Saturday, June 29, 2024

Dream Weapons present: THE TWIN EARTH C60

 -the Twin Earth is just me compiling in easy mode. Meaning another hour of Soul Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Latin Jazz etc...  Music recorded in between 1969-1981 that seamlessly grooves along from one tune to the next. Each new track has something unique to offer but I also feel that they are somewhat unified. Super likable soundscapes of the sort that I’m pretty much always in the mood for. There’s simply an astounding amount of unheard gems (primarily) from the seventies in these genres for me to choose from. Yes, I know I’ve said this before, but that's because it’s true -Moahaha 

Btw: Life is even more complicated than I am used to (but I'm good), and I'm not really in a "music discovery mode" nowadays. Also I have less time to make these mixes as well. Every time I've shared a mix lately, I've been thinking that it will take (quite) a while until I come up with a next one. This time it's no different. But I've been wrong many times before, so who knows:) 
1 Young-Holt Unlimited - The Devil Made Me Do Dat
2 Beaver & Krause - Another Part Of Time
3 Trudy Pitts - Organology
4 Nat Adderley - Grey Moss
5 Magog - Lock
6 Moose Loose - Flytende Øye
7 Sonny Fortune - Francisco
8 Farlocco - Panamerican High Way
9 Sam Most & Joe Farrell - Samba to Remember You By
10 Kornet - Jojk
11 Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens - Black Gold
12 Cullen Knight - Once You Fall In Love
13 Dom um Romao - Family Talk


If you enjoyed visiting Twin Earth, just press the jazz or jazz fusion-tag and you’ll find close to 24 hours of finely selected jazz often sharing a similar approach to this one (among many other things) 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Dream Weapons present: (STOP AND) SMELL THE ROSES C60

It’s summer and sunny outside. I feel that it's time for another golden hour of oldies.  Eleven songs and (as often before) eleven matching instrumentals. Like my previous «A Million Dreams Ago» this collection contains nothing but oh so lovely, long forgotten* non-rockin’ delights from the 1950’s. And that’s what the world needs right now. At least here in my world -Moahaha 

*I suppose hardly anyone noticed these back when they were new either.

1 The Browns - Margo (The Ninth of May)
2 Hal McKusick Octet - How Long Has This Been Going On
3 Pearl Bailey - Hit the Road To Dreamland
4 Marty Wilson - Harlem Nocturne
5 Eunice Davis - Get Your Enjoy’s
6 Pernambuco e Seu Conjunto - Kalu
7 The Baton of Andre Brummer - Tumba
8 Don Ralke - Deserted Harem
9 John LaSalle Quartet - Dee Die Doe
10 Muzzy Marcellino - Street-scene
11 The Tarriers - Lonesome Traveler

12 Alain Romans / Aimé Barelli - Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot
13 Herminia Silva - A Nova Tendhina
14 All-Star Orchestra - De Fune
15 Flo Sandon's - Refranes
16 The Jimmy Giuffre 3 - The Green Country (New England Mood)
17 The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Across the Sea
18 The Trumpeteers - Home Don't Seem Like Home
19 Frank Hunter - Lost Plateau
20 Onilda Figueiredo - A Beira Mar
21 Mandolin' Club de Paris - Cinquième danse
22 June Hutton - I Had A Little Too Much To Dream Last Night



Friday, June 7, 2024

Dream Weapons present: DEEP INSIDE A DREAM C90

We're falling down the rabbit hole. Transporting you into a wonderfully (and troublingly) surreal state. Sweet dreams gently interrupted by waves of unease. Like an adventure taking place inside of your subconscious. Or like someone is trying to tell you a half-remembered tale. A «can’t put my finger on it» sort of vague concept for a trip through the motions. Sounds fun doesn’t it? -Moahaha


