Monday, October 12, 2020

Dream Weapons present: A SONG IN THE BLOOD C90

So here’s another download only/revisitation of an older mix once posted elsewhere. I remade the cover (as always), removed a track that had about 5 million plays by now + a tune from a guy named Maria (whom I mistook for a woman) and a France Gall-song later used by Prabha Devi etc... The end result ended up about 80% identical to the original compilation. Probably a few songs you might have heard before and the B-side has a lot of really strange transitions, but whatever. A for Alluring lyricism and B for Beer and skittles perhaps. Here what I wrote six years ago:

-I planned to build A Song in the Blood around a couple of slow and sensuous songs by April Stevens and The Paris Sisters. You know the kind of long forgotten seemingly innocent (not really all that innocent, though) sounding pop-ditties that David Lynch could dig up, use in a scene and forever transform it into a masterpiece of melancholy, desperation and gloom. But this seductive mixtape of mine never materialised.

Instead I kept adding gently intense, ghostly folk tunes, eastern european folksy-pop on the A-side, and sweet girl groups of the far east, playful ye-ye, Bollywood, japanese vocal jazz and allsorts of stuff on the B-side... A trip through the motions and around the world presented by an all female cast. It wasn't meant to be a collection of songs sung by women excusively either. It just turned out that way
-Moahaha, September 2014

1. Buffy Sainte Marie - Poppies (For Mr. Allerton)
2. Salli Terri - Estrella Do Mar
3. Eva Porubová - Jede Matúšek
4. Montreal - Infinity
5. Chimera - The Grail
6. Dana Corby/Gwydion - Spring Strathspey
7. April Stevens - That Naughty Waltz
8. Paavoharju - Kirkonväki
9. Judy Henske - Lullaby
10. Nadia Cattouse - All Around My Grandmothers Floor
11. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Weirdsong Of Breaking Through At Last
12. Dimitra Galani - Aspro Peristeri
13. Lyubka Rondova - Yana Maika Lyuto Kalne
14. Susan Reed - Three White Gulls

15. Janye Mansfield - Cleopatra
16. Trio Visca - Tjempaka
17. S. Noorelhuda - Chaya Tarian
18. Asha Bhosle - Honolulu
19. Jeanne Moreau - Tout Ce Que Je Veux
20. Chantal Kelly - Caribou
21. Nara Leão - Azulão
22. Agnetha Fältskog - Doktorn!
23. The Society Girls - Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls
24. Chee Sing Soo 尹飛燕 - 花落未逢君
25. Yasuko Agawa - New York Afternoon
26. Nora Orlandi - Body Fox
27. Maki Asakawa - Gogo
28. Paris Sisters - I'm Me
29. The Great Kat - Sex & Violins
30. Joan Baez - Song in the Blood

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  1. i enjoy(ed) this one. Thanks for the reup.

    Bil (formerly Big Sun)

    1. Thanks Bil! Yes I've noticed I'm adressing Big Sun when Bil appears in older comments. The links for a few of these four-five-six year old mixes has been dead for a while (and I'd actually lost some of them - like this one - myself). I still enjoy these songs and I'm also planning to make an additional two of them (It Welcomes You & Tremblement) available again as well.