Monday, February 19, 2024

Dream Weapons present: WHEN BRIDDES SINGETH BREME C60

The title means «When birds sing gloriously» which again is taken from a British medieval song titled «Lenten ys come with loue to toune». Speaking of the Middle Ages, the musical content of «When briddes singeth breme» is so-called Early Music based on material dating back to the 13th up to the 15th century. In the olden days life was brutal and ugly, but miserable lives calls for art of otherworldly beauty. For most of you it will probably sound much like folk music. And that's because it essentially is folk music. With every tune included originating from the mainland of Europe, my «Ye Olde England»-like title ended up as somewhat misleading. That’s because I made the cover art at an early stage, and every jolly «Hey nonny, nonny»-ditty was removed underway. Which is probably all for the better -Moahaha  

1 Reval’s Troubadours - Mit Ganzem Herzen
2 Veronique Chalot - La Chanson de Mai
3 Marc Lewon, Baptiste Romain & Ensemble Leones - Clausula
4 Kalenda Maya - El Rey de Francia
5 Phil Et Emmanuelle Fromont - La Brande
6 Micrologus - Volta ti in ca Rosina
7 Gothart - Imperayritz
8 Ensemble Unicorn - Ghaetta

9 Catherine Braslavsky - Je Te Pri De Cuer Par Amors
10 John Sothcott & St. George's Canzona - Estampie Real
11 Studio Der Frühen Musik - Lamento di Tristano
12 Ensemble Oni Wytars - Mari Stanko
13 Götterfunken - Nevestinko Oro
14 Fabio Tricomi, Fabio Accurso & Roberto Bolelli - Eia Frates
15 Alla Francesca - J'aime la Biaute


Btw: In my late teens/early 20’s I was a passionate Medieval and Renaissance music collector. I became quite the amateur/expert. At least I thought so myself. But I never really recovered after my whole record collection was stolen in a break in. Thinking about it still fills me with sadness. But time has healed the wounds enough for me to compile this for you. Anyway, to find out more about the music and it's origins in fuller detail, you will have to google search the ensembles and titles. I did not have it in me to include all of that this time around.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Dream Weapons present: JAZU KISSA C90:

Unique to Japan, a jazu/jazz kissa are spaces where jazz music is played for dedicated listening rather than as backgrund music. As their "local" vibrant jazz scene feel somewhat overlooked and underappreciated, I thought I'd compile some of my favorite gems from 1970-1977. Quite similar to my previous jazz compilations really, except that’s it’s all originating from the Land of Rising Sun -Moahaha

1 Hiromasa Suzuki - 3000 B.C.
2 Ryo Kawasaki - Tane's Dream Part 3
3 Toki Hidefumi Quartet - Let's Get It Together
4 Terumasa Hino - Hohjoh
5 Isao Suzuki Quartet - Blow Up
6 Tohru Aizawa - Dead Letter

7 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Speak Under My Breath
8 Mikio Masuda - Add Some
9 Kohsuke Mine - Recollection
10 George Hirota - Sahasurara-Sunrise
11 Masabumi Kikuchi - Circus
12 Takeshi Inomata & Sound L.T.D - Scotland Scene



...and while I have your attention: George Glass why runs the Groovy Library-blog just wrote about locating a bunch of unpublished or disappeared comments in a spam folder. So I looked around and located more than 30 completely normal comments (seven or eight of them were my own:) in this "spam folder" I had never noticed before. I don't know why this happens but they're all published - or republished now. So if you've commented and you're comments were either never published or seemingly removed - it's certainly not because I didn't appreciate you thanking me for the mix:)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Dream Weapons present: LUX IN TENEBRIS C60:

Light in Darkness/Lux in Tenebris is a phrase taken from the Gospel of John. «The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it». Light and dark. Great art usually has a bit of both, eh?

