Friday, February 19, 2021

Dream Weapons present: ACROPODIUM C60

As a curator of mixtapes, this time I decided to invite 17 artists/composers to interpret a sculpture by Brâncuși. Haha no I didn’t. Originally I found a catalogue with an «ugly» (but in a great way) Jean Arp-piece pictured on the front page that I wanted to use as cover art. Naturally I started collecting a bunch of twisted tunes. But as often before I ended up in more beautiful place than where I started. Eventually the selected music didn’t really resemble ‘Ptolemy II’ at all anymore. So at the finishing stages I swapped that in favour of this alluring work of art instead. Finally here’s the equivalence to the exquisite «Mlle Pogany II» in sound. Somewhat -Moahaha.

1 Omoide Hatoba - A Scab Forms Crone
2 Anthony Davis - Prolog (The Days In Space)
3 Remo De Vico - If you disappear, the vacuum...
4 Bill Frisell - Under a Golden Sky
5 Maria Joao - No Dia Em Que As Flores Comeram Os Passaros
6 Egisto Macchi - Un Violoncello Magico
7 Vittorio Gelmetti - Lied Romantico
8 T. Isotani & K. Yoshimatu - Lehte
9 Lalo Schifrin - Acupuncture #1

10 Alabaster DePlume - Pastry
11 Fabio Fabor - Asteroidal
12 Paul Castanier - Pera Geta Elena
13 Эдуард Садоян - Две пьесы для виолончели соло 1. Zargo 2. Allegro
14 Kaija Saariaho - Überzeugung
(performed by The Norwegian Soloists' Choir/Oslo Sinfonietta/Grete Pedersen)
15 Les Fragments de la Nuit - Soleils Noirs pour Lune Blanche
16 Sic - Ella Se Desliza
17 Janko Nilovic - Un Piano Dans L'Espace

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Dream Weapons present: CELESTIAL SPACE INN C60

«Jazzing through the luminiferous ether» goes the strapline... which was the title of an interesting article I never read. For several millennia ether was thought to exist everywhere in space - as a fifth element of sorts. We have now come to learn that ether is superfluous. But that’s irrelevant to this musical excursion in vivid and spirited jazz fusion packed with sizzling grooves and scattered with heavenly chants. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but: Can you dig it? -Moahaha

1 Azteca - A Night In Nazca
2 Angelo Noce Santoro - Odessa - part I
3 Hiromasa Suzuki - Gentle Wave
4 Tom Scott - North
5 Ed Thigpen's Action-re-action - Danish Drive
6 Jerzy Milian - Czasem Bez Tercji
7 Young-Holt Unlimited - Queen Of The Nile

8 Puzzle - Haiku
9 Tranzam - Tranzam
10 Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - Sweet Beat
11 The Chris Hinze Combination - A Collection of Potsherd
12 Volker Kriegel - Spanish Soul
13 Ambiance - Quasar 


Like this? Try these: Per Aspera ad Astra, Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of Spirits Unknown).

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE INNOCENTS C90


Up here in the northern hemisphere January is the coldest month of the year. And after a couple of mournful or dystopian shares, it's time once again to let a little sunshine in. In addition to fill your soundspace with beauty and bright welcoming warmth, these tunes will provide you with a healthy dose of vitamin D. Those who know me won’t be surprised to find glimpses of darkness in the light and vice versa - which means you need not to worry about overdosing on cuteness (depending a little on your level of tolerance I suppose). I could simply have written that The Innocents along with Safe Space is the Place, Birds of a Feather and Windswept Daydream makes for a six hours long quadrilogy of gently comforting melodies and trust that those four titles (plus the cover art) were explaination enough in themselves -Moahaha