1 Panthers of Chastity - Return to Bridmore
2 The Fool - Voice in the Wind
3 Mike Green - Theme From Head Light
4 Antique Doll - Glass Elver
5 Jasper Van't Hof & George Gruntz - Filomeel and Procne / Swallow and Nightingale
6 The Buckinghams - I Know I Think
7 The Ron Grainer Orchestra - No.6 Approaches the Escape Helicopter
8 Julia Blair - Lullaby Two
9 Antonio de Sousa Dias - As Fontes Mágicas De Gerénia
10 J.A. Caesar - Big Dipper
11 John Mills-Cockell - Speedy's Teardown
12 Maple Leaf - Epilogue to Return to Womb - エピローグ ~ 母胎回帰

13 Eric - Von Der Insel
14 Viola Kramer & Heinz Bielefeldt - Teddybär
15 Cristiano Varisco - O Canto do Urutau
16 Toadstone - Moon Song
17 Baba Scholar - She’s an Indian Minor
18 The Cowslips - Night Shift
19 Paz - Horrors
20 Mark McDowell - Message Sent
21 Ananda Shankar - Planet X
22 Linda Hoyle - For My Darling
23 Neil Chotem and his Orchestra - And Now, It’s For Sure
24 Elaine & Derek - Brahms Lullaby



Friday, May 3, 2024

Dream Weapons present: NOCTURNAL C90

«Through the darksome forest roam, Luna breaks through oaks and bushes» is a quote from Goethe's poem «The Beautiful Night». I wanted to capture a vibe like that in music somehow. Nocturnal music to me is ambiguous music of light and dark. Slow-footed, jazzy film noir moods, loads of easy, eerie listening and I think... a few surprises underway -Moahaha

 1 Masahiko Satoh and Medical Sugar Bank - Parus Varius
 2 Yusef Lateef - From Within
 3 Emilio Locurcio - La Visione - La Primavera Feroce
 4 The Don Black Orchestra & Singers - Where Did Our Summers Go
 5 Don Elliot And His Choir - Dinah
 6 Silvano D'Auria - Porto Cammelli
 7 Four For Jazz - Ghost And Blood Chant
 8 Academy of Music Ljubljana - Läksin Minä Kesäyönä Käymään
 9 Boastein - En Gresk Western
10 Jac Berrocal - Automne Perdu
11 Albrecht Gündel-vom Hofe, Robin Draganic & Lucía Martínez Alonso - Finden des Ich's
12 Syrinx - Journey Tree
13 Het Pandorra Ensemble - Ritme 7000
14 Jun Fukamachi - From Mishone

15 Svein Finnerud Trio - IDA
16 Frank Comstock & His Orchestra - From Another World
17 Cecil McCartney - Sacrifice  (Collage For Leather Boots, Bread Knife, Voice, Guitars & Electronics)
18 Juan Gelman Juan Cedrón - Madrugada
19 Heinz Von Moisy - Mirage
20 Supersister - In Die Allee
21 Kunihiko Murai  - Goyoukiba - Love Theme
22 Eddie Suzuki - High Tide
23 Wlodzimierz Nahorny - Kotwica / Obserwatorzy
24 Melba Liston - Dark Before the Dawn
25 Martha Elefteriadu - Dvě Kresby Tuší II.
26 Pascoal Meirelles - Juruviara
27 Frank & Jo Byers - Polynesian Fantasy Theme Song (Finale - more waves)



Sunday, April 14, 2024

Dream Weapons present: FLOWERS IN MY GARDEN C60

Flowers in My Garden features ethereal folk, folk rock and pop recorded sometime between 1968 to 1983. Some self released loner folk and demos to thorougly arranged and sophisticated studio recordings. But I think there’s a dense atmosphere and a haunting quality to everything here. Unheard or forgotten songs of a certain beauty forever lost. I wanted the cover art to match its mysterious and enchanting content, but I see now that it ended up resembling a cheap yellowback. I think the painting I used is very nice though:) -Moahaha

... and BTW: I’ve got a lot on my mind these days, and it may take a while till I post another mix.

