Sunday, August 2, 2020

20 ft Radio Present & Dream Weapons present - Alone Together by Dj Lemon Fogg

Let us move beyond our pasts, the present and travel alone together with disco funk and progressive sounds from Sweden, psychedelia and yé-yé pop from France, jazz rock from Spain and Japan, Brazilian MPB, soul funk from Morocco, garage rock from Hong Kong, electronic psychedelia, country and christian rock from USA, baroque pop from Denmark and much more. You'll definitely find something to enjoy, either alone or together -DJ Lemon Fogg

Side A
1.Lasse Samuelson – Sunnysound
2.Julian Jay Savarin – Cycles
3.Catharsis – 32 Mars (edit)
4.Boatz – It Was Only The Radio
5.Crash Coffin – Alone Together
6.Fusioon – Farsa del Buen Vivir
7.Blåkulla – Idealet
8.Tninho Horta E Orquestra Fantasma – Aquelas Coisas Todas

Side B
9.Golden Hands – Al Harka
10.Jake H. Concepcion & His Orchestra – Scarborough Fair
11.Zoé – Zoé
12.Johnny Walsh – The End
13.The Artchis – In A Gadda-Da-Vida
14.Far Out – The Hip Sound
15.Patmos – Suicide Mission
16.Kræn Bysteds – Slotte Af Sand
17.John Stuckey – Without You
18.Maple Leaf - Tanjō
19.Curt o Roland – Estou Alegro

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    1. Mr. Lemon Fogg says your welcome, Il Commendatore!

      (...I just made that up but I'm certain that he does)