1 Brewer & Shipley - Mass for M'Lady
2 Manfred Mann- Love Theme
3 Lori Balmer - Here Before The Sun
4 Cross Country - Just a Thought
5 Mindaugas Urbaitis - Antra Dalis
6 Karen Jones - Millicent Green
7 New Temple - Psalm 100
8 Ciato & Ciato's - Aria Per Elisa
9 Paula Moore - Learn to be Free
10 Li Garattoni - Find Out What I'm Dreaming
11 Bruno Nicolai - Nostalgia Di Un Incontro
12 Reparata & the Delrons - Mama's Little Girl
13 The Cowsills - The Prophecy Of Daniel And John The Divine (Six-Six-Six)
14 Elmer Bernstein - I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
15 Lesley Duncan - The Serf

16 Vindharpen - Rosenhaven
17 Beaver & Krause - Looking Back Now
18 Hareton Salvanini - Solidão
19 The Playmates - Gi Ikke Opp
20 Gary Lewis - Look Here Comes The Sun
21 The Children Of Sunshine - Uncle Harry
22 René Costy And His Orchestra - Easy To Be In Love
23 Karen Lafferty - Nothing Can Separate
24 Prelude - Or Maybe The Autumn
25 Alan Parker - Melody and Lace
26 Chunky, Novi & Ernie - Italian Sea
27 Lorn Smith - Last Sunset
28 The Tempters - All Day I Call Your Name
29 Jade - Prelude Willow's End

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SECTOR UNIT C60


If you fuse the future utopian concept of (Kraftwerk’s) Computer World with the subterranean dystopia of Mark of the Mole (by The Residents) and add to that a Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare - you’ll find yourself somewhere in the neighbourhood of Sector Unit. There’s literally tons of reasons I’d rather have my not all bright, not totally bleak distant future as seen from the early 1980’s - instead of the future we got. The matching analogue electronic score being one of them - Moahaha

1 Danielle Kenny - Alarm Clock
2 Lamartine - Skylab
3 96 Eyes - Chromata
4 Tibet & Australië  - Tibet 2
5 Tomita - M3 (Main Title)
6 Ptôse - Like a Mouse
7 Rodion G.A. - Elastic
8 Al Mati - A Day Will Rise
9 Colin Potter - The Lope 1
10 Catfish - Sahara

11 Sympathy Nervous - Naniga
12 Belbury Poly  - Lord Belbury's Folly
13 Alu - Big Fon
14 Sociedades en Tetra Brik - Niño Organo
15 Renaldo & The Loaf - City Rhythm
16 Schaltkreis Wassermann - Dune Dance
17 Cosmic Neighbourhood - Vampire Bat
18 Haruomi Hosono - La Gojo

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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Dream Weapons present: OBSERVANCE C60

Observance is actually our 150th mix (yay) ever, but it seems I'm not really in a much of a celeboratory mood. Time to get somewhat serious again. I always find it easier to describe my inner imagined scenery rather than the actual musical content. A remembrance of sorts or maybe a burial is how I picture this. More like a modern version of a boat set on fire and set adrift than a «regular funeral» though. A darkly tinted meditation contemplating a closure, an ending or loss. But my ideal soundtrack to a customary practice, rite, or ceremony is not devoid of light - or life. -Moahaha

1 Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Etrurian Waltz
2 Klaus Morlock - Opening Titles/Forest Chase
3 Mac Prindy - Eliza 1
4 Iraklis - Magiki Apoklisi - Chor
5 Trembling Strain - What The Bird Told Me
6 J.A. Caesar - 鏡の国のスパイ (The Mysterious Mandarin)
7 Daniele Sepe - Auschwitz

8 Pierre Bastien - Never Even
9 Takami - Anata wa Iu
10 Ryo Kawasaki - Tane's Dream Part 2
11 Blacklight Braille - The Fountain Falling From The Ace Of Cups
12 Sebastian Gandera - Les Sanglots Du Locataire
13 Philip Sanderson - Weird & Gilly Ride Again
14 Ensemble Economique - I Can See the Light, The Edge of Forever
15 Hills - Claras Vaggvisa