-So what I’ve compiled for you is mostly contemporary classical music originating from sometime in between 1947 up to the present era. I’ve come to learn that 20th century Eastern European composers speaks to me the most. No place else than behind the former Iron Curtain do I find all this soul crushing beauty in spades. But east or west, everything included here touches me deeply -Moahaha

 1 Sulkhan Tsintsadze - Didavoi Nana
   Georgian State String Quartet
 2 Herman Galynin - Suite for Piano: II. Intermezzo
   Fernanda Damiano
 3 Peteris Vasks - Balta Ainava (White Scenery)
   YuEun Kim, Mina Gajić, Coleman Itzkoff
 4 Anne Vanschothorst - Higher She Flies Without Feet!
   Anne Vanschothorst
 5 Henri Dutilleux - Sonate for Oboe and Piano: I. Aria-grave
   Caleb Harris
 6 Wolfert Brederode - Ruins 1
   Wolfert Brederode
 7 Johannes X. Schachtner - Bach.Choral.Exerzitien: VI. Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten (BWV 691)
   Patrick Stapleton

 8 Bohuslav Martinů - String Quartet No. 7, H. 314: II. Andante
   Stamic Quartet
 9 Tõnu Kõrvits - Stalker Suite - II. The Room
   Duo Gazzana
10 Valentin Silvestrov - Winter Evening
   Elene Gvritishvili, Alexey Pudinov
11 Balys Dvarionas - Élégie for Violin and String Orchestra
   Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
12 André Jolivet - Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque
   Heinz Holliger
13 Maija Einfelde - Sonāte - Meditācija Altam Un Klavierēm: II. Allegro Energico
   Andrejs Senakols & Veneta Miķelsone
14 John Bence - Michael, Archangel of Hod
   John Bence 



Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Dream Weapons present: THE TREE HUGGERS C90

Reading about the origins of the term «tree hugger», I ended up compiling a tribute of sorts to the Chipko Movement in India*. Speaking in musical terms, it’s ninety minutes of instrumental acoustic «eastern-sounding world-vibes» of light and dark. A celebration of the good in mankind while mourning the evil deeds of the wicked, simultaneously. But that’s just me and how I tend to think about these things, I suppose. Music for both meditation and contemplation -Moahaha 

*& the 364 Bishnoi villagers who sacrificed their lives to save trees - whom that movement were originally inspired by

1 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Ourobouros
2 Roman Bunka - Egypt Eyes
3 Hossein Farjami - Jahromi
4 Kanguru - Ras Lila
5 Orexis - Anthraxis
6 Lothlorien - Duet for Sarod and Alto Flute
7 Rabih Abou-Khalil - Dawn

8 Giacomo Dell'Orso - La Fame Nel Mondo
9 Om - Aguni
10 Braen - Danse de la Mort
11 Light Rain - Beautiful Friend
12 Turgun Alimatov - Куйгай
13 Nouthong Phimvilayphone - Lam Tanvai
14 Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Magrebi
15 Stenio Mendes - Sonata Perdida
16 Seagram - Night King


Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Twenty-one pretty melodies. Every once in a while I need gentle music that’s not out to challenge me - or anyone else. Don’t you? I think you do -Moahaha

1 Massimo e Massimo - L'istituto Al Tramonto
2 Louise Cordet - In a Matter of Moments
3 Horst Wende - Ya Laure Houbbouki
4 Jeannine Otis & Heikki Sarmanto - Flowers In The Water
5 Jan Lindblad - Kojo No Tsuki
6 Catherine Spaak - Penso A Te
7 Stanley Wilson - Zulu Love Magic
8 April Stevens - And So To Sleep Again
9 Keith Mansfield - Swingle Song
10 Tina & David Meltzer  - I’ll Forget You

11 Johnny Eaton - Quite Early One Morning
12 이미자 - 아직은 멀었는데
13 Yoshiki Kinjoh - Sendo Kouta
14 백설희 - 봄날은 간다
15 Mario Robbiani - Grazie Amore Mio
16 Sarah Brightman - On The Nile
17 Arti & Mestieri - Young Man’s Tale
18 Jack Lesmana - Iramaku
19 Lilis Suryani & Orkes Baju - Gendjer Gendjer
20 David Carroll - Dance of the Slave Maidens
21 Mantovani & Tipica Orchestra - I Wished On the Moon



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Monday, December 4, 2023

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL XII C90

This year I present to you an almost chronologically correct festive feast for the ears. Kicking things off with a nine decade ol' Danish ditty, it’s all cozy shellac-era oldies on the first half of my selection. Just like you’ve probably grown accustomed to by now. But for the second half I've put together a hodgepodge of heartwarming folksongs, a few loungy jazz/easy listening gems and some classical/early music stunners (nothing new from me about that either, I suppose:). All in a delightfully christmassy mode. On my twelfth ever year of Xmas-mix making, there’s also a first ever version of 12th Day Of Christmas included. I always liked the melody, yet I never really located a version I thought did it justice. But I thoroughly enjoy Geoff Bastow's afterski in the coctail lounge take on it.

