Friday, September 22, 2017

Dream weapons present: A TRAVELLER’S TALE C90

Whether an explorer, a journey through space or a road movie... any kind of voyage is a thankful theme to work with. While brazenly mixing exotica, anatolian pop, north african polyrhythms, arab maqams, oriental jazz, raqs-recordings and more - this time its a trip through the music, sounds and traditions of the Middle East. My covers can occasionally be somewhat misleading but this one sounds a little like it looks. I think.  


 1 Nya Ljudbolaget - Immigrantlament
 2 Warda - Maaoul Aheb Tany
 3 Horst Wende - Ala Dal Ona
 4 Al Massrieen - Betebki Leh
 5 Irving Cottler Orchestra - Arab Dance
 6 Mediha Şen - Tanrıya Şikayet
 7 Sonny Lester - The Dream
 8 Shadia - Ketro Khottabi
 9 Golden Dawn Arkestra - Saharan Knights
10 Nagat - Hakak Alaya We Sameh
11 Dia Prometido - Ruisenor Persa
12 Gönül Yazar - Adım Gibi Bilirim

13 Shiraz - Abdou Haabib Ghandourah
14 C. Bisharat - Tango In Tangiers
15 Wadad - Betendam
16 Albert Piamenta - Ya Mal El Sham
17 Sabah - Betheb Betakeh
18 Rabih Abou-Khalil - Revelation
19 Lila Stephan - Bahebo. Bahebo
20 Alan Lorber - Djellaba The Hooded One
21 The Toraia Orchestra of Algiers - Ashen
22 Dervishes in the House of the Chief of the Syrian Dervish Order - Rasd
23 Abdu El-Hanid - Al Raeya 

Here / Here 


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dream weapons present: EXPLORADORA C90

An exploration of mysteries, melancholy, love, death, religion, good & evil... plus other important stuff. Exclusively and exquisitely sung or spoken by a cast of female voices (sans a duet and probably a mixed secondary school choir - or maybe two).

Exploradora is the Spanish or Portuguese word for "female explorer". Yes, like the Dora in that horrid animated educational show. Join inn on a voyage in sound where every continent on Mother Earth except Antarctica is explored, represented and heard.

In short: much beauty, but darkness lurks


1 Caroline De Bendern / Barney Wilen - Gardenia Devil
2 Pan Xiuqiong - Mysterious Night / 潘秀瓊
3 Gönül Yazar - Arkadaşımın Aşkısın  (You're the Love of My Friend)
4 Kazuko Matsuo - Renbo Kouta
5 Glenda Jackson, Patrick Gowers & John Williams - Black March
6 Jean Ritchie - Aeolian Mode / The Dear Companion
7 Jancis Harvey - Judas and Mary
8 Ophélie Gaillard - Siete Canciones Populares Españolas: IV. Jota
9 Matniyoz Yusupov - Любовь к Родине (Love for the Motherland)
10 Ella Jenkins - An American Chain Gang Chant
13 Joan Baez - Epitaph For A Poet
12 Nikki Giovanni - A Certain Peace / When I Nap
13 Paula Moore - I Don’t Wanna Stay Behind
14 Marian Henderson - Country Girl

15 Christina Stewart - Òran Leannain Sìdhe (Song of the Fairy Lover)
16 Charovnitsy - Не за очи черные (Not For The Black Eyes)
17 Dimitra Galani - I  Kolasmeni (The Damned)
18 Newquay School, Cornwall - Full-Circle
19 Mormos - Forever Seventh Loved Time
20 Dorris Henderson & John Renbourn - Going to Memphis
21 Jayne Cortez & The Firespitters - Commitment
22 Asakawa Maki - Godown Moses
23 Nancy Agag - God Protect You
24 Alice Ribeiro - Acalanto
25 Djuwita - Oleleo
26 Warna - Bunga Teraté (Flower Terate)
27 Thanh Thúy - Nhung Doi Hoa Sim
28 Hibari Misora - Bye Bye Hawaii


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dream Weapons present: KAI TAK DESCENT C60 by Hong Kong Soul Radio

New guest mix for you all. This time from none other than Hong Kong Soul Radio:

"Hong Kong’s cultural identity was formed in the late 70s and 80s as Cantopop and Hong Kong films (including their soundtracks) became a cultural dominant force in Asia and Chinese communities around the world. Early Cantopop was hugely influenced by Western folk / pop of the 60s, Japanese pop / enka of the 60s and 70s, and Mandarin pop of the 40s and 50s. This mix attempts to connect all the dots and show the roots of what would eventually become the “Golden Era of Cantopop” in Hong Kong." - Hong Kong Soul Radio

青江三奈 - グッド・ナイト
許冠傑 - 應該要自愛
梶芽衣子 - 知らぬ顔
甄妮 - 明日話今天
Simon & Garfunkel - The Dangling Conversation (Live)
白光 - 我是浮萍一片柳浪聞鶯
Silvetti - Autumn Rain
西城慶子 - 小雨の丘
New Wave - Shadows Of Good Bye
玉木宏樹 - 暴走集団 '71 Bgm

杉本美樹 - 0のバラード -女の爪あと- Part.2
青江三奈 - 女の市場 M5-2
林志美 - 初戀
盧冠廷 - 世事何曾是絕對 (電影"1/2段情"插曲)
Francoise Hardy - Mer
森山良子 - 悲しき天使
Jerry Butler - Just Because I Realy Love You
李香蘭 - 悔花
Michaelangelo - This Bird
張國榮 - 儂本多情
佐藤允彦 - 続女の警察テーマ