Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dream Weapons present: BEFORE WE GO UNDER C90 by Matt Jencik

Matt Jencik is a musician based in Chicago. Jencik has been performing and recording since the early nineties in bands such as Hurl, Don Caballero, and more recently Slint, Papa M and Circuit Des Yeux. His most recent band Implodes has released two records on Kranky and in early 2017 he released his debut solo album Weird Times on Hands in the Dark Records. Jencik is also a 20+ year record store employee & he's been the head music buyer at Reckless Records for over a decade.

"Fuzzy frequencies are one of my favorite things and I was interested in showing how well they can work in different genres of music whether it be lo-fi noise rock, shoegaze, synthesizer music, African rock, folk or black metal. I obviously love all of these tracks, but a few are some of my favorite songs of all time."

- Matt Jencik, March 2017

1. My Dreaming Hill - Flying Saucer Attack
2. Movie Mind - Luxurious Bags
3. Old Wave - Laurie Spiegel
4. Soul's Tongue - Greg Sage
5. Bonheur Amputé - Amesoeurs
6. Lithonia - Circuit des Yeux
7. Before We Go Under - The Magick Heads
8. On An Unknown Beach - Peter Jefferies
9. Det Hviskes Blant Sorte Vinder - Strid

1. Lexicon Devil - The Germs
2. Keshava Murahara - Alice Coltrane
3. A Walk - Belong
4. My Kimono - Polvo
5. C Word - Bitch Magnet
6. Child of the Sky - The Deviants
7. Crystal Harvest - Higuma
8. History - Amanaz
9. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood - Fairport Convention

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dream weapons present: RETURN TO TRAPPIST-1 C90

NASA just recently discovered a whole new solar system filled with atleast seven "earth-sized planets" closely orbiting a dwarf star named TRAPPIST-1. And its only a mere 39 light years away!

On this sci-fi mix Planet Earth is mostly reduced to a toxic waste dump - which is why a spaceship is on its way to search for water or/and possible life on planet TRAPPIST-1b, c, d, e, f, g or h (preferably dumb life, not intelligent). So what is the crew’s soundtrack gonna be like? Cosmic grooves full of space bleeps and swooshes that's occasionally interrupted by meteor showers, comets and unidentified flying objects - obviously.


1. Jean Pierre Decerf - Anesthesie Penthotal
2. Tomutonttu - Lautta Lähtee
3. Terje Winther - Essinic
4. Starforce 1 - Death Star
5. Cosmic Hoffmann - Sehr Mystich
6. Vulcanus 68 - Melancholy Gaillard
7. Judd Greenstein remixed by Son Lux - In Teaching Others We Teach Ourselves
8. 6LA8 with Sleep Slumber Sleep - They Found and Lost
9 . Fernando Yvosko - En Busca De El
10. Dreamtime Troubadours - Invoking the Spirits

11. Phantom Band - Pulsar
12. Signori Della Galassia - Fermate La Creazione
13. Sylvano Santorio - Imminent KO!
14. Giron - From Outer Space
15. Serge Bulot - Sanctuaire D'eole
16. Clara Mondshine - Raga Des Aufgehenden Planeten
17. Steve Austin - Music From The Withered Orange
18. Kid Baltan - Night Train Blues
19. Redshift - Vega