Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dream Weapons present: TANTRIC MIRROR C60

While Prabha Devi is drinking fancy cocktails (or more likely, Old Munk & 7up) under a palm somewhere in India, I'm stuck up north in what seems like an endless winter. I have no idea if you can tell by listening to this though. Tantric Mirror is a split where Prabha Devi did all of side B and I, obviously, did side A. Containing new and old favourites from us both. Well, they are all old... but you get it. Enjoy!

-Sadhu Sadhu

A (Sadhu Sadhu Side) ⟡
Wally Bastian - Kisi Wehesak Nobala
Luzmila Carpio - Wataj Quillasnin
Khabuan Mukda - Phom Mai Wun
မာမာေအး - စဥ္းစားရဦးမယ္
Inneke Kusumawati - Enggak Tau Malu
စိုင်းဆိုင်မောဝ် - Khaaw Jaam Khay Han
Children Songs - Maro Gau Jyamire
Клара Румянова - Кораблики
Riga Raga - Regret De Maidon
Piero Piccioni - Magic Castle

B (Prabha Devi side) ☾︎
Guruh Sukarnoputra - Smaradhana
Galt MacDermot  - Coffee Cold (with Fergus MacRoy)
Sweetwater  - Through An Old Storybook
Gray  - Mockingbird
Sachiko Nishida - Bleib immer und ewig bei mir
Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Is Anyone Listening
Mahna Mackay - Daydream
Claude Thomain - Shaker Man
Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen - Indian Pop Bass
Mukesh & Chorus - Mera Joota Hai Japani
Sroeng Santi - Leang Mai Toe


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

20ft Radio and Dream Weapons present: STATIC LINES C60

Static Lines is a collaboration by Dream Weapons for 20ft Radio containing twenty minutes of hand-picked electronic tunes by Sadhu Sadhu (⟡), Prabha Devi (☾) and Moahaha (♌︎) each. For our third radio special we wanted to do something different than simply complile another best-of-everything-we-represent-mix. The end result is mostly an hour of catchy electro-pop - with the occasional soundscape snuck in between the "hits"

1 Siflèt - Siflèt ♌︎
2 Elisa Point - Howard Hugues ☾
3 Ensemble Pittoresque - Just Shine On Me ⟡
4 You - Time Code ♌︎
5 Seefeel - Faults ⟡
6 Takako Minekawa - Sleep Song ☾
7 Meridian Brothers - Canto Me Levantó ♌︎
8 Dave Sarkys - In A Cloud ⟡
9 Kyoko Koizumi - Eastern Jungle ☾

10 Hector Zazou - Un Papillon ♌︎
11 Testpattern - Sea Breeze ⟡
12 Ken Nordine - Once Upon A You Know What ♌︎
13 Gary Schneider - Cast Your Fate To The Wind & The Breeze & I ☾
14 The Paper Magic Group - Lucifer's Choir ♌︎
15 Masami Tsuchiya - Fear For The Future ☾
16 Peter Davison - Glide II ⟡
17 Cinéma Vérité - Nevers ♌︎


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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dream weapons present: RITES AND PASSAGES C60

My idea of tunes for tripping, meditation, worship, rituals and other spiritual practices. But like myself you can just listen while leading your everyday life doing anything or nothing. I think all great music has the potential to mentally transcend you to places you’re not physically at. But nothing transports you along to other dimensions quite like pounding flutes and swirling percussion (or was it the other way around). 

I’m probably overemphasizing this whole transcendental-vibe a little. Among other things you’ll immediately notice that there’s normal jazz here too - albeit of the orientally & spiritually oriented kind.  


1 Brother Ah - Nuba
2 Charles Lloyd - Rishikesha: Hummingbird, Rishikesh, Seagull
3 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Alchemy
4 Süleyman Ergüner - Hicaz Peşrevi
5 Giuliano Sorgini - Kedda
6 Band Aide - Cycric Universe

7 Keur Moussa - Dans Mon Amour Éternel
8 Philip Rex - National Geographic
9 Cork Gamelan Ensemble - Christine
10 Dip Tse Chong Ling Monastery - Prayer of Kala Rupa
11 David Fanshawe - Tongan Ceremonial
12 Xinjiang Uighur Song And Dance Ensemble - Wuxiake Muqam: The First Dastan Interlude
13 Izmir Cura Players & Izmir Darbuka - Zeybek