Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE GARDEN PARTY C60

Fifty-odd years ago an eccentric billionaire, globetrotter, collector of beautiful things and all-round degenerate throws a garden party for the ages. Strange and unrealistic things happen behind the scenes, while people dance and enjoy themselves all over the mega-mansion. Once again a little like the soundtrack to a daft movie I'd enjoy for the visuals - and love for the score. Don’t you just wish you were there? -Moahaha

1 Sapodilla Punch - I’m in Love
2 The Black Pages - There Goes
3 Cristina Buarque - Chorava No Meio Da Rua
4 Piero Piccioni - Scacco Alla Regina
5 Chandra Darusman & Guruh Sukarno Putra - Himbauan Rimba Raya
6 Elis Regina - Osanah
7 Vagelis Fournistakis - Club Background Source
8 Brian England - One of These Days (We're Gonna Blow Ourselves Up)
9 Gerhard Heinz - Brazilian Countess
10 Franco Micalizzi - Robert's Theme

11 Zz En Demaskers - Beat Girl
12 Peggy March - 霧の中の少女
13 Charanjit Singh - Jo Tum Todo Piya
14 Barbara Ruskin - Where Are We
15 Gianni Marchetti - Part-Y-Time
16 Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Love Streams
17 Arsenio Rodriguez - Bruca Manigua (instrumental version)
18 Susanna Haavisto - On Kyyhkynen Erehtynyt
19 Wagner Tiso - Assim Seja
20 Andi Meriem Mattalatta - Lagu Merdu

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Once again featuring a couple (three actually) of gems sent to me from Monkey D. Sound

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Marie Laforêt - Maïtena Marie Brigitte Doumenbach (C60)

My latest show/C60 for 20ft Radio was broadcast a couple of days ago, but they're busy with some music festival, and seemingly haven't had time uploading my mix on mixcloud, so I'll wait with posting "The Garden Party" until they do. Meanwhile here's a(nother) compilation I made nine years ago. Back when when I compiled it her music wasn't on Spotify and in general she felt far more unknown or perhaps forgotten than she does now (at least where I'm situated). But its a spectacular collection of tunes... if I dare say so myself. Anyway:

-Maïtena Marie Brigitte Doumenbach is  Marie Laforêt's (1939-2019) birthname. Sounding a little like Edit Piaf with an updated 60's sound, the swissborn (but of armenian origin), Paris based actress/singer/model Marie Laforet was never really a Ye-Ye girl. Some of her hits are typical Ye-Ye, but in general her style was too sophisticated, artsy, mature and not poppy enough to be a part of that scene.

The main reason I made my own Golden Hour of 25 songs chosen out of about 150, is (as always) that I've never came across one that felt pleasing to listen to all the way through. If you don't know this stunning lady or her stunning chansons yet, this might become your perfect summer soundtrack discovery. If you do know her I hope you approve of my selection
-Moahaha 2012

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