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Monday, December 14, 2020

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. IX C60

This year it took Pete Seeger’s banjo plucking whilst whistling the chorale from Beethoven's Ninth to seriously get me into the right kind of seasonal mood. No wonder «An die Freude» for a choir of 10 000 voices is Japan's most popular Christmas tradition. Other than that, Moahaha’s Ninth (Xmas Delights) is the usual nostalgia-drenched hour stuffed with the uttermost folk, latin and lightly jazzy Yuletide oldies. Yeah still mostly vintage tunes because hardly anyone knows how to properly sing or arrange carols anymore. As always there’s Santa vs Jesus battling out whether 'Tis the season to be mainly jolly or thankful - and if the Christmas spirit is something you’re supposed to drink or not. Happy holidays y’all! -and take care, Moahaha

1 Pete Seeger - Chorale from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9
   -Ludwig van Beethoven, 1824
2 Lanny Ross - Sleigh-Bell Serenade
   -Lanny Ross, 1941
3 Les Peters Sisters - Berceuse Noire
   -J.Larue & J.H.Rys, 1950
4 Jackie Gleason - By the Fireside
   -Jimmy Campbell, Reginald Connelly & Ray Noble, 1932
5 Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena - El Cant dels Ocells
   -traditional Catalan
6 Portland Cello Project - Riu Chiu
   -traditional catalan, 15th century

7 Johnny Pearson - Cantate Domino
   -Westmore & Hughes, 1972
8 John Klein - Gesu Bambino
   -Pietro Yon, 1917, Italia
9 Rod McKuen - Bethlehem B.C.
   -Rod McKuen, 1970
10 Roy Smeck and His Island Quartet  - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
    -Tommy Connor, 1952

11 Tapio Rautavaara - Tonttujen Jouluyö
    -Vilhelm Sefve & Alfred Smedberg, 1898. Sweden
12 Bonnemere And His Piano - White Christmas
    -Irving Berlin, 1942
13 Leroy Holmes, voc. Johnny Corvo - This Is The Time of The Year
    -Lisbona & Sigler, 1951
14 Gustav Winckler - Landsbykirkens Klokkeklang
    -Gustav Winckler & Sven Bueman, 1951
15 Shoji Suzuki and Rhythm Ace - Adeste Fideles
    -John Francis Wade, 1743

16 Mickey Carter And The Riff-Tones - Underneath The Mistletoe
    -Lewis Simpkins, 1950
17 The Sportsmen - The Sleigh (A La Russe)
    -Richard Kountz & Ivor Tchervanow, 1926
18 Freddy Martin & Murray Arnold - Toy Piano Boogie
    -Murray Arnold & Bob Ballard, 1951
19 Jean Sablon - Chemineau Noël
    -André Sablon & Jean Franc, 1909?
20 Connee Boswell - When Christmas is Gone
    -Connie Boswell & Nat Schwartz, 1939
21 Keith Mansfield - The First Christmas
     -traditional English/Cornish

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Link to all our Delights & XD-V (where you’ll also find Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

-Every December I visit my favorite Christmas-place on the internet: Ernie (Not Bert) on a daily basis.  Most, if not all of my Xmas-mixes includes a few tunes first discovered there. This year I think it has to be at least five of them.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Dream Weapons present: THE WILD ONES C60

This time I wanted to compile the ultimate soundtrack for a non-existing B-movie. Let's say its an unnecessarily violent, mildly entertaining Bonnie & Clydeish cash-in flick with a killer score and a moderately large cult following. Something like that.

-Gorgeous themes, groovin’ tunes, hip chansons, soul bangers, occult psych, far out exotica… its got a little bit of everything. And the action seemingly takes place on several continents. Yeah this one was mostly put together to entertain myself - and you. It almost qualifies as a "party mix" -Moahaha

1 Codreanu Maria Petrovna/ Мария Кодриану - У одиноких тополей
2 Aut'Chose - Une Saison En Enfer
3 Thomas Elerth - Beatin’ It
4 A Gethsémani - Primavera Cha Cha
5 Puccio Roelens - Leewards
6 Soul Brothers Inc. - I Don't Think We Are Going Back Again
7 Rino De Filippi - Calcolatore Elettronico
8 Sophie's Dream - Walpurgis
9 Afro-Blues Quintet Plus One - Victims Of Change

