostles - Oshi Onwu
5 Francis Bebey - Ganvié
6 Christie Azumah & The Uppers International - Naam
7 Franklin Boukaka - Kue Tu Kuenda
8 Miriam Makeba - Shihibolet

9 Super Boiro Band - Samba
10 Eboni Band - Mogofingeou-Sopeunte
11 Assagai - Sanga
12 Birigwa - Obugumba
13 Quintette Guinéenne - Massane Cissé
14 Saka Acquaye & His African Ensemble - Echoes of the African Forest
(Outro: BBC Field recording - Cameroon, tropical forest)


Friday, April 24, 2020

Dream Weapons Present: DANSE MORTELLE C60

The way I see it any kind of musical expression that speaks to me is a positive experience. Now I think its time for some darkness again. The beautiful, weird and wicked sort of dark. I often pretend I’m directing a movie when I compile mixes. And the open ended, artsy but unintentionally comical straight to VHS film d’horreur érotique; Danse Mortelle revolves around a Bubonic Plague. It includes quite a few scenes of seduction and witchcraft plus dancing and singing around mountainous bonfires - which is why I’m posting it in time for Walpurgis Night. After all I named myself after the maniacal laugh of a fictional villain -Moahaha!

1 Philippe D'Aram - Fascination
2 Inner Dialogue - Look at Me
3 Palo Alto (feat. Norscq, Emiko Ota & Régis Codur) - Like a Mouse
4 Stratis - St. Petersburg
5 Minny Pops - The Sea
6 When - The Black Death (Excerpts)
7 Thick Pigeon - Crime
8 Mac Gayden - The Minstrel Is Free At Last - end

9 Mieux - Slow Walks
10 Janus (Jason Treuting) - i
11 Peter Thomas - Dance Ninotschka (Schwarze Augen)
12 Dunkelziffer - Arche Noah
13 Nytt Land - Frysta
14 Barbara, The Gray Witch - Witch's Love Song
15 J.A. Caesar (& Tenjo Sajiki theater company) - 出帆 - エンディング
16 Steve Shehan - Shogun (edit)


Friday, April 10, 2020

Dream Weapons present: BIEN BIEN BIEN C90 by DJ Lemon Fogg

Whenever in need of a real good time, do like Dream Weapons and call DJ Lemon Fogg:

-I have a 90 min. mixed bag of salty, sweet and sour candy for you. Here’s German Future Jazz, Glam and Space Rock, Polish Funk/Fusion, Icelandic Children Folk, Venezuelan Acid Rock, Japanese City Pop and Acid Folk, Spanish, Italian and British Mod Soul, Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba, Hawaiian Pacific, French Chanson, AOR and much more. If you can’t finish it all on your own, I recommend sharing it with others – DJ Lemon Fogg

+if you haven't already, check out his previous mixes for DWp:  Whatever Happened to Happy? & My Dear Life


1.         Andrzej Marko - Dhamma
2.         Björgvin Halldórsson – Heiðlóarkvæði
3.         Kati Kovacs – Sehnsucht
4.         Raúl Porchetto - Canción II
5.         Guru Guru – It’s Your Turn
6.         Mari Rottrová & Flamingo – Zvon lásky
7.         Veronika Fischer & Band – Philodendron
8.         Jin Kirigaya – Let’s Go Back To The Sea
9.         William Lyall – Playing In The Sand
10.       Los Ros - Cuéntame cosas tuyas
11.       Tania Maria – Transamazonic
12.       Chucky Boy Chock – Walking In The Jungle
13.       Eumir Deodato Os Catedraticos – Ataque


14.       Orlane Paquin – Bien Bien Bien
15.       I Sagittari - Sulla spiaggia di Pesaro
16.       The Brady Bunch – I Just Want To Be Your Friend
17.       Halina Frąckowiak - Śnij tylko szczęście
18.       Clease – Naturally
19.       Vincent Bell – Nikki
20.       Golem – Godhead Dance
21.       J.C. Heavy – Mr. Deal
22.       Friends Of Distinction - When A Little Love Began To Die
23.       Dwight Duck – Voudou
24.       Fukamachi Jun – Omae
25.       Victorians - C'mon Dream
26.       Patterson's People - Shake Hands With The Devil


Monday, March 30, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: COSMIC CARPET RIDE C60

All neatly wrapped up and luxuriously presented on a red carpet in outer space - here’s an hour of east/west & space/earth slow-to mid tempo trippin’ grooves customized for your kitchen, bath, bed or living room dance floor. Forget about real life for awhile and float along to these mostly uhh… chill vibes.

