Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SORCERER C60

Soft focus aside, here at Dream Weapons we love the strange and eerie just as much. Sometimes even more. A mysterious and seductive kind of strange filled with beauty and suspense that is. The music presented on Sorcerer isn’t really as far out as that crazy-ass shaman featured on the cover suggests. I simply had to make use that one-of-a-kind-painting at some point. I'm trying to recapture the feel and mode of a hauntingly surreal ghost story that I only vaguely remember. Or maybe it actually happened. I'm not certain -Moahaha

1 Osiris - Fioretti
2 The Ilk - Cosmic Revenge
3 Bruno Battisti D'Amario - Invocazione
4 Alex Serra - Suez
5 The Braen's Machine - Murder
6 Vedurlög - Regn
7 James Clarke - Empty Streets

8 Tullio De Piscopo - 'O Miracolo Adda' Veni'
9 Li Zhih-Kung - A Music Stretch on Plum Flowers
10 Kenyon Hopkins - Chamber of Horrors
11 Orkiestra Ósmego Dnia - Brzeg
12 Carlos Ferreira - Childhood's End
13 Nash the Slash - Lost Lenore
14 Lydia Kavina / Elizabeth Parcells - In Whims of the Wind (edit)
15 Sandro Brugnolini - Under Funeral




  1. Truly amazing!! Thanks a lot, for sure it's one of my fave compilation at the time.

    1. Oh thanks! That's a real nice comment to discover while drinking my morning coffee:)

      Btw: I tried to comment on your blog, to thank you for the lovely Nostalgique Egypte gift/dedication, but I found it too much of a hassle and gave up (I think your "protected by recaptcha" or something complicates things) - So thanks! I loved it!

    2. Hi, talking about the captcha in comments, i didn't knew it, thanks for the warning; now it's totally removed, so feel free to comment what you want without anything hindering you, cheers!!

  2. Thank you,Moahaha ! You gave this compilation an apt name! I have the same feelings about proto-doom rock from the 60s-70s. years or from listening to Witchcraft or Burning Saviours albums ! :)

    1. Awesome - thanks! I got plenty of proto doom/proto metal, but I'm unfamiliar with those two more recent swedish bands you mention.