Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dream weapons present: EXORCISM C90

Its never the wrong season for some dark and haunting music is it? As you can probably guess this is a late 1970’s horror soundtrack. Apparently its from a terrifying story based on actual events. The back cover text says:

-Exorcism is a visually stunning, wonderfully gruesome tale of horror brimming with eerie beauty and hallucinatory wonder.

...Several ancient roman stone tablets are unearthed in a roman tomb located in Yugoslavia by a team of british archaeologists. They are brought back to a collection in a small university town in northern England. Years later a professor of greek solves the mystery of the magical symbols added to one specific tablet. While reading the spell out loud, a curse is cast on his own wife and two daughters and ancient demon spirits are unleashed…


1. The Heartwood Institute - Astercote
2. The Unseen - Evidently the Spirits Have Taken Over
3. Antique Doll - Geraldine
4. Shane Wesley Scott - Funeral March of a Marionette
5. Danielle Dax - Numb Companions
6. Andrew Morgan - Darkening
7. Dylan Thomas - In Death Divided (by Thomas Hardy)
8. Chêne Noir - La Ballade De La Bête
9. The Old Sturbridge Singers - Funeral Anthem
10. Vinterhjärta - Det Tomma Huset
11. Extradition - A Water Song
12. Giorgio Gaslini - Frammenti
13. Haruomi Hosono - Temo Finala- Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo
14. 최희준 / Huijun Choe - 불량소녀 장미 / A Disorderly Girl Called Rose
15. Brad Fiedel - Charlie's Cathedral, Charmed

16. Kitchen Cynics - The Land Between the Bedclothes and the Bed
17. James Dashow - Alice / Ritorno a Casa
18. Atrium Musica de Madrid & Gregorio Paniagua - Hymne Au Soleil
19. Earthstar - Cafe Exit (Icl. March Of The Flanged Angels)
20. Karen Black - Ballad in C
21. Fernando Yvosky - Exteriorizaciones De Un Mundo Interior
22. Catharsis - Ballade Des Pendus
23. Tri Atma Und Gyan Nishabda - Neun Muscheln
24. Les Fragments De La Nuit - Les Canons Du Ciel
25. Marienne Kreitlow - Rise to Greet the Sun
26. Futuro Antico - Eco Raga
27. Christodoulos Halaris - Hymn to Nemesis
28. Sarah Hopkins & Alan Lamb - The Winds of Heaven
29. The Heartwood Institute - The Bells Of Astercote


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dream Weapons present: POWDERED GOLD C60 by Klangverkstedet

“It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” - Maud Hart Lovelace

This sixty minute long guest mix of mellifluous, sunshine-tinged sound, was kindly compiled for us by Klangverkstedet.

Head to Groobie Tapes to find out more about Klangverkstedet and his lates release:

Tony Hymas & Joe Campbell - The Original Mr Men Theme
Virginia Astley - Mindless Days
The Free Design - Bubbles
Som Imaginário - Super-Goo
Esquivel - Carioca
Fabrizio De André - Un ottico
The Zodiac - Pisces, the Peace Piper (Edit)
Umber Sleeping - 90,000 Years
Modular - Jack Rabbit
Jean-Jacques Perry - EVA
The Waikikis - Hawaiian March
Francis Bebey - Sanza Tristesse
Harumi - Sugar in Your Tea

Steban - Fruit Order
Roedelius & Muraglia - A Nostalgia for Lollipops
Caravan - Hello Hello
Vanishing Twin - Vota Ubu
Pram - Mother of Pearl
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Setting Sun
The Pastels & Tenniscoats - Vivid Youth
Nino Rota - Juliet's Theme
The Doubling Riders - Oltre Cydamus


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dream weapons present: STRANGENESSES C90

 -In particle physics, strangeness («S») is a quantum number assigned the value −1 for one kind of quark, +1 for its antiquark, and 0 for all other quarks; the strangeness of a hadron is the sum of the values for the strangeness of its constituent quarks and antiquarks.

«hah! these tunes don’t sound particularly strange to a sonically experienced listener such as myself» you may think to yourself sometime during its first fifteen minutes. That’s because I’ve also taken into consideration the data from Large Hadron Collider that has recently proven the existence of a whole new class of subatomic particles, called Pentaquarks - formed of two up quarks, one down quark, one charm quark, and one anti-charm quark. Obviously.