Now unwrap and join inn on our semi-relaxed cosmic ride! -Moahaha

1 Love Live Life - 安来節/島根県民謡
2 The Mystic Moods Orchestra - Midnight Snack
3 Cengiz Coşkuner - Aydın Roman Havası
4 Bobbye Hall - Copula
5 The Mothmen - Afghan Farmer Driving Cattle
6 The Mystery Kindalchi Band - 悪魔の手毬歌
7 Yves Hyatt - Path To Ascension

8 Arşivplak (Afacan Sound System) - Sabir, Ya Sabir
9 Remigio Ducros - Sgambetto
10 Caramel Mou - Caramel Mou (Stéréologue-edit)
11 Fernando Falcão - Ladeira Dos Inocentes
12 Preston Epps - Afro-Mania
13 Azar Habib - Miin Ma Kenti
14 Hysear Don Walker - Love You're Mine Today


Friday, March 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: TRAVELIN’ IN THE DARK C60

Largely a collection of 40-50 year old (fashioned) haunting folk songs that were crafted somewhere in the Anglosphere. Gentle melodies of eras past filled with forlorn longing, unrequited love, hopes & fears, war, death and God. To me these tunes belongs to the woods, the lakes, the mountains... not the concrete buildings of the crowded cities - or its artificial lighting. Rural music that'll take you away on overgrown paths and dusty dirt roads. Like a singular road movie on foot -Moahaha

1. Tom Pohlmann - A Prayer For John - Theme
2. John Renbourn - O Death
3. December's Children - Jane's Song (The Slow One)
4. Bo Grumpus - Travelin´ In the Dark
5. Sounds ov Earth - Bottle Marbles
6. Dell Dudenhoeffer - One Year Behind
7. Mormos - St. Ives
8. Karen Jones - Portrait of you
9. The Jumpleads - Greenwood Laddie
10. Cloud (Uk) - Watered Garden

11. Turner And Kirwan of Wexford - Sunshower
12. Shawn Phillips - Wailing Wall
13. Hendrickson Road House - Theatre King
14. Phyl Lobl - Seasons of War
15. Paul Esslinger - Ancora
16. Loudest Whisper - Pied Piper
17. Sandy Robison - True Believers
18. 11.59 - By The Waters Of Babylon
19. Bobo Bates - And Even the Horses Had Wings


(Bobo Bates=Kathy Bates)

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dream Weapons present: SING IT, SISTER C60

Seriously - I simply forgot to post an earlier version of this at March 8 last year. Anyway I figured eighteen female fronted 1970-1980’s tunes you’ve probably never heard - that would have been big hits in a fairer world - was the appropriate mix to share on this day. Easily my most lighthearted mix ever containing gorgeous City Pop, Mandopop, Synth Pop, Latin Pop, + just plain Pop, Enka, Soul/Funk, New Wave, Blue Beat/Reggae and Vocal Jazz. Yes its Happy Hour. Well mostly… especially if you don’t too pay close attention to some of the lyrics. Cheers! -Moahaha

1 Palmeira - Telephone
2 Romie Singh - Dancing To Forget
3 Véronique Vincent - I'm Always Crying
4 Yumi Arai - Afurika he Ikitai
5 Collage - Halb Sirp
6 La Vice & Co. - Satan Baby
7 Sister Janet Mead - Father, I Put My Life In Your Hands
8 Haruko Wanibuchi - ジプシー占い
9 Jennifer Lara - Close to You

10 Christine Harwood - Never Knew What Love Was
11 Lin Cuiping - 愛情一陣風
12 Suzy Andrews - Born to Bleed
13 Renée - Can't Live My Life
14 Juicy Fruits - オ・シ・エ・テ・ア・ゲ・ル
15 Hazel O'Connor - Dawn Chorus
16 Millie - Poor Little Willie
17 Carita Holmström - Joki
18 Susan Jacks - Beyond The Clouds


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: MY HEART TREMBLES C60

Eurasian world/folk music connected to ancient civilizations and old traditions originating from Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Poland, Bulgaria, Moldavia and probably elsewhere too. Sometimes with a slightly updated approach - occasionally several styles in symbiosis but always authentic, deep, profound and painstakingly beautiful -Moahaha

1 State Merited Company of Georgia Folk Songs and Dances -  Лети, черна птицо (Fly, Black Swallow)
2 Bulgarian National Folk Ensemble Pirin & Kiril Stefanov - Zapey Zemya
3 Victoria Darvai - Prin Pădure Trece-Mi-Oi
4 Мирза Тоиров (Mirza Toirov) - Дилбарим (Dilbarim)
5 Muzsikás - Elment a Madárka
6 Gurgen Mirzoyan with Ensemble of Folk Instruments - Mi Lar Bulbul
7 Sharakan Early Music Ensemble - Sirt Im Sasani (My Heart Trembles With Fear)
8 compiled by G. Tchaikovsky-Mereshanu & K. Rusnak - Malovat Syrba
9 Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Yaman Yar (Oh, Darling Mine)

10 Yane Sandanski Ensemble - Aida, Yano (Come on, Yano)
11 Taraful din Mavrodin - Ciuleandra
12 Kolinda - Szerelem II
13 Habil Aliyev - Bayat-e Shiraz Part 1
14 Warsaw Village Band - Babas Ride
15 Merlin Virtuosi - Karoun
16 Laboratorium Pieśni - Oj Pomostu
17 Dennis Boxell - Posla si Rada
18 Vladimir Smbatyan, Edurad Papyan, Levon Hayrapetyan - Le Le, Aman, Yeghnik