Yulephiles and yulephobics alike: I’m wishing you all the jolliest season ever! I think we deserve a good one -Moahaha

1 Teddy Petersen - Julefantasi-Anden Del (1933)
2 Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra - Wintertime Dreams (1936)
3 Marimba Novelty Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (1934)
4 Raymond Scott with Clyde Burke - All Around The Christmas Tree (1940)
5 Lloyd Glenn's Combo - Christmas Sleigh Ride (1947)
6 Helen Forrest - Snowman (1947)
7 Les Brown - When You Trim Your Christmas Tree (1946)
8 Dan Grisson - Wonderful Christmas Night (1948)
9 London String Quartet - Silent Night (1945)
10 Dinah Shore - The Star Of Bethlehem (1949)
11 Mindy Carson - I Want A Television Christmas (A World of Magic All My Own) (1950)
12 Buddy Clark - Merry Christmas Waltz (1949)
13 Emil Stern Et Son Orchestre - Baby, It's Cold Outside (1951)
14 Eva Dahlbeck - Sankta Lucia (early 1950’s)
15 Georgia Gibbs - Winter's Here Again (1952)
16 Rosemary Clooney - Happy Christmas, Little Friend (1953)
17 Ashley Miller - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1961)

18 Bonnie Dobson - The Holly Bears a Berry (1962)
19 Winifred Smith - 'Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime (1962)
20 María Dolores Pradera - Amarga Navidad (1962)
21 Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson - Swinging Sleigh Ride (1960)
22 Pernell Roberts - The New Born King (1963)
23 Kathy & Carol - Brightest & Best (1965)
24 Dusty Springfield - O Holy Child (1964)
25 Geoff Bastow - 12th Day Of Christmas (1976)
26 Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling (1964)
27 Hagood Hardy - Winter Time (1975)
28 Anthony Mawer - Snowmobile (1976)
29 Fairuz - Moulouk Al Majous (1977)
30 Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band - Personent Hodie (1987)
31 Zola Van - A Virgin Most Pure (2004)
32 Øyonn Groven Myhren - Et Barn Er Født I Betlehem (1998)
33 Nancy Raven - Sleighride (2003)
34 Angelika Garcia, Christian Arevalo & Jonathan Merete - Shchedryk (2017)

Btw: () = the years of recording, not composed:)



Link to all our Delights & XD-V (the latter link you'll find the Pre-DWp's Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

-and as always before my delights wouldn’t be half as delightful without ERNIE NOT BERT and his amazing blog.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Dream Weapons present: TEN PORTALS OF INITIATION C90

Ten Portals of Initiation to what? To some spiritual jazz and the likes, originating from some time in between 1970-1980, of course. It’s not as deep as it may appear. I simply kept the cover art’s original title and added a «Ten» in front. I’m afraid to credit the original artist, as I once got in trouble for doing so (but I think it’s public domain). The musical content will probably feel like the natural continuation of a dozen or so previous jazz-themed mixes of mine (to those of you already familiar with Dream Weapons). But the tunes are as exiting and wondrous as ever before -Moahaha

1 Sir Edward - Peace K.D
2 Charles Tolliver - On the Nile
3 Buddy Terry - Stealin’ Gold
4 Solar Plexus - Spanish Sahara
5 Rena Rama - Rumanian Folk Song

6 Billy Robinson - The Family
7 Toshiko Akiyoshi - Notorious Tourist from the East
8 Harold Mabern - Alex the Great
9 Juhani Aaltonen & Otto Donner - Och det går, det går
10 Henry Franklin - Cosmic Dwellers



If you enjoyed these ten portals, here's thirteen links to over fifteen hours more finely selected jazz in more or less similar modes: Terrestrial Planets, Sunspots, The Hot Space, Numina, Swaying Vibes, Selenian Gardens, I Am the Resurrection, Celestial Space Inn, Per Aspera ad Astra, Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (alternatively press the jazz-tag and you’ll find about twice as much great jazz of all kinds)

