Tuesday, August 25, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: INNEROUTERSPACE C60

 «Where the mind goes, the body will follow» as that motivational Arnold Schwarzenegger-quote goes. Of course he was talking about bodybuilding, but it might as well had been about trippin’ far out into the Milky Way, surrounded by its billions of planets and stars - while accompanied by Kosmische Muzik. Here's ten mostly analogue electronic tunes lost in space and time 1979-1986 -Moahaha

1 Age - Hymalaya
2 Velvet Universe - Cycle Of Days / Watching The Bodies, Proditol, Memories   (part B, C and D from "The Black Corridor")
3 Michael Garrison - Dreams
4 Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet
5 Marco Melchiori - Luce Notte

 6 Serge Blenner - Phrase IV
 7 Michele Musser - Proteus and the Marlin
 8 Zanov - Lost Message
 9 Patrick Vasori & Caravelli - Le Grand Vide
10 Ciro Perrino - Urano / Da Nettuno Oltre Plutone

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


The story begun like this: Many moons ago a former flatmate had this wondrous 1960’s or early 70’s female fronted, South Korean Trot/folk-pop record that we used to spin all the time. In my unsuccessful search for that original album I came across hours of enchanting folk, pop and gentle trot-oldies from the same era instead…

BUT *drumwhirl* now I’ve finally located the album in question (Hurrah!) and so my song search saga ends. Turns out it was by The Queen of Elegy herself: «Lee Mija's folk song album» from 1970 (featured song «Changbu Taryeong» is taken from there). Before you check out the holy grail of Trot, immerse yourself in this final hour of 20 golden trot-delights -Moahaha

1 이난영 / Lee Nan Young - 불사조 / Phoenix
2 황금심 / Hwang Geumsim - 동백꽃 피는 섬 / Camellia Blooming Island
3 葵鳥姉妹 / Bluebird Sisters - 故郷想い / Thinking of Home
4 장세정 / Jang Seung Jeong - 三人の友 / Three Friends (japanese letters)
5 이미자 / Lee Mija - 倡夫打令 / Changbu Taryeong
6 정훈희 / Jung Hoon Hee - 빗속의 연인들 / Lovers In The Rain
7 Jigu Band - 答えてください / Answer Me
8 현인 / Hyeon In - 고향 만리 / Hometown Long Distance
9 김부자 / Kim Buja - 둥기둥기 내사랑 / My Love is the Pillar
10 권혜경 / Gwon Hyegyeong - 유성이 흘러간 곳 / Where the Meteor Flowed

11 도미 / DoMi - 인도의 향불 / India's Burning Incense
12 은방울자매 / Silverdrop Sisters - 길잃은 황포선 / Straying(?)
13 펄 시스터즈 / Pearl Sisters - 渡り鳥 / Birds of Passage
14 남국인 / South - 누가 울어 / Who's Crying
15 최희준 / Huijun Choe  - 사랑이 지기전에 / Before Love
16 박재란 / Park Jaeran - 그대는 나의 넋 / You Are My Soul
17 이영숙 / Lee Young-suk - 고향서 만난 사람 / A Man Who Met Someone in His Hometown
18 이해연 / Gwon Lee - 단장의 미아리 고개 / Chief Mori's Head
19 에보니스 / Ebonys - 정든배 / A Steady Ship
20 정영아 / Jung Young A - 사랑이여 안녕 / Goodbye to Love

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Sunday, August 2, 2020

20 ft Radio Present & Dream Weapons present - Alone Together by Dj Lemon Fogg


Let us move beyond our pasts, the present and travel alone together with disco funk and progressive sounds from Sweden, psychedelia and yé-yé pop from France, jazz rock from Spain and Japan, Brazilian MPB, soul funk from Morocco, garage rock from Hong Kong, electronic psychedelia, country and christian rock from USA, baroque pop from Denmark and much more. You'll definitely find something to enjoy, either alone or together -DJ Lemon Fogg

Side A
1.Lasse Samuelson – Sunnysound
2.Julian Jay Savarin – Cycles
3.Catharsis – 32 Mars (edit)
4.Boatz – It Was Only The Radio
5.Crash Coffin – Alone Together
6.Fusioon – Farsa del Buen Vivir
7.Blåkulla – Idealet
8.Tninho Horta E Orquestra Fantasma – Aquelas Coisas Todas

Side B
9.Golden Hands – Al Harka
10.Jake H. Concepcion & His Orchestra – Scarborough Fair
11.Zoé – Zoé
12.Johnny Walsh – The End
13.The Artchis – In A Gadda-Da-Vida
14.Far Out – The Hip Sound
15.Patmos – Suicide Mission
16.Kræn Bysteds – Slotte Af Sand
17.John Stuckey – Without You
18.Maple Leaf - Tanjō
19.Curt o Roland – Estou Alegro

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