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Dream Weapons present: SUN SPRITES C90

Another oriental/spiritual, latin, psych-fusion and all that jazz in the vein of Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of Spirits Unknown). The sort of post-Coltrane «world jazz» musical language that developed seemingly everywhere in combination with electric Miles, is an endless source for compilable gems yet to be discovered. Fifteen gorgeously warm and earthy grooves combined with some darkly tinted mysticism. And out of everything I listen to These are a few of my favorite things within The Sound of Music -Moahaha

1 Hal Singer & Jef Gilson - Libertarian
2 Dieter Bihlmaier Selection - Gertuschka
3 Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Just 71% Moor
4 Fabriano Fuzion - Kosmos 1&2
5 Peter Trunk - Cheops
6 John Lee & Gerry Brown - Jua
7 Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticism - Play Sleep

8 Frederic Rabold Crew - Januschka
9 Kathryn Moses  - Midnight
10 The Afro Soul-Tet - Torrid Zone
11 Second Direction - Peace
12 Wasama Quartet - Super Slug
13 Ed Thigpen - Action Re Action
14 Buddy Terry - Kamili
15 Chico Hamilton - Space For Stacy

Monday, January 20, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: DRAWN FROM MEMORY C60

Some music transcends you to outer space or other dimensions - while Drawn From Memory is like a time machine that transports you backwards to a deceitfully wondrous past that never was. Twenty-one dusty old gems that time forgot from all over most of the world -Moahaha

1 Bernard Hilda feat. Jane Morgan - Comme On Est Bien Dans Tes Bras
2 José Betancourt And His Orchestra - Cha-Cha-Cha Flamenco
3 Armenian-Caucasian Folk Ensemble - Kiz Neman
4 René Carol, Kammertanzorchester Hans Busch - Ukraine
5 Ara Bartevian Orchestra (feat. Kevork Yanbekian Folk Band) - Nazani
6 Carol Bruce - My Shawl
7 The Fontane Sisters - I Had a Talk With the Wind and the Rain
8 Fabre Duroseau - Pourquoi Ces Larmes
9 Pan Wan Ching - Tower of Gold
10 Yukiji Asaoka 朝丘雪路 - 死ぬほど愛して

11 David Carroll - Orientale
12 Champ Butler - Dry Land
13 Ana Maria - Cachito
14 Dreamy Music - Hawaii Guitar Tango (夏威夷吉他探戈)
15 Patrice & Mario - Boléro d'Islam
16 Akemi Misawa - Anata Honto Ni Mono Tannai  
17 Ida Brun y su Guitarra Hawaiana - Pagan Love Song
18 Uncredited Tahiti band recorded by Gaston Guilbert - Vairota
19 Dorothy Masuka - Zono Zam
20 Nelson Waikiki - Slack Key
21 Baeg Ilhui / 백일희 - China Mambo / 챠이나 맘보

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Dream Weapons present: WOMEN OF THE WORLD, TAKE OVER! C60

 Because if you don´t the world will come to an end
And we haven´t got long
Men have had their shot and look at where we´ve got

-Regardless of gender I generally don’t have much faith in Homo sapiens, but Ivor Cutler has a point - doesn’t he? Also I simply needed a title for yet another enchanting and life-enchancing, female fronted, around the globe kind of mixtape. Old songs for a new decade -Moahaha

1 G. Tumendemberel - Туулын урсгал (1976-version)
2 Aïda Aznavour - Aravodian ! Archalouissin'
3 Rika Zarai & Yohanan Zarai et Son Orchestre - Erev Chel Chochanim
4 Margot Loyola - Mamiña
5 Isabel Parra - Amores Bailando
6 Nuccia Bongiovanni - Valzer di Mezzanotte
7 Tova Ben-Zvi (טובה בן צבי) - Di Beryozke (די בעריאזקע)
8 Field recording - Bowed Harp (Uganda)
9 Fang Ntumu-women from Nkong Meyos - Shells of 'Snail
10 Mme Mong Trung Tran Van Khé - Qua Cau Gio Bay
11 Choh Ying & Maurice Patton and the Melodians -  往事一傷空

12 Yang Hee-Eun (양희은) - 저 부는 바람
13 Tilly Tizzoni, Gruppo Folk Italiano - La Playa
14 Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Sit Down Children
15 Duo Lauterburg / Margot - Gruss Aus Adelboden
16 Nita Lopez - Fado
17 Maria Paris - Maruzzella
18 Kazuko Matsuo - Misa yo, Tango o Odoro yo
19 Lena Pamela (Nikos Mamagakis) - Ω! Χαμηλώστε Αυτό Το Φως
20 Kevser Selimova - Urosevich Ensemble - Jano, Jano
21 Laurice Peters & The Derbecki Ensemble ‎ - Saifeyeh
22 Waldjinah - Djoko Tarub