10 Idris Muhammad - New Orleans
11 Orquestra CBD - Tema da Zorra
12 Nahid Akhtar - Saturday Night
13 Maurice Jarre - Roxanne
14 Yma Sumac - Sansa
15 Spectre - Elephant, Mosquito
16 Barney Wilen - Zombizar Reloaded
17 Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Taboo

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Dream Weapons present: REMONTANT C60

Seems we’ve all withered away for the most of this year and everyone's in need of a reblooming. But spring is nowhere near and all we can do is dream.

-So let your mind wander whilst listening to this bouquet of twenty reascended tunes from when the world was young. Visit our planet’s past ports and harbours, dance and drink your way through ballrooms, jazz clubs, saloons, opium dens, bars and castles. Make a stop in some small countryside village and smell its fresh, unpolluted air. Highbrow, lowbrow, in tears or laughter - a tragedy or a comedy. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re free -Moahaha

1 Julie Joy - Podes Voltar
2 The Mena Moeria Minstrels - South Sea Breeze
3 Luis Carbonell - Así Es Mi Suelo Cubano
4 Alfred Newman & Ken Darby - Whispering Wind
5 Stu Phillips & His Orchestra - Tropical Summer
6 Nora Ney - Meu Lamento
7 Bola Sete & Therezinha Bittencourt - Mulher Rendeira
8 Sonny Lester - Daughter of The Nile
9 Diahann Carroll - Love Is Just a Word
10 Linda Lawson - Never Like This

11 Werner Müller And His Orchestra - The Banquet
12 Kondo Keiko - Bulan Dagoan
13 Black Cats - Mikansei Rockambo
14 Buddy Sarkissian And His Mecca Four With Fred Elias - Desert Moods
15 Sudha Malhotra - Mere Nadeem Mere Hamsafar
16 Pratima Banerjee - Fande Poria Bhoga Kanda
17 Ara Bartevian Orchestra (feat. Kevork Yanbekian Folk Band) - Grounk
18 Kay Starr - Two Brothers
19 Cantadores di Palmira / Lina Huarte - El Asombro de Damasco: "Por esta noche"
20 Verlye Mills - Autumn Leaves

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Dream Weapons present: HYPNOTEQUE C60

November the 5th 2015 Sadhu Sadhu & Prabha Devi posted their very first DWp-mix! The five pointed pentagram inside a pentagon (within the circle) on the cover symbolizes Dream Weapons present first five years of existence. Obviously.

-Joining forces for a second time, since the previous Polyhymnia, Moahaha and I dive into the mystical tapestry of occult whispers. Illuminating dark corners, sprinkling dust in quiet antechambers, these songs are mean't to be enjoyed in the stark, bone cold of winter. Imagine the songs themselves conjuring a little spooky warmth in the coming blackness -Prabha Devi

1 Carmen Maki - Kamome 歌-かもめ ♌︎
2 Les Hou-Lops aka Les Tetes Blanches - Ebb Tide  ☾︎
3 Valdemir - Fallen Star ♌︎
4 Svitlana Nianio - Koło Lasu  ☾︎
5 Nilson - Down in the Garden ♌︎
6 招き猫カゲキ団 - 幻夜  ☾︎
7 Trio Marenich / Трио Маренич - Nese Galya Vodu / Несе Галя воду ☾︎
8 Frank Pahl & Klimperei - Melon Sorbet ♌︎

9 Clara Nunes - Canseira  ☾︎
10 Gary 'Spider' Webb - The Cave (Part II) ♌︎
11 Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Die Schlangengrube und das Pendel ♌︎
12 Claire Hamill - Awaken (Larkrise) ♌︎
13 Enip Sukanda - Jipang Lontang & Beber Layar ☾︎
14 Fin-Int - Jouten ♌︎
15 Waldo de Los Ríos - Amaneces Sin Evelyn  ☾︎
16 Michel Colombier - For Those Who Cannot Hear ♌︎
17 Word of Mouth Chorus - Windham ♌︎
18 Księżyc - Mijana  ☾︎