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SILENT AS THE GRAVE C60

What do you know it seems I had time for one more mix this month after all! While collecting songs for Sounds in the Night I sort of made an additional soundtrack-like mix without really noticing. These 23 tunes are selected from a long list of instrumentals that were too moody to fit in between the songs on my slightly more festive Halloween mix, posted earlier this month. Silent as the Grave is filled with the wonderfully eerie melodies that has made me fall more in love with 1960-1980’s horror/giallo moviescores than the actual horror/giallo movies of the era (sorry moviebuffs). To me music doesn’t get more beautiful than this. At least not right now while typing and listening through before posting  -Moahaha
Btw: Half the selection is actually Library/Production Music. And as long as the mood felt right, I haven’t taken into consideration what kind of movie genre the films these tracks were lifted from. But as you can see by the titles themselves, they are primarily from the correct genres anyway. 

1 Renato Anselmi - Oracolo
2 Enrico Simonetti - Arance Amare
3 Franco Piana - Magician
4 Nico Fidenco - The Dark Side of the Soul II
5 Alessandro Alessandroni - Ritratto
6 Achanthus - La Château
7 Gino Peguri - Odhilia
8 Pierre Porte - Theme 1
9 Giovanni Cristiani - The Blue Mountain
10 Brian Bennett - Blueprint for Murder
11 Lacerenza Michele - Fuga Notturna

12 Stelvio Cipriani - Mary's Theme
13 Manfred Hubler & Sigfried Schwab - Necronomania
14 José Pharos - Ghost March
15 Bruno Nicolai - Circle
16 Jean Bouchety - Pumping Heart I
17 Frank Reidy & Eric Allen - Distant Horizon
18 Oronzo De Filippi - Magia
19 Hermann Kopp - Drunk
20 Nino Nardini - Strange Motion
21 Pulsar Music Ltd. - Fixed Idea
22 Eddie Warner - Zone Y
23 Franco Bixio - Where They Reform You


Saturday, October 7, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT C60

Well hello darkness, my old friend. A spooky All Hallow’s Eve-mix that doesn’t set out to actually scare you. Haunting in a comforting sort of way, and more like watching a vintage horror movie that’s not genuinely frightening to us anymore. Quite a few truly wonderful songs here. A little doom and gloom for the whole family to enjoy -Moahaha

Btw: This mix will have to do for all of October, I’m afraid. There will just be a lot of stuff going on in my life in the next couple of weeks and months. Mostly good stuff though:)

1 Jeri Simpson - In My Black Lace (1956)
2 The New Bangs - Go Go Kitty (1966)
3 Poppy Family - Endless Sleep (1969)
4 The First Theremin Era - The Barnabas Theme from "Dark Shadows" (1969)
5 The Residents - Six More Miles (To the Graveyard) (1986)
6 The Whips - Yes Master! (1958)
7 Bob Jacobs - The Small Assassin (1969)
8 The Strangers - Castle Mood (Balladi Olavinlinnasta) (1963)
9 Ethel Ennis - Mad Monster Party (1967)
10 The Riviares - Death Of A Surfer (1960's)
11 Judy Thomas - Never Say Devil Woman (1962)

12 Lallo Gori - La Morte Scende Leggera, Seq. 4 (1972)
13 The Tables - (I Married A) Monster From Outer Space (1990)
14 Luciano Michelini - Assassino Nel Buio (1975)
15 The Occasional Word - The Evil Venus Tree (1969)
16 Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo - Maid of the Moon (1963)
17 Gaitley & Fitzgerald - Seance Day (1967)
18 Motivations - The Birds (1964)
19 John Leyton - Voodoo Woman (1961)
20 Billy Saint - Midnight Freeze (1960)
21 Guy Warren - Midnight Rain (1958)
22 Rusty Isabell - Manhunt (1959)
23 Russ Garcia - Sounds In The Night (1957)



Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dream Weapons present: TERRESTRIAL PLANETS C90

As you may have noticed I’ve made quite a few 1970’s jazz-themed mixtapes. On Terrestrial Planets all the music presented were recorded sometime in between 1958-1968. My first from this era but probably not the last. With an illustration like this and the matching title - I was certain the cover would end up resembling a long lost Sun Ra release. I was wrong. Misleading art or not, I quite like the visual presentation nevertheless. More importantly here’s fifteen under-the-radar warbles of extraordinary beauty and a sense of mystery for you to immerse yourself in! -Moahaha

