Sunday, April 30, 2023

Dream Weapons present: THE HOT SPACE C60


The concept of space in music is often associated with cold and desolate electronic soundscapes. However The Hot Space calls for far jazzier vibes. More specifically a 1970’s jazzgroove that's electrified with Moogs & stuff. By now you know I love this kind of stuff, and I will never grow tired of discovering yet another unheard gem from that time period. It feels like home somehow. La Vittima is lifted from an Italian giallo and Earl is from a Blaxploitation movie (plus a Library Music trio of tunes) - and I think the remaining tracks would have worked just as well in some movie really -Moahaha

1 Enrico Intra - Preludio in Re min. ("Stoccarda" Caduta di Varsavia)
2 The Equatics - Santana Part I
3 Arakawa Yasuo & Shiji Shiroo - Sudden Rain In Kyo
4 Luther Lane - Gorilla My Dreams
5 Piotr Figiel Ensemble - I Want To Be Your Girl
6 Ed Bogas - Earl
7 Fiorenzo Carpi - La Vittima
8 Sir Edward - Keep On Moving On

9 Katamaran - Poseidon
10 Jakie Mittoo - Groovy Spirit
11 Bobbye Hall - Voyeur
12 Stomu Yamashta - Ishi
13 Alan Hawkshaw - The Speed Of Sound
14 Group Meeting - Loose
15 Band X - Red Cloud
16 Lesiman - Derivazione



Friday, April 21, 2023

Dream Weapons present: TILL THE END O' THE WORLD WITH YOU C60

Alternatively «dance till the end o’ the world with you». Another collection of both schmaltzy and gently romantic oldies. It’ll fill you (or me) with nostalgia, melancholy and the forbidden longing for those good ol’ postwar days of optimism, joy and innocence. A time that probably never existed - but we can dream, can’t we? -Moahaha

1 Nelson Riddle - Bali Ha'i
2 Fairuz - Ya Mayla Âal Ghoussoun
3 Kazuko Matsuo - Koi ni Inochi o
4 Davie Allan & The Arrows - Camel Walk
5 Johnny Cymbal - The Water Was Red
6 Richard Anthony - I Who Have Nothing
7 Richie Allen - A Touch of Blues
8 Abbe Lane - We're Not Children
9 Pia Colombo - La Belle De Nuit
10 The Norman Amadio Trio - Enchantment
11 Alice Babs - Vildandens Sång

12 Tiny Young - Mon Futur Et Mon Passe
13 John Scott Trotter - Uska Dara
14 Silvia Telles - Mágoa
15 Charlene Bartley - Sand In My Shoes
16 Barry Gray - Big Ben Strikes Again: Until Midnight
17 Michèle Arnaud - Timoléon le Jardinier
18 Ritmo Natural - Augusta
19 Ad Van Den Hoed Quartet - Die Violette Nacht
20 Jackie Lawrence - Buenas Noches Mi Amor
21 José Guardiola - Quisiera
22 Everardo Ordaz - Rhumba Rhapsody



(Audius blocked this mix, which is why I'm trying Hearthis) 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

(self)promotion: Eulipion Corps - Return To Friendly Islands (Wormhole World, 2023)

The image over here is my third cover for yet another album by my hyperproductive friend Julian and his project Eulipion Corps. The cover and the title combined is as good indication as any in regards to what Return To Friendly Islands sounds like. Similar to the two previous albums shared here, but more aquatic, friendlier and more islandish. Check it out! For Bandcamp-link press cover, title or...

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SORCERER C60

Soft focus aside, here at Dream Weapons we love the strange and eerie just as much. Sometimes even more. A mysterious and seductive kind of strange filled with beauty and suspense that is. The music presented on Sorcerer isn’t really as far out as that crazy-ass shaman featured on the cover suggests. I simply had to make use that one-of-a-kind-painting at some point. I'm trying to recapture the feel and mode of a hauntingly surreal ghost story that I only vaguely remember. Or maybe it actually happened. I'm not certain -Moahaha

1 Osiris - Fioretti
2 The Ilk - Cosmic Revenge
3 Bruno Battisti D'Amario - Invocazione
4 Alex Serra - Suez
5 The Braen's Machine - Murder
6 Vedurlög - Regn
7 James Clarke - Empty Streets

8 Tullio De Piscopo - 'O Miracolo Adda' Veni'
9 Li Zhih-Kung - A Music Stretch on Plum Flowers
10 Kenyon Hopkins - Chamber of Horrors
11 Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - Brzeg
12 Carlos Ferreira - Childhood's End
13 Nash the Slash - Lost Lenore
14 Lydia Kavina / Elizabeth Parcells - In Whims of the Wind (edit)
15 Sandro Brugnolini - Under Funeral



Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SOFT FOCUS C60

A soft focus on latin jazz, jazz fusion and just plain ol' jazz. Lovely tunes with a pleasant groove. Gently spiced with lightly singing voices. I reccomend you press play and relax yourself with some really nice music for an hour -Moahaha

BTW: Lately I've been seeing that spinning wheel just as often as the actual Audius-player in these latest posts of mine. And while this post is relatively "popular", it's got next to no streams at all. So I'd like to ask those of you who use the streaming option (or anyone with an opinion): How's that Audius-player working for you?

1 Ahmad Jamal - Don't Ask My Neighbors
2 Margie Segers & Ireng Maulana - Dirimu & Diriku
3 Adele Sebastian - Belize
4 The Baron Von Ohlen Quartet Featuring Mary Ann Moss - Runaway Heart
5 Rafiq Babayev - Night Conversation - 4
6 Alexander Kiladze Jazz Choral - Osennee Nastroenie
7 Don Burrows - Algeciras
8 Rafika Duri - Kau Semakin Mempesona

9 Michael Garrick septet - What are Little Girls?
10 Ricotti & Albuquerque - The Wind Has No Love
11 Art Farmer Quartet - Kristallen Den Fina
12 Judy Roberts - Dandelion
13 Roland Haynes - Eglise
14 Gerald Merceron - Je'm Tonbé Nan Jé-ou
15 Dick McGarvin - That’s All