Saturday, July 4, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons Present: PER ASPERA AD ASTRA C60

«Through hardships to the stars». Gorgeously warm and earthy jazz grooves in a soulful & easy-going oriental/spiritual, latin, psych and all that jazz-fusion kind of way. Lotsa flute and nice vibes throughout. My favorite jam for the summer, and for the rest of the year -Moahaha

Btw: If you're in the mood for a similarly themed mixtape-jazzbonanza just spin these earlier comps of mine after you've finished this one: Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of Spirits Unknown).

1 François Rabbath - Requiem Pour Goa
2 Manu Dibango - Walking To Waza
3 Bobby Hutcherson - Zuri Dance
4 Ahmad Jamal - Children Of The Night
5 The 360 Degree Music Experience - Tradewinds
6 Harold Alexander - Sandy's Love

7 I.P. Son Group - Raggio Di Sole
8 Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5 - Mirosbass
9 Manfred Mann Chapter Three - Jump Before You Think
10 Toru Takemitsu - Searching for Fantasy
11 Toshiaki Yokota And The Beat Generation - Reza
12 Rafiq Babayev - Azerbaijan Etude - 2