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Dream Weapons present: IT WELCOMES YOU C90

The three-day observance of Allhallowtide is upon us - which felt like the perfect excuse to locate and ever so slightly rework/improve my pre-dream weapons «horrorscore-mix». It was a pleasantly unpleasant revisitation containing one dark or dimly lit gem after the other. I think you might enjoy it too. Back in 2015 I wrote:

-I went for scores with a Fabio Frizzi/John Carpenter/Goblin sort of synthified keyboard driven approach but (largely) avoided all those themes «everyone» already knows - such as Suspiria, (the original) Halloween, The Beyond etc. There's probably just as much melancholic beauty as there is dark electrofunk here. Some of you are probably familiar with a few of these tunes already - but you never heard them presented like this -Moahaahaahaaaaa…!

1 Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave - Mineshaft Chase
-Phantasm, 1979
2 Fabio Frizzi - Baby Sequenza 1
-Manhattan Baby, 1982
3 Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera - 7 Note (Film Version)
-Sette Note in Nero, 1977
4 Francesco De Masi - House In The Park
-Seven Hyden Park: La Casa Maledetta, 1985
5 Colin Towns - Full Circle (Everything's Right Now)
Full Circle: The Haunting of Julia, 1977
6 Walter Rizzati & Franco De Gemini – I Remember
-The House By The Cemetery (Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero), 1981
7 Gary Scott – Main Title
-Final Exam, 1981
8 John Scott – Virus
Inseminoid, 1981
9 Alessandro Alessandroni – Seq. 6
-Killer Nun, 1977
10 Giuliano Sorgini - Manchester M2 6LD
-The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue, 1974
11 Susan Justin - End Title Theme
-Forbidden World, 1982
12 Stelvio Cipriani - Main Titles
-Un' Ombra Nell' Ombra, 1979
13 Claudio Simonetti – Nichola's Death
-You'll Die At Midnight, 1986
14 Ralph Jones – End Titles
-The Slumber Party Massacre, 1982
15 Jay Chattaway - Maniac's Theme
-Maniac, 1980
16 Andrzej Korzynski - The Man With The Pink Socks
-Possession, 1981
17 Amedeo Tommasi - Pendolo Mortale
-Thomas, 1970

18 Richard Einhorn – The Light
-Shock Waves, 1977
19 Ennio Morricone - Copkiller
-Copkiller, 1983
20 Jonathan Elias – Main Title
-Children Of The Corn, 1984
21 I Libra – The Shock
-Schock, 1977
22 Nico Fidenco – Waiting For the Cannibals
-Emanuelle e Gli Ultimi Cannibali, 1977
23 John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Chariots Of Pumpkins
-Halloween III, 1982
24 Stefano Mainetti - Zombi 3 (Sequence 8)
-Zombi 3, 1988
25 Armando Trovajoli - The Killer Is Round the Parking
-Mystère, 1983
26 John Harrison – The Creepshow Welcomes You
Creepshow, 1982
27 Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda
-La Ragazza Dal Pigiama Giallo, 1978
28 Alessandro Blonksteiner – Target-Firing
-Cannibal Apocalypse, 1980
29 Synthe Sound Trax Corp - The Boogeyman Man Version 2
-The Boogey Man, 1980
30 Denny Zeitlin - Infiltration (Suite)
-Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, 1978
31 Pino Donaggio – Karen's Nightmare
-The Howling, 1980
32 Brian May – Hot & Ready
-Turkey Shot, 1982
33 Roberto Donati - Cannibal Ferox Theme
-Cannibal Ferox, 1981

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…Oh, the title is inspired by The Creepshow Welcomes You (opening titles) in combination with the modern day classic It Follows. The thought of a something evil that appears welcoming at first was sort of chilling.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dream Weapons present: MONDE À PART C60

