Sunday, April 30, 2023

Dream Weapons present: THE HOT SPACE C60


The concept of space in music is often associated with cold and desolate electronic soundscapes. However The Hot Space calls for far jazzier vibes. More specifically a 1970’s jazzgroove that's electrified with Moogs & stuff. By now you know I love this kind of stuff, and I will never grow tired of discovering yet another unheard gem from that time period. It feels like home somehow. La Vittima is lifted from an Italian giallo and Earl is from a Blaxploitation movie (plus a Library Music trio of tunes) - and I think the remaining tracks would have worked just as well in some movie really -Moahaha

1 Enrico Intra - Preludio in Re min. ("Stoccarda" Caduta di Varsavia)
2 The Equatics - Santana Part I
3 Arakawa Yasuo & Shiji Shiroo - Sudden Rain In Kyo
4 Luther Lane - Gorilla My Dreams
5 Piotr Figiel Ensemble - I Want To Be Your Girl
6 Ed Bogas - Earl
7 Fiorenzo Carpi - La Vittima
8 Sir Edward - Keep On Moving On

9 Katamaran - Poseidon
10 Jakie Mittoo - Groovy Spirit
11 Bobbye Hall - Voyeur
12 Stomu Yamashta - Ishi
13 Alan Hawkshaw - The Speed Of Sound
14 Group Meeting - Loose
15 Band X - Red Cloud
16 Lesiman - Derivazione




  1. "It feels like home somehow."


    1. Glad to see other feel the same way, PlagueDream

    2. That's weird. I replied to this a couple of days ago, and now my comment is gone.

  2. You never cease to amaze...long may it continue. Cheers Mohaha.

    1. Thanks zipper! I'll continue as long as I'm inspired to, and I suppose that will go on for about as long as there's "enough" of people out there like yourself, who actually cares:)