1 Soul Flutes - Trust In Me
2 Ahmad Jamal - This Terrible Planet
3 Sabu Martinez - Moon Black
4 Jack Wilson - Most Unsoulful Woman
5 Sahib Shihab - Charade
6 Wlodzimierz Nahorny - Ballada O Dwóch Serduszkach
7 Duke Pearson - Bedouin

8 Jazz in the Classroom - She Came From Afar
9 The Grassella Oliphant Quartette - Haitian Lady
10 Freddie McCoy - Listen Here
11 Mal Waldron - Quiet Temple
12 Joki Freund Sextet - Yogiana
13 Jimmy Giuffre - Space
14 The Three Sounds - Tammy’s Breeze
15 Attila Zoller - Family Bricks

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Dream Weapons present: MALAISE C60

Pure and simple beauty is nice (but nothing pure is ever simple). I’m primarily more interested in an unsettling kind of beauty, though. I’m not sure why. Perhaps I find it more true to life. I do know I respond stronger to it emotionally. Well, that’s just me. Now let’s see if this collection of strangely alluring tunes touches a few kindred spirits out there as well -Moahaha

1 Egisto Macchi - Post-Impressionismo
2 Akiko Yano - リンゴ
3 Adam Wodnicki -  Dulcimer Dream
4 Gunter Hampel And His Galaxie Dream Band - no 94 angel
5 Jackie McLean, Michael Carvin - The Crossing
6 Vytautas Juozapaitis, Vilnius Quartet - Kvartetas Nr. 3, Andante
7 Romano Rizzati - Solare

8 Bruce Ditmas - Don’t Wake Me
9 Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis - Jonosfera
10 Umberto Santucci - Ceylon
11 Fabio Fabor - Contemplatif
12 Ennio Morricone - Non e Un Dramma
13 Algardas Martinaitis - Gyvojo Vandens Klavyras (edit)
14 Hector Zazou - Le Bain Royal
15 Hanns Eisler - Eisler Sonata for Violin and Piano



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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Dream Weapons present: BARE HANDS C60

Pretty, old, folk, songs. Autumnal music. There’s still wonderful folk music being made and released. But the sound and the lyricism of these songs presented here, feel like a thing of the past. Our voices seem to have lost its wide-eyed innocence on the way from then up till now. Understandable I suppose, but I wish it wasn’t so. Enough of that. Our garden abounds with fruit and vegetables, and we’ve gathered baskets full of mushrooms. Autumn is the season of beautiful colors and my favorite time of year! -Moahaha 

1 Anki - Suru On Mennyt Sydämeeni
2 Paternoster - Cue 14
3 Lamb - The Odyssey Of Ehram Spickor
4 Dando Shaft - Kalyope Driver
5 Susan Reed - Irish Famine Song
6 Jaffray School Theatre Workshop - The Seven Sided Dice
7 Justine - See Saw
8 Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse - Elverkongen
9 Bonnie Koloc - Rainy Day Lady
10 L'Origine - La Deuxième Aurore

11 Wichita Fall - Night Time Suite
12 Ar-Folk - Armorika - Landet ved havet
13 Gwydion - Lughnasad Dance
14 Caedmon - Caedmon's Hymn
15 Bob and Evelyne Beers - The Little Red Lark of the Mountain
16 Midwinter - Winter Song
17 Frock - Blackleg Miner
18 Judy Collins - King David
19 Alasdair Clayre with Emma Kirkby - Lullaby and Come Afloat
20 Breche - Marianne



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Thursday, August 17, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SUNSPOTS C60

Still waiting for that collaboration. Meanwhile here’s another hour of mostly laidback 1970’s jazz grooves. Spiritual, funky, eastern tinged, electrified, psychedelic etc... Yes, most of you should know this part of me by now. Seemingly I can discover gems such as these and present them to you for the rest of my life. I’m not gonna do that, but I’ll keep making variations over this theme long as I’m entertained by it myself. If you’ve enjoyed my previous jazz-themed mixes, you’ll enjoy Sunspots too. -Moahaha  

1 The Chitinous Ensemble - Dance
2 A Priori - Σε μια θάλασσα λαστχένιο
3 Kaleidon - Oceano
4 Placebo - S.U.S.
5 Harold Mabern - Alex the Great

6 Perigeo - Genealogia
7 Anthony "Reebop" Kwaku Bah - Funkum
8 Charles Lloyd - Waves
9 Hiromasa Suzuki - Uruwashito Saneshisaneteba
10 Kathryn Moses - Touch Me



Previous mixes with a similar approach: The Hot Space, Numina, Swaying Vibes, Selenian Gardens, I Am the Resurrection, Celestial Space Inn, Per Aspera ad Astra, Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (or press the jazz-tag and you’ll find even more). That’s thirteen hours of music if I’m not mistaking.

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Dream Weapons present: MACHINERY C60

Finally, a new mix! So while awaiting our great 200th mixtape-collab Drain Crystals 3 to materialize, I decideded to skip straight to number 201. What can I say, collaborations are simply more difficult to finish. This one is more of a typically electronic mind trip with a touch of human warmth. As that’s how I prefer my electronic mind trips. Enjoy! -Moahaha 

1 Bruno Spoerri - Space Cantata pt. 1
2 Monoton - Π 3.141592653589793
3 Those Little Aliens - Incident In Moderan
4 Marco Melchiori - Dimensione Alpha
5 Trees Speak - Skip Breath, Odyssey, Passage
6 Zed - Shai Hulud (First Vision)
7 Robert Schröder - Frozen Breath of Life

8 Greg Foat - Riding into Battle
9 Jonas Palm - Linguatronics
10 Rheingold - Stahlherz (#7)
11 Philippe Feret - Le Cri Ces Profondeurs
12 William Hoskins - Variation
13 Michel Mouline - L'echo de L'acier
14 Air Craft - Valley of the Lord



Monday, June 19, 2023

Dream Weapons present: 2x45 MINUTES OF MUSIC BY STELVIO CIPRIANI (C90)

It's summer and hot outside. This means it's gonna take a while until our 200th official DWp-mix is ready. But I got one more oldie up my sleeve. This one. Originally compiled eleven years ago. It's a little cleaned up, but 95% identical. Here's most of what I wrote in 2012:

Whenever Stelvio; the hippest cat of all the italian soundtrack composers really nailed it, his approach fits my tastes just perfectly. Lots of heavy percussion and strings, seriously groovin' cembaloriffs,  deep dark moog, lovable melodies and tons of suspense... The music is selected from 26 different albums out of the 35-36 I got. Track no. 10 is composed by Cipriani and recorded by Goblin. Track 14 and 15 are taken from Library albums, the forner of the two by Stelvio's own band: Blue Sharks -Moahaha 

The correct 2023 tracklist. Too lazy to include movie titles:

1 Marsa Matruh, 1970
2 Incontro Con Marlene (Versione 3), 1970
3 Cani Arrabbiati [Titoli], 1974
4 Love Symbol, 1969
5 Sophisticated Shake, 1969
6 The Run in the Alley, 1969
7 La Fuga, 1980
8 Too Risky A Day For A Regatta, 1977
9 Un'ombra Nell'ombra (Main Titles), 1979
10 Incubi Ricorrenti (Opening Titles), 1979
11 La Polizia ha le Mani Legate (suite), 1975
12 Venture Flight, 1979
13 Emergency Call, 1979
14 It Became Crystal, 1972
15 Accadde Una Notte, 1973
16 Interrogatorio, 1971
17 Death Watch (Alternate 2), 1979

18 Main Titles (Blindman), 1971
19 La Fine di Cobb, 1975
20 Kruber il Tedesco, 1975
21 Picnic, 1975
22 The Spawning, 1981
23 L'Attesa, 1980
24 Metropolis, 1980
25 Agguato, 1980
26 Spruzzi d'Acqua, 1970
27 L'Iguana Dalla Lingua Di Fuoco, 1971
28 Lotta & Morte Dell‚Assassino, 1971
29 Inseguita & Un Ospite Inatteso, 1971
30 Rivelazioni Di Un Assassino, 1971
31 Reazione A Catena, 1973
32 Diabolico Piano, 1971
33 Gli Ultimi Angeli, 1978
34 Il Barone E Fuga Di Eva, 1972
35 Fascinum, 1970


(my original cover art - one added song at the end of side 1, but otherwise identical)