Its been quite some time since I last unleashed a multifarious around-the-globe-in-an-hour song&dance-ride* upon our listeners. Soo... I guess its time for another sprawling collection of finely aged melodies that you’ve never ever heard before - originating from somewhere either east or south of… me. My semipretentious Godard-paraphrasing title aside, I really just hope my selection of songs will lift your spirits -Moahaha 

1 Salwa - Tcharrafna
2 Elisabeth Waldo - Balsa Boat
3 Khurmo Shirinova - Didam Ingori - Дидам Ингори Худро
4 The Silvery Boys - O Amanhecer
5 Taroub - Wahawi Ya Wahawi وحوي يا وحوي
6 Suns of Arqa - World Peace A.D.?
7 Farida Parveen - Pakhi Kakhan Ure Jay
8 Ade Suparman - Marudah

9 Lilis Suryani - Tobt Gusti
10 Rita Rose - Mozo Dhir Adar
11 Giacomo Dell'Orso  - Sud-Est Asiatico
12 Toubabou - Mon Tambour
13 Naif Agby & His Orchestra - Aine El Kahla
14 Exotic Oriental Dances - Om Hasan  ام حسن
15 Sumitra Sen - Aaji Jharer Raate Tomar Abhisaar
16 Eddie "The Sheik" Kochak -  Floor Work
17 Göygöl Ensemble with Şahnaz Haşımova - Низами Душунжэлэри (Думы О Низами)

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* similarely themed earlier ones (but most mixes tagged with "world" are somewhat related): Sun Moon Stars, Earth’s Orbit, A Traveller’s Tale, Faraway Dances and One Last Dance

Monday, October 12, 2020

Dream Weapons present: A SONG IN THE BLOOD C90

So here’s another download only/revisitation of an older mix once posted elsewhere. I remade the cover (as always), removed a track that had about 5 million plays by now + a tune from a guy named Maria (whom I mistook for a woman) and a France Gall-song later used by Prabha Devi etc... The end result ended up about 80% identical to the original compilation. Probably a few songs you might have heard before and the B-side has a lot of really strange transitions, but whatever. A for Alluring lyricism and B for Beer and skittles perhaps. Here what I wrote six years ago:

-I planned to build A Song in the Blood around a couple of slow and sensuous songs by April Stevens and The Paris Sisters. You know the kind of long forgotten seemingly innocent (not really all that innocent, though) sounding pop-ditties that David Lynch could dig up, use in a scene and forever transform it into a masterpiece of melancholy, desperation and gloom. But this seductive mixtape of mine never materialised.

Instead I kept adding gently intense, ghostly folk tunes, eastern european folksy-pop on the A-side, and sweet girl groups of the far east, playful ye-ye, Bollywood, japanese vocal jazz and allsorts of stuff on the B-side... A trip through the motions and around the world presented by an all female cast. It wasn't meant to be a collection of songs sung by women excusively either. It just turned out that way
-Moahaha, September 2014

1. Buffy Sainte Marie - Poppies (For Mr. Allerton)
2. Salli Terri - Estrella Do Mar
3. Eva Porubová - Jede Matúšek
4. Montreal - Infinity
5. Chimera - The Grail
6. Dana Corby/Gwydion - Spring Strathspey
7. April Stevens - That Naughty Waltz
8. Paavoharju - Kirkonväki
9. Judy Henske - Lullaby
10. Nadia Cattouse - All Around My Grandmothers Floor
11. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Weirdsong Of Breaking Through At Last
12. Dimitra Galani - Aspro Peristeri
13. Lyubka Rondova - Yana Maika Lyuto Kalne
14. Susan Reed - Three White Gulls

15. Janye Mansfield - Cleopatra
16. Trio Visca - Tjempaka
17. S. Noorelhuda - Chaya Tarian
18. Asha Bhosle - Honolulu
19. Jeanne Moreau - Tout Ce Que Je Veux
20. Chantal Kelly - Caribou
21. Nara Leão - Azulão
22. Agnetha Fältskog - Doktorn!
23. The Society Girls - Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls
24. Chee Sing Soo 尹飛燕 - 花落未逢君
25. Yasuko Agawa - New York Afternoon
26. Nora Orlandi - Body Fox
27. Maki Asakawa - Gogo
28. Paris Sisters - I'm Me
29. The Great Kat - Sex & Violins
30. Joan Baez - Song in the Blood

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Friday, October 2, 2020


When it comes to pursuing our goals, finding a deeper sense of purpose, or mastering a skill, doing something and taking some action is always better than doing nothing.

