Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dream Weapons present: WINDSWEPT DAYDREAM C90

A loungier, perhaps kitschier reinterpretation of musique d’ameublement - or "furniture music" as Satie branded it. An almost relaxation tape to snuggle up on your sofa rather than for meditating. Alternatively it can just spin in the background while you enjoy a book, a drink or both in a comfortable chair. Should blend in whether on your own or if you’re having company. But what business is it of mine to suggest where or when this should be listened to? - None absolutely. I hope you’ll enjoy it though.


1. Jean Constantin - Comment Voulez-Vous?
2. Bob Britton - Here I Go Again
3. Daughters of Albion - Hey, You, Wait, Stay
4. Kornet - Musik ur filmen Adams Födelse
5. Ray Conniff & The Singers - Feed the Birds
6. Анна Герман / Anna German - Такая маленькая птичка / Such a Little Bird
7. Gianni Dell'Orso & Gianni Oddi  - Summer Fashion
8. Atsuko Nakazawa - Hydrangea Song (あじさいの歌)
9. Park Ilnam - Kisas
10. Max Leth Quartet - Kristallen Den Fina
11. The Fleetwoods - Turtle Dove (Takes 2 & 3)
12. Dave Allen - A Way Of Life
13. Jerry Goldsmith - Justine
14. Ana Lúcia - Valsa de Eurídice
15. Paul Winter Consort - Spring
16. Gábor Szabó & The California Dreamers - The End Of Life

17. The Beau Hunks - Yasmini
18. Chucha Assar - Day! Balal
19. Bruno Nicolai - Oblio
20. Elder Barber - Yo Te Diré
21. Rino De Filippi feat. Edda Dell ‘Orso - Agriculture
22. Feminine Complex - Are You Lonesome Like Me
23. David Gold - Phenomena
24. Linda Lawson - Salty, Salty Is the Sea
25. Merit Hemmingson - Strandskvalp
26. Dorothy Squires - Too-Whit! Too-Whoo!
27. Bing Crosby - I Couldn't Care Less
28. Carlo Zoffoli - Stelle Lucenti
29. Diana Dee - Cry My Heart
30. Giorgio Gaslini - Cio’ Che E’ Scritto Nel Vento
31. Anna Maria Alberghetti - Tenderly
32. Tibblekören - Ut i Vår Hage

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dream Weapons present: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HAPPY? C60 By DJ Lemon Fogg

“ Whatever Happened To Happy?” is a 60 min musical search for that elusive happy feeling; whether you prefer to dream on the lawn, take a drive, look at the view, feel the ocean breeze, be in love, catch a frisbee, or maybe just stay in bed and watch the sunrise. Join in! It’s freaky! It’s groovy! But watch your step! Madness is lurking. Don’t check your mail and beware of alligators or shadow men.”

-DJ Lemon Fogg

The Avant-Garde - Naturally Stoned
The Roger Webb Sound - Frisbees
The Watergates - Lazy Day
Alessandro Alessandroni – Punti di vista
Michel Colombier – Du fond de mon lit
Stelvio Cipriani – The Great Alligator Theme
Snow – Sweet Dreams
Sons of Sun – Suburban Railway
Brian Wade - Francoise
Lambert & Nuttycombe – 2 Or 3 Maybe 4
Kim Fowley – War Game
The Roger Webb Sound - Moonbird

Surf Symphony – That Bluebird of Summer
The Astronauts – In My Car
Wolfe – Us
Beaver & Krause - The Fisherman
We All Together – Lo mas grande que existe en el amor
Mojo – Whatever Happened To Happy
Priscilla Paris – Down By The River
Sven Libaek – Stella Maris
1906 (Jean Michel Jarre) - Cartolina

Monday, November 13, 2017

Dream Weapons present: STRINGWEAVER C60

Athough "Stringweaver" sort of resembles the title of a horror novel (and not a very good one), I imagine stringweavers as musicians soundweaving on their stringed instruments.

While making mixes I often place a few folkloric, acoustic-based instrumentals in between songs for breathing space. But I notice that for my own listening pleasure I tend to remove them from that context to make long playlists containing nothing but these "inbetweeners". So I figured others might appreciate some extended breathing space too. And here it is; an hour of the kind of tunes that I could listen to like… forever.


1 Mediha Şen - Gönül Aşkınla (instr.)
2 Andre Hossein - Tema di Manuel e Maria
3 Ostâd Farâmarz Pâyvar & Ostâd Hossein Tehrâni - Zarbi Moghadameh
4 Savanna - Dance of the Clockwork Clown
5 Paul Winter Consort - Herresy
6 Aktuala - Mediterraneo
7 Hossein Farjami - Breeze from Heaven
8 Elisabeth Seitz - Improvisasjon
9 EQ Ensemble - Mimosa

10 Dave Evans - Elephantasia
11 Linda Cohen - Valentine Suite
12 Pan-Ra - Senanque 2
13 Domínguez / El Gringo / Cavour - La Danza de los Wititis
14 Jawdat Abdul Sattar Abdulla - Taqsim On Rast
15 Anibal Sampayo - Misionera
16 Iordanis Tsomidis - Harem Queen
17 Streetmark - Streaming

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dream Weapons present: I STILL REMEMBER C60

A handful of gentle, heartwarming tracks to keep you and your bottle of fine wine company on cold autumn evenings, while the rain ever so gently taps on your window. This tape starts of a bit Eurocentric, but broadens slightly as it moves along.

Again a mix compiled by myself, containing some tracks supplied by Moahaha.


-Sadhu Sadhu

François de Roubaix - Laetitia (feat. Alain Delon)
Roger Davy - Blizzard Sur Hurlemont
Florence Véran & Les Angels - Si l'Amour Est Un Péché ♌︎︎
Alessandro Alessandroni - Qualsiasi Cosa
Saori Yuki - Whispering Rose
Giovanni Fusco - Carla ♌︎︎
Wencke Myhre - Einsamer Boy ♌︎︎
Pauline Filby - Friday Street
Martin Böttcher - Am See Des Vergessens
Mario Molino - L'estasi
Luigi Zito - All'Aria Aperta ♌︎︎

Leonardo e La Sua Orchestra - Perchè Restar Lontani
Jancis Harvey - Words You Left Behind
Dia Prometido - Los Molinos De Tu Espiritu
Joby Valente - Tu N'Es Pas Riche, Tu N'Es Pas Beau
Djuwita - Sang Bulan ♌︎︎
မာမာေအး - မိန္းကေလးကစရမွာလားရွင္
Pia Colombo - Ta Femme à Toi ♌︎︎
Luiz Bonfá - Song Thoughts
Born Heller - Lullaby #5 ♌︎︎
Dick Walter & Eugene Cines - Chronicle

♌︎︎ = Moahaha