Friday, August 27, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE LIGHT TRAVELLER C60

Autumn is the season of the harvest. I for one go mushroom hunting. The fall of the leaf gives life and brings death in glorious shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. Perhaps needless to say we've entered my favorite time of the year. Long walks in the in the woods and the mountains has inspired another edition of Moahaha’s finest folk hour. 

-The Light Traveller... is this someone who travels light, or a traveller of light? I don’t know, a bit of both. I do however know that you'll get plenty of pastoral themes plus melodies and voices of spine-tingling beauty -Moahaha 

1 Teddybjörn Band - Moravsky Kras
2 Swordedge - Brave Wolfe
3 The Lion & the Fish - Green
4 Séguin - Par de là L'Hiver
5 Pat Kilroy - Star Dance
6 Spriguns Of Tolgus - Keys Of Canterbury
7 Robin & Barry Dransfield - Tapestry
8 Bridget St.John - Song For The Waterden Widow
9 Tony Wright (KINGYO) - Laughing Love (Part II)
10 Yays & Nays - Nature Is My Mother

11 Alasdair Clayre, Emma Kirkby & Victoria - Snow
12 Skin Alley - Country Aire
13 Ashley Hutchings - Staines Morris
14 Rosalie Sorrels - Il Pleure
15 Jean Ritchie - The Cuckoo (Another Version)
16 Mama Béa Tekielski - Cet enfant que je n'aurais pas
17 Phil Et Emmanuelle Fromont - Epinette Et Darbouka
18 Skara Brae - An Buinneán Buíi
19 Dolly Manuel - Nasudi a Babbai
20 Mike Maran - Monday Boy
21 Diane Hildebrand - And It Was Good

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Travellin' in the Dark is this light traveller's travelling companion (so are Rock Me to Sleep  + The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field)

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Dream Weapons present: VERSES WITHOUT WORDS C60

Eight years ago I posted a Verses Without Words 2xC60 (the links have been dead for years) that had radically different covers and contained 40 songs in total. I suppose this compressed version is about 35% identical to the original. Its so differnt that I couldn't really repost what I originally wrote, so here's a newly written text as well:
-Verses Without Words contains 22 tunes with nothing but my favorite kind of musical lyricism: wordless vocal. Perhaps unsurprisingly this means almost a 1/3rd of its content is lifted from various italian b-movie soundtracks. Plus there's some library music-delights. But there’s also a few jazzy scats, a trio of esoteric folk songs, a little exotica and a memorable visit to Bollywood. A couple of downright scary numbers (like in the video underneath), but largely packed with lovely melodies and voices of otherworldly beauty. Still it does resemble the killer score to some forgotten giallo or fantastique-film. In other words, enough words -Moahaha

1 Fiorenzo Carpi - Mariale
2 Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte
3 Amadeo Tiommasi - Shake Tragico
4 Merit Hemmingson – Vindarna Sucka Uti Skogarna
5 Kalyanji Anandji – Theme Music (Sad)
6 Pierre Bachelet – Historie D'O  
7 Egisto Macchi – La Nascita Dell'Idea
8 Gianni Marchetti – Amor A Contraluce
9 Sonorhc – La Reine Des Sables
10 Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Aria Populaire
11 Alessandro Alessandroni – Preludietto
12 Jacques Denjean - Agony
13 The Sound of Feeling – Hex
14 Alessandro Alessandroni – Devil's Nightmare
15 Carmen Lesay – Sunset Mood
16 Johnny Lewis Trio and Millie – Snake Hips
17 Yma Sumac – Lament  
18 Baker St. Philharmonic – Singalong Junk
19 Michel Gonet – Eve Starlette
20 Anneke Konings - Love
21 Franco Micalizzi - M40
22 John Cameron/Keith Mansfield – Fly Away

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