1 Risken Finns - Til Weena
2 Cindi Titzer - Foggy Sea
3 Frunk - Tears On My Pillow
4 Martine Bijl - Ik Vraag De Bloemen
5 Bermuda Triangle - Lost Worlds
6 Jancis Harvey - Take Two
7 Tantalus - Ye Jacobites By Name
8 Winterwood - Pirates Of Stone County Road
9 Bonnie Koloc - Devil's Nine Questions

10 Paul Esslinger - Unterwegs
11 Lillebjørn Nilsen - Jeg Lagde Meg Så Silde
12 Judy Dyble - Under the Sky
13 Carm Mascarenhas - Fields Of Green
14 Kolibri - Tsamadou
15 Wichita Fall - Morning Song
16 Kathy Smith - Willie
17 Gillian McPherson - It’s My Own Way
18 Lars Klevstrand - Fantasia
19 Turid - Och Somaren Kom 



Monday, April 1, 2024

Dream Weapons present: CITY LIGHTS C90

For as long as I can recall I’ve loved those gorgeous string arrangements, the lighthearted playful sensuality, the synths and the grooves of Disco. Yet I never felt like had the overview or knowledge to compile a mix. But now I went along and did it anyway. During the years these 19 tracks were recorded: from 1975 to 1982: Disco was a global phenomena. So there’s literally a whole world of largely unheard gems out there to discover. Locating different takes from different scenes is most definitely part of the charm. Some funky, jazzy and organic takes, while others goes hard on the synths and drum machines. But always peppy, fun and... life-affirming -Moahaha

1 İstanbul Şarkıcıları - Yanmışım
2 Lynsey de Paul - Love Bomb
3 Alain Leroux & Christer Norden - Feeling Really Groovy
4 Carrie Lucas - Are You Dancing?
5 Min Hae Kyung / Goin' Back to China / ゴーイン・バック・トゥ・チャイナ
6 Noël - I Want a Man
7 Who's Who - Ad Libitum 80
8 The Tee Cee's - Solid And Cool
9 Min Hae Kyung / 민해경 - Must Be Love / 사랑은 그래야만 해요
10 Arp-Life - Apolobamba

11 Emmie Yokoyama - Disco Vampirella
12 Zdenka Kovačiček - Kobra
13 Il Etait Une Fois - L'amour Dans Mon Pays
14 Piotr Figiel Ensemble - Good Morning Mr
15 JPM And Co. - Adieu L'Ami
16 La Sha Ba - You've Been Hunchin'
17 Yumi Murata  - A Conscious Lie / みんな嘘
18 Andy Nelson (Serge Ponsar) - Lady Angie
19 Hiroshi Sato - Jōdo



The image used for the cover art, and at least 1/3 of these tunes were original rips located at the unique and wonderful Melodiesmagic-blog. They make their own compilations too (which I should really check out myself:)

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dream Weapons present: INTO BLISS C90

One reason as to why I compile all these jazz-mixes of pure bliss and no atonal blowouts just occurred to me: This is largely how I present jazz to others in real life. Very few people I know are as deeply into all kinds of music as myself. Anything too free, avantgarde or invasive will just get in the way of conversation - and make them uncomfortable. Hell, in regards to my family, even the jazz collected here would give me weird looks. But my friends wouldn’t mind this. And I obviously love it, so «Into Bliss» is an attempt to… please everyone (except for my family) -Moahaha    
1 Billy Gault - Aisha
2 Sonny Fortune - Sunshower
3 Heikki Sarmanto Quartet - Jai Guru Dev
4 Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Two-Third's Pleasure
5 Gary Peacock Trio - Nanshi
6 Heinz Von Moisy - La Carretera
7 Michael Naura - Black Pigeon
8 Sunbirds - Fire Dance

9 Arnie Lawrence and Treasure Island - Abdullah and Abraham
10 Fritz Pauer - Terra Samba
11 Gino Marinacci - Sensitive
12 Stan Sukzmann - Sojan
13 Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - Prayer
14 Erich Kleinschuster Sextett - Sunshine In Raindrops
15 Gerald Merceron - Rio Pop
16 Green Cosmos - Über Dem Berg 


