Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SOFT FOCUS C60

A soft focus on latin jazz, jazz fusion and just plain ol' jazz. Lovely tunes with a pleasant groove. Gently spiced with lightly singing voices. I reccomend you press play and relax yourself with some really nice music for an hour -Moahaha

BTW: Lately I've been seeing that spinning wheel just as often as the actual Audius-player in these latest posts of mine. And while this post is relatively "popular", it's got next to no streams at all. So I'd like to ask those of you who use the streaming option (or anyone with an opinion): How's that Audius-player working for you?

1 Ahmad Jamal - Don't Ask My Neighbors
2 Margie Segers & Ireng Maulana - Dirimu & Diriku
3 Adele Sebastian - Belize
4 The Baron Von Ohlen Quartet Featuring Mary Ann Moss - Runaway Heart
5 Rafiq Babayev - Night Conversation - 4
6 Alexander Kiladze Jazz Choral - Osennee Nastroenie
7 Don Burrows - Algeciras
8 Rafika Duri - Kau Semakin Mempesona

9 Michael Garrick septet - What are Little Girls?
10 Ricotti & Albuquerque - The Wind Has No Love
11 Art Farmer Quartet - Kristallen Den Fina
12 Judy Roberts - Dandelion
13 Roland Haynes - Eglise
14 Gerald Merceron - Je'm Tonbé Nan Jé-ou
15 Dick McGarvin - That’s All




  1. Really nice ! Thank you,Moahaha !

  2. Bite The Dust & Soft Focus both look, and will no doubt sound, interesting. But then I'm biased. Cheers Mohaha!

    1. Two almost polar opposite mixes. Hope you enjoy them. Cheers!

  3. Hi there, here is a humbly small recognition for everything you have given us through the years:


    Hope you health is running well nowadays!


    1. I am - or we are honored, thanks! I look forward to Nostalgique Egypte:)

    2. -My health is also better thanks for asking:)