Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dream Weapons present: LORD DEATH’S COUNTING SONG C90


This whole idea sort of came to me while listening through an impressive stack of shares on Die or D.I:Y? containing music by (occasionally perverted, mass murderous) cults and all sorts of far out religious music.

-I went about compiling this pretty much like I’d direct a low budget exploitaiton film about a wacko cult (leader): A beautiful intro with happy children holding hands while dancing, laughing and singing in a field - then the screen goes black, a delightfully eerie main theme starts and the title appears in awesome blood red fonts... or something. After the whole cast, producer, director-routine there’ll be a section showing seemingly innocent everyday life in the cult… Long beards and hair, bellbottoms, singing, nudity/orgies and Jesus sandals… But because they are batshit crazy things take a nasty turn. From there on it’ll just be a bunch of (beautifully shot) semirelated disturbing scenes until all hell/heaven breaks loose and everyone dies. End titles. Hey I never said I could direct!

It depends a little on where you'd draw the line but I suppose less than half of the performers here were actual cult members. Whether scary, naive, beautiful or pure evil its mostly some kind of religious music and mainly Christian (+some occult, pagan etc... stuff). A handful of tunes are «secular/neutral» but moodwise appropriate soundscapes I simply needed to create a killer mix for you all -Moahaha

1 Veronique Chalot - Vent Frais, Vent du Matin
2 Zdeněk Liška - Vision Of The Temple
3 Randy Matthews - Flesh Of My Flesh
4 Rev. Jim Jones' People's Temple Choir - Black Baby (vocals, Marceline Jones)
5 Shoko Asahara - Lord Death's Counting Song
6 Massimo e Massimo - Swinging Cultists
7 Barbara, The Gray Witch - Me-O-Me
8 Harbinger - Open Doors
9 Mel Lyman Family - People Get Ready
10 Pastor John Rydgren - Dark Side of the Flower
11 Garrick's Fairground - For We Are Lost
12 The Heartwood Institute - The Old Ways
13 The Spectre Collector - How Can This Be So Wrong

14 Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D. - Day of Wrath
15 The Search Party - Kyrie from "Jazz mass"
16 Good News Circle - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
17 Peter Zinovieff & Hans Werner Henze - Tristan (Short Section)
18 Sathya Sai Baba - Gayatri Mantra
19 Fire,Water,Air - Voyage
20 Charles Manson - Give Your Love to Be Free
21 The Christian Astronauts - Prepare to Fire
22 Troubled - No Excuse
23 Randy York - Wake Up
24 Toadstone - Circle of Stones
25 Constance Demby - Sant Ji
26 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.
featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Decree 10.05 (edit)
27 Llehctim Inoj - (tide) Emag Elcric Eht