Monday, March 11, 2024

Dream Weapons present: HERDING CALLS C60

As promised in my previous post here's that Western European folk-mix of mine. Or rather the Nordic nations plus France, some Celtic songs, a Welsh tune and uh... an Irish music project from Sardinia. No 1970’s psychfolk this time, but more traditionally based. In all of my crate digging life I’ve flicked through countless Scandinavian folk albums with similar cover art to this one, in the cheap bins. As charming as they often appeared visually, I still never gave them the time of day. Well, not until in the last couple of years or so. About half of these represent some of the best tunes I’ve located on such albums - while the other half is found… elsewhere:) An hour full of life and wonderful melodies. Try it! -Moahaha

1 Nils Økland - Rose (N)
2 Carola Standertskjöld - Hämärä Kun Mulla Luontonsa Peittää (SF)
3 Harpan Min - Enkellåten (S)
4 Burträskar'a - Malin Häggströms Vaggvisa (S)
5 Åsa Jinder & Svenska Låtkvintetten - Mot Kvällningen (S)
6 Unni Boksasp - Kysja Roa - Etter Magnhild Almhjell (N)
7 Olav Snortheim - Imyljo Jul Og Kyndelsmesse (N)
8 Lillemor Lind - Skänklåt Från Enviken (S)
9 Rhona MacKay - Buain A' Choirce, Domhnall an Dannsair, Glenlivit (C)
10 Jean-François Dutertre - Bacchu-Ber (F)

11 Pelle Jakobsson - Vallåt Från Nås Efter Tillmans Sara (S)
12 Kirsten Bråten Berg - Liti Kjersti og Elvekongen (N)
13 Cumulus - Soua Sorsa, Lieku Lintu (SF)
14 Norrlåtar - Järvenpään Ranalla (SF)
15 Jean David -  Ya Mimoun Ya Messhoud / Donnez Pour Le Rompelpot (F)
16 Mairéad Ní Dhomhnaill - Ar A Dhul Go Baile Átha Cliath Domh (C)
17 Carreg Lafar - Cŵyn Mam-Yng-Nghyfraith (W)
18 Erlend Apneseth - Hallingen (N)
19 Glee’s - Ave Maria/Half Penny Hompipe (I)
20 Margit Myhr - Bånsull (N)



Been hanging out at this place a lot lately: A place of folklore treasures

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dream Weapons present: FIRST THE DANCE, THEN THE FEAST C60

Another compilation of wondrous folk music from behind the former Iron Curtain. Not so much the festive fairy tale dance party the cover art and title suggests. There’s some of that as well. But heartfelt songs and achingly beautiful melodies for the most part. Which is what made me fall in love and obsess with folk music from all over the world in the first place -Moahaha 

-Please forgive me if you’re among the... I don't know Billion people (probably more) who lives in one of these vastly different nations and cultures… often with little or nothing in common. It may appear as an inane concept for collecting an hour of music. But coming up with loose concepts and trying to make them work musically or sonically together, is what I do. Next up is folk from Western Europe, so at least I treat us all - myself included - with equal cultural ignorance:)

1 Чкотуа семейный ансамбль / The Chkotua Family Ensemble - Озбакь иашва / Ozbak Iashwa (Abkhazia, Georgia)
2 Gevorg Dabaghyan - Hayots Aghcheekner (Armenia)
3 Trio Bulgarka - Снощи съм минал, кумум Еленке / Snoshti Sum Minal, Kouzoum Elenke (Bulgaria)
4 State Merited Company of Georgia Folk Songs and Dances - Чакам те, мила / Chakam te, mila (Georgia)
5 Kolinda - Toredekek I (Hungary)
6 Мирза Тоиров (Mirza Toirov) - Бир келсун Bir Kelsun (Uzbekistan)
7 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Aj Iznikna mi Badem Drvo (Macedonia)
8 Filip Kutev & State Ensemble for Folk Song and Dance - Cijo Momice (Bulgaria)
9 Silvestru Lungoci - Doina Haiduceasca (Romania)
10 Dragica Nikolova - Da Sum Bistra Voda (Macedonia)

11 Hachig Kazarian Ensemble - Daldala-Satchmé (Armenia)
12 Yane Sandanski Ensemble - Руса въз роса вървеше, Теб та ни приляга, