Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Dream Weapons present: ANEMOIA C60

 «Nostalgia for a time you've never known». These tunes will make you long for those carefree summers long before you were born. Yes its truly gorgeous stuff. Some of you may recognize the cover art’s resemblance to Drawn From Memory. That’s because this is its fraternal twin. So I might as well re-use what I wrote then.

-Some music transcends you to outer space or other dimensions - while Anemoia is like a time machine that transports you backwards to a deceitfully wondrous past that never was. Twenty-one dusty old gems that time forgot from all over most of the world -Moahaha

1 Katyna Ranieri - La Contessa Scalza
2 Dalva de Oliveira - Sem Ele
3 Piero Piccioni - Haway
4 Marti Barris - Ahbe Casabe
5 El dúo Marfil-Morales - Canto Guajiro
6 Svend Nicolaisen - Suerte
7 Arturo Gatica - Frente a Frente
8 Dark Ducks - 越後獅子 / Echigojishi
9 Bianchi & The Jungle Sex-Tet - Lonely Flute
10 Nella Colombo & La Orquesta Maravella - Xipna Aghapi Mou

11 Edmundo P. Zaldivar - Mañana al Alba
12 Pacita Tomás - Escenas Andaluzas - Reflejos
13 Volta Sêca - Escuta Donzela
14 Yaseen & Party - Nna-Kiliyo
15 Hal Mooney - Maria
16 Pearl Bailey - I Got Rhythm
17 Lale Andersen - Gold'ner Ohrring
18 Jack Medell and His Orchestra - Umbe’
19 Gilda Lopes - A Hora Do Amor (Les Files De Cadix)
20 Nakano Tadaharu - Yamadera no Oshou
21 Mandolin' Club de Paris & Jeanne Ricada-Mathorez - Je Crois Entendre Encore

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  1. Thanks a lot! for another brilliant compilation

    1. Thanks! There's seemingly a neverending supply of new ol' gems out there yet to be discovered.

  2. I can´t tank you and the other guys from tis blog enough for your fantastic mixtapes! I´ve been listening to and searching for psychedelic/spiritual/obscure music for decades, but you give me so much new to discover and enjoy! You really saved my summer! Thanx and love

    1. Its an honor having contributed to save your summer! Discovering new music to love is one of my favorite things in life. Its great to know that our mixtapes works that way for some visitors out there like yourself. And thanks to you too Olli - for your comment.