Saturday, February 19, 2022

Dream Weapons present: SPATIAL JAZZ C90

First things first: I think I'll have fewer mixes to share with you this year. I'm not about to quit or anything, but I have a lot on my plate these days. Normally I would have at least a couple of mixes ready, waiting in line. Because this is just something I do - while others meditate. But as for now I only have one C60 coming up, and it won't be fully finished for a little while. Which is why I decided to share:

Yet another vintage mix of mine that hasn’t been available for years - reuploaded for anyone interested. A fairly strange one. At least if you're not already "into jazz". In many ways it's the The Infinite Streams older, brainier sibling. I work alone in my studio and these are some perfect examples of my typical "working music". Not always, but sometimes. It helps me stay awake, focused and alert. Here's what I wrote about it back in April 2013:

-When I first heard Grachan Moncur III's early to-mid sixties compositions such as Evolution and Esoteric I think I had (and still have) a similar tingling sensation or brain orgasm comparable to what ASMR folks say they get from listening to whispering voices. Or maybe its closer to what mathematicians experience when they get an esthetical delight out of the supreme beauty of math? I'm just guessing. But this is only partly what spatial jazz is about. Its the careful attention to space, and I don't mean outer space but a soundspace - a room. Out To Lunch is probably the most well known example of jazz I know of that that can give you a hint. I ended up with 16 compositions and some of the bigger names in jazz are represented. All of them at their least conventional and most out there - except for Cecil Taylor, who is at his most stuctured. Hope you like it! -Moahaha

Get it Here (and if the Mediafire-file isn't working, just try again until it eventually does) 


Thursday, February 10, 2022

Dream Weapons present: A MILLION DREAMS AGO C60

This is the sort of music I imagine concerned moms and dads of the 1950’s were listening to while their rebellious teens were discovering the Devil’s music - aka rock ’n’ roll. As often before mom and dad knew better, because this is much preferable to any Bill Haley or Buddy Holly. Don’t believe me? Well these 21 gorgeous gems will prove me right -Moahaha

1 Don Elliot And His Choir - A Million Dreams Ago
2 Monna Bell & Orquesta Augusto Algueró - Anastasia
3 Harry Babasin & The Jazzpickers - When You Love Someone
4 Irene Vilches - Háblame Guitarra
5 Norrie Paramour - The Gemini Waltz
6 Emilinha Borba - Não Me Culpe
7 Emil Stern - La Priere
8 Mathé Altéry - Nuit Bleue
9 Hal McKusick Octet - Immortal
10 Gianni Dorici & Gianni Fallabrino Y Su Orquesta - Vurria
11 Ted Steele and His Novatones - Prelude to a Kiss

12 Lana Bittencourt - Esquecimento
13 Stanley Black and his Orchestra - Linda Chilena
14 Christina Denise - Sentiero
15 Ken Mackintosh - The Haunted Ballroom
16 Marie-José - Luna Rossa
17 Everardo Ordaz - Noche de Ronda
18 Maysa - Noite de Paz
19 Ralph Font and His Orchestra - La Comparsa
20 Georgia Gibbs - A Moth and a Flame
21 Jo Boyer - Theme De Bob 

Here / Here 


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