That is until we set a goal that is too far out of reach or our ideals gets in the way. Then our pursuit of continued action is replaced by the realization of how far we have to go to get to where we want to be. It’s then that nothing instead of something seems justifiable.

-That’s when its time to just chill, break some eggs, make an omelette and listen to something good. Like this compilation of German rock and jazz funk, Quebecois prog, Finnish folk and soft rock, American jazz, soul, hard rock, space rock and private press pop, Brazilian boogie, Turkish psychedelic funk, British modal jazz and mod pop -Lemon Fogg

Side A
1 The Rias Orchestra – Thariah
2 Epitaph – Kind of a Man
3 L.A. King – Wad’n
4 Plume Latraverse – Adiadyll
5 Pepe Willberg & The Paradise - Toiset meistä
6 Paul Winter / Winter Consort – Sunwheel
7 Michael Andrews - Something Bad Is Better Than Nothing

Side B
8 Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge - Samba E Alegria
9 Erkin Koray - Öksürük
10 Apparition - Astral Spirit
11 Nitzinger – Motherlode
12 Neil Ardley feat. Norma Winstone - Will You Walk A Little Faster?
13 Spencer Mac – Commuter
14 The George School - Persephone's Song
15 Maarit - Uudet tuulet

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: WE TRAVEL THE EARTHWAYS C60

One dope hour of worldjazz/psychfolk-grooves from the glorious era of corduroy bell-bottoms and swirly paisley prints. Imagine yourself in dry, earthy, sunburned landscapes riding on camels, elephants and on horseback across sand dunes, the savannah, the steppes and praries - or in a densely moist jungle, while riverboat traveling through the backwaters etc… Something like that. If any of this resembles your daily life already - just picture yourself on a reindeer sleigh ride through northern Scandinavia instead. Either way it’s the mindtrip you sorely need right now! -Moahaha

1 Irmin Schmidt & The Inner Space - Im Orient II
2 Piirpauke - Fyssouni
3 T.K. Ramamoorthy - Rasikapriya
4 Archimedes Badkar - Fortryckets Sista Timme
5 Sadja - Improvisation IX

6 Tony Scott & The Indonesian All Stars - Djanger Bali
7 Brother Ah - Enthusiasm
8 Grup Doğuş - Modern Oyun Havası
9 Basil Kirchin & John Coleman - Mahjune
10 Frederic Rabold Crew - Indian impression
11 Gülistan - Plajda / On The Beach

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: INNEROUTERSPACE C60

 «Where the mind goes, the body will follow» as that motivational Arnold Schwarzenegger-quote goes. Of course he was talking about bodybuilding, but it might as well had been about trippin’ far out into the Milky Way, surrounded by its billions of planets and stars - while accompanied by Kosmische Muzik. Here's ten mostly analogue electronic tunes lost in space and time 1979-1986 -Moahaha

1 Age - Hymalaya
2 Velvet Universe - Cycle Of Days / Watching The Bodies, Proditol, Memories   (part B, C and D from "The Black Corridor")
3 Michael Garrison - Dreams
4 Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet
5 Marco Melchiori - Luce Notte

 6 Serge Blenner - Phrase IV
 7 Michele Musser - Proteus and the Marlin
 8 Zanov - Lost Message
 9 Patrick Vasori & Caravelli - Le Grand Vide
10 Ciro Perrino - Urano / Da Nettuno Oltre Plutone

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