Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Dream Weapons present: MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS C60

What better day than March 8 to drop another female fronted, roundabout route kind of mixtape? Much like Exploradora, Woman of the World, Take Over!, Sing it, Sister (originally shared on IWD, 2020) and A Song in the Blood before - Mothers & Daughters initially started out with me collecting a bunch of songs I've discovered over the years - that I love. But as I have a slight preference for woman’s singing voices, compilations like these simply occurs. Fourteen enchanting and lovingly performed songs (plus six instrumentals) that should do good for both your mental and physical well being. Although musically a little all over the place, I think this hour flows along quite nicely -Moahaha

1 Kay Gardner - Inner Mood I
2 Gothart - La Rosa Enflorence
3 Cher - Behind the Door
4 Clara Nunes - Meus Tempos De Criança
5 Elisabeth Waldo - Pentitente Procession
6 島倉千代子 - 恋しているんだもん
7 Sandy Posey - The Big Hurt
8 Чаровницы - Я не могу вас забыть
9 Merit Hemmingson - Skänklåt av Pers Erik Olsson
10 ピーナッツ - 宵待草

11 Maria Creuza - A Timidez me Devora
12 Gladly Playe Wyth Stryngs - Nobody's Gigge / Gathering Peascods
13 Salwa - Idaich
14 Soraya Melik - Inleyen Nagmeler
15 Daniela Casa - Santor
16 이해연  - 아리랑 정능고개
17 정미조 - 愛の瞳
18 Kay Gardner - Inner Mood II
19 Extradition - A Love Song
20 Lynsey De Paul - Moonrise




  1. thank you! :)
    i share with you a couple of comps i did a few years ago. maybe you'll find something...

    1. Thanks! - I'm certain I will (find something) :)

    2. So now that I've listened through Se Encuentran Juntas vol. 1 & vol. 2 (well admittedly I skipped the 18 songs or so that I already got) and found plenty of wonderful gems on them. Nice work! Thanks!

    3. hey! that makes me very happy. take it as a minimal sign of reciprocity for all the alhajas that come from you. thanks!

  2. As ever some nice shares this last month. And as ever thanks for sharing.

    1. As ever I'm glad you're still checking in - and checking out my shares, zipper.