Sunday, March 26, 2023

Dream Weapons present: BITE THE DUST C60

I was sick for about half of March, and in that period I’ve almost finished eight mixtapes (including Mothers & Daughters and The Shrine). So that’s the reason why I’ve been on a roll here lately. 

-Anyway I wanted to collect some songs for you that grooves really deep and hard. The cover kind of look a like a silly disaster movie poster or something like that, doesn’t it? Bite the Dust does have a soundtrack-feel, but perhaps in a more biker movie way. Mainly just tons of left field semi-psychedelic bops and bangers - that sometimes even rocks! A fun and entertaining mix I think. Like Cosmic Carpet Ride or The Wild Ones on steroids -Moahaha

Brw: I noticed I've titled this mix (Bite the Dust) in the "album artist" section and not "album". Hopefully you can easily add the title in the correct place yourself.

1 Czerwone Gitary - Coda
2 Ravi Harris and The Prophets - Thunderbird
3 Eddie the Sheik Kochak - Phaedra Pharonica
4 Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars - The Phantom Driver
5 Franz Auffray - Salted Popcorn
6 Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - Yakkosan
7 Baris Manco - Anadolu
8 Think - California (Is Getting So Heavy)
9 Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood - Yentra II
10 Jacky Chalard - L'Agonie

11 Sault - Fields
12 Romano Rizzati - Shake 5B
13 21. Peron - Köy Dügünü
14 J.A. Caesar - 人間様の唄
15 H. Caiage ‎ - Desert Parkway
16 Mike Rozakis - Mystical Experience
17 Pure Jade Green  - Purple Grass Growing
18 The Phantoms - Progression Riff
19 The Ceyleib People - Changes (Tygstl)




  1. Many thanks, Moahaha!!! I have a lot of catching up to do. Hope you're feeling better!

    Big Sun

  2. Thank you Big Sun. Yes I'm feeling better - and things are much better now:)

  3. Hi there! Thanks a lot fro this new compilation, it's really nice; talking about music, there's a big huge Zippyshare shared public 183 pages folder of all the times world music (mostly african), but the server will die in 2 days more, please if any of you want to help to save these jewels tray this and download tons of forgotten music, be a saviour:


    1. Hi Crazy Monkey - I'm just a happy amateur and afraid I don't have it in me to be a saviour for anyone but myself these days. But it's a shame that Holland Tunnel Drive is coming to an end. If that is in fact what's happening. Jillem's shares was overwhelming, unmatched. I certainly couldn't keep up. I'm guessing got I about 1 or 2% of the music hidden within those 183 pages.

      Loved that John Storm Roberts-interview (which I'm guessing is a goodbye-post). What a hero!

    2. Hi, i mean Zippyshare is dying, not Holland Tunnel Drive, i hope, this is a Jillem's shared folder treasure, now i have almost 40 Gb brand new music (someday i'll hear the whole collection,i need more time to live 200 years or more)

    3. I know it's a Zippyshare-issue, but I read "We end as we started -Jillem" in the beginning of the latest post as a goodbye. I might be wrong.

    4. In fact, Zippyshare and Holland Tunnel Dive both are dead now...RIP

    5. Brutal. I mean the amount of work put into that blog. All those interesting texts. I wish Jillem had just left the blog as it was, without the download option. As a source of information. A place to discover interesting compilations and rare albums.

  4. hi

    i've added you to my bloglist

    would be cool if you could add me to yours.

    no probs if not.


  5. Good choice ! I like it !Thanks,Moahaha !

  6. the blog is gone. Too bad, I will miss it. Big thanks to Jillem and also of course to you, Moahaha!

    PS: Someone saved some of it, it is available here:

    1. Yes I know and I've noticed it's partially saved. But it's nice that visitors can stumle over the links here. Thanks!

  7. Very good Mix! the music and also the creation of the mix
    with it's dynamic how the vibes moves when you listen to it!

    Thats something i always appreciate on Dreamweapons mixes
    It just NEVER Gets boring :)

    Who does your Artworks btw? they are really well done too

    1. Oh wow, thanks André Angelo! I always try to make every mix enjoyable as a full listening experience, and not simply present a bunch of songs that I like. So that comment is much appreciated. I do all of the artwork for my own mixes... + most collabs and a few for Prabha Devi (Sadhu Sadhu did all of his own and Prabha Devi's - when they were both more active). Very happy to hear that you like them as well:)