Sunday, March 26, 2023

Dream Weapons present: BITE THE DUST C60

I was sick for about half of March, and in that period I’ve almost finished eight mixtapes (including Mothers & Daughters and The Shrine). So that’s the reason why I’ve been on a roll here lately. 

-Anyway I wanted to collect some songs for you that grooves really deep and hard. The cover kind of look a like a silly disaster movie poster or something like that, doesn’t it? Bite the Dust does have a soundtrack-feel, but perhaps in a more biker movie way. Mainly just tons of left field semi-psychedelic bops and bangers - that sometimes even rocks! A fun and entertaining mix I think. Like Cosmic Carpet Ride or The Wild Ones on steroids -Moahaha

Brw: I noticed I've titled this mix (Bite the Dust) in the "album artist" section and not "album". Hopefully you can easily add the title in the correct place yourself.

1 Czerwone Gitary - Coda
2 Ravi Harris and The Prophets - Thunderbird
3 Eddie the Sheik Kochak - Phaedra Pharonica
4 Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars - The Phantom Driver
5 Franz Auffray - Salted Popcorn
6 Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - Yakkosan
7 Baris Manco - Anadolu
8 Think - California (Is Getting So Heavy)
9 Bill Plummer and the Cosmic Brotherhood - Yentra II
10 Jacky Chalard - L'Agonie

11 Sault - Fields
12 Romano Rizzati - Shake 5B
13 21. Peron - Köy Dügünü
14 J.A. Caesar - 人間様の唄
15 H. Caiage ‎ - Desert Parkway
16 Mike Rozakis - Mystical Experience
17 Pure Jade Green  - Purple Grass Growing
18 The Phantoms - Progression Riff
19 The Ceyleib People - Changes (Tygstl)




  1. Many thanks, Moahaha!!! I have a lot of catching up to do. Hope you're feeling better!

    Big Sun

  2. Thank you Big Sun. Yes I'm feeling better - and things are much better now:)

  3. Hi there! Thanks a lot fro this new compilation, it's really nice; talking about music, there's a big huge Zippyshare shared public 183 pages folder of all the times world music (mostly african), but the server will die in 2 days more, please if any of you want to help to save these jewels tray this and download tons of forgotten music, be a saviour:


    1. Hi Crazy Monkey - I'm just a happy amateur and afraid I don't have it in me to be a saviour for anyone but myself these days. But it's a shame that Holland Tunnel Drive is coming to an end. If that is in fact what's happening. Jillem's shares was overwhelming, unmatched. I certainly couldn't keep up. I'm guessing got I about 1 or 2% of the music hidden within those 183 pages.

      Loved that John Storm Roberts-interview (which I'm guessing is a goodbye-post). What a hero!

    2. Hi, i mean Zippyshare is dying, not Holland Tunnel Drive, i hope, this is a Jillem's shared folder treasure, now i have almost 40 Gb brand new music (someday i'll hear the whole collection,i need more time to live 200 years or more)

    3. I know it's a Zippyshare-issue, but I read "We end as we started -Jillem" in the beginning of the latest post as a goodbye. I might be wrong.

    4. In fact, Zippyshare and Holland Tunnel Dive both are dead now...RIP

    5. Brutal. I mean the amount of work put into that blog. All those interesting texts. I wish Jillem had just left the blog as it was, without the download option. As a source of information. A place to discover interesting compilations and rare albums.

  4. Good choice ! I like it !Thanks,Moahaha !

  5. the blog is gone. Too bad, I will miss it. Big thanks to Jillem and also of course to you, Moahaha!

    PS: Someone saved some of it, it is available here:

    1. Yes I know and I've noticed it's partially saved. But it's nice that visitors can stumle over the links here. Thanks!