1. The Ilk - Powerplant
2. Aut’Chose - Blue Jeans Sur La Plage
3. Yo Yo Hashi - Yo Yo's Pad
4. Patsy Ray - Beatnik's Wish
5. Bob Kelly - Beepin’ Squeal
6. Gianni Marchetti  - Psico in Controluce
7. Altatódalok - Könnyű Álom
8. Anthony Fonseca (feat. Spinning Cat) - Alkyholics Anonymous
9. Bruno Nicolai - Notti Romane
10. Bene Gesserit - She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Show
11. Orriel Smith - Hannah Emerges In the Night
12. Nina & Frederik - Elizabeth and Richard
13. Welfare State - Silence Is Requested In The Ultimate Abyss
14. Flamen Dialis - Dédale Vert du Retour
15. The Fourth Way - The Far Side Of Your Moon

16. Pookiesnackenburger - Pyramids
17. Fumaca Preta - Espelhos Fundidos
18. Patience & Prudence - Over Here
19. Shorty Petterstein - Mental Blockages (I Couldn't Remember the Words)
20. Virna Lindt - The Dossier On Virna Lindt
21. Cybe - Little Arabie
22. Tak Shindo - Summer Festival
23. Miriam Burton - Apartheid
24. Elaine & Derek - One Little Robin
25. Structure - Inter Mobile
26. André Ricros & Louis Sclavis Quartet - Mes Amis
27. Vince Tempera - Falsa Dimensione
28. John Williams & Stomu Yamash’ta - Dogs, Ponies and Old Ruins
29. Banda do Casaco - Virgolino Faz o Pino
30. Dionne-Brégent - Chant D'espoir Instrumental

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dream weapons present: ARIRANG MOUNTAIN PASS (SONG SEARCH VOL. 1) C60

Many moons ago a former flatmate had this wondrous 1960’s or early 70’s female fronted, South Korean Trot/folk-pop record that we used to spin all the time.

I can still hum a handful of the melodies and when I recognized another version of one of my favorite tunes among those - simply titled «Arirang», I figured I had a pretty good chance at locating the album in question. I had no such luck but instead I learned about a more than 600 year old folksong-tradition and the existence of countless variations/versions of Arirang(=the name of several mountain passes)-related wanderer songs telling tales of isolation and sorrow, unrequited love and killings of fair maidens mm… This whole tradition is actually considered South Koreas unofficial national anthem(s) and on UNESCO's list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity program.

-However, in my unsuccessful search for that original album I came across hours of enchanting folkpop and gentle trot-oldies from the same era instead. And after translating titles and artists names (which I hope I got more or less correct) from hangul to english I’ve grown fond of the korean letters and language + I’d sure love to cross those mountain passes someday.

Here’s my first hour of "accidental" song discoveries and if you fail to find anything to love, I’m afraid you better go see a cardiologist asap.


1 이미자 / Lee Mija - 해운대엘레지 / Haeundae Elegie
2 손인호 / Son In-ho - 짝사랑 / Crush
3 홍나나 / Hong Nana - 사랑꽃 / Love Flower
4 김부자 Kim Buja - 양산도 열두고개 / Yangshan Also Has Twelve Heads
5 은방울자매 / Silver Bell Sisters - 삼천포아가씨 / Samcheonpo Young Lady
6 이난영 / Lee Nan Young - 해수욕장 풍경 / Beach Scenery
7 장세정 / Jang SeJeong - 봄맞이 / Welcome the Spring
8 고복수 / Go BokSu - 휘파람 / Whistle
9 조미미 / Cho Mimi - 눈물젖은 사진첩 / Tear-Stained Photo Album
10 송춘희 / Song Chun Hee - 수덕사의 여승 / Sudeoksa of Nuns

11 쟈니 브라더스 / Johnny Brothers - 목마른 나무들 / Thirsty Trees
12 최정자 / Choy Jeongja - 님 타령 / Nim Tong
13 박재란 / Park Jaeran - 또 다시 만납시다 / Let's Meet Again
14 최희준 / Huijun Choe - 푸른 꿈이여 안녕 / Goodbye Blue Dreams
15 박인희 / Park In Hee - 아사녀 / Mother-In-law
16 황금심 / Hwang Geumsim - 알뜰한 당신 / Frugal You
17 안다성 / Anda Castle - 임자없는 나룻배 / Ferry Boat
18 이미자 / Imager - 川辺の女 / A Woman on the River
19 김치켓 / Kimchi Kats - 아리랑목동 / Arirang Shepherd Boy
20 문정숙 / Jeong-suk Moon - 7인의 여포로 /7 Women P.O.W.
21 남백송 / Nam Baeksong - 비 내리는 호남선 / Honam Line in the Rain

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-the duo on this cover are the Pearl Sisters - which will feature on a future vol. 2.