Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Dream Wapons present: SEVEN DAEMONS & ELECTRIC SHEEP C90 (Radio AlHara-revisitation 1 and 2)

We weren't entirely certain how to go about this, but the great Radio AlHara is planning to broadcast all of Dream Weapons present mixes. They wanted to start with our oldest C90's, and send them in chronological order evey second and fourth thursday each month at 7:00 PM Betlehem time. We love that they'll be getting a little extra exposure many years later.  And may use this as an excuse to repost and reintroduce our (by now seven year old) mixtapes in relation to them being broadcast. I'm sure quite a few of you haven't gotten around to check out all our nearly 200 posts yet anyway, so these old mixtapes may be brand new to maybe most of you anyway? It actually started the 10th of August with our second ever mix: Electric Sheep from 2015 -Moahaha

Next one, for tomorrow/thursday (August) 24th is this one:

SEVEN DAEMONS C90 (2015) (link to original post)

-Seven Daemons pretends to be an esoteric journey into the very eye of psychedelia, but in fact it is simply a collection of songs I had on heavy rotation back then. From instrumentals to charming 70s pop-songs that flew under the radar, i’m sure there is something here for everyones fussy tastes -Prabha Devi

Here / Here

ELECTRIC SHEEP C90 (link to original post) 

-Pretty, strange and pretty strange soundscapes made with warmly radiating analogue synths. Often accompanied by dreamlike and eerie voices singing and speaking -by Sadhu Sadhu

Here / Here


Radio AlHara has a lot of great music shows. If you're curious about them, it's easiest to follow them on instagram - where they post covers and info for all their content.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Dream Weapons present: ENDLESS SUMMER C60

In this day and age I can’t wait for the dog days to end, but as a child I dreaded the coming of autumn. Remember feeling free, doing nothing, riding a bike with that girl or boy that became your best friend while on holiday? Or maybe you befriended a neighborhood cat. I always did. A warm and loving bittersweet farewell to the last breath of summer. Also, the actual songs here are mostly catchy, fun and (from) all over the place -Moahaha

1 Derboukas - Caravan March
2 Lee Mija - 漢江水打令 / Hangangsu Taryeong
3 Dimitra Galani - H Pikra Simera
4 Dia Prometido - A Time For Us
5 The World Of Good & Plenty - Children Dreamin'
6 The Voices Of East Harlem - Giving Love
7 Cedric Im Brooks - Sabayindah
8 Kathy Kirby - You're the One
9 CMU - Mystical Sounds
10 Mikado - C'est le Vent

11 Ike Bennett & The Crystalites - Patricia
12 Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca - Ao Redor
13 Hoàng Oanh - Ru Nắng
14 Eka Sapta - Pengertian
15 Merrilee Rush - Sunshine & Roses
16 The Fool - Cry For Me
17 Igal Shamir- Reverie
18 Elisa Serna - La Muerte del Niño Herido
19 Ruy Mingas - Mu Ndenge Ami
20 The Robin Jones Seven  - Warm Loving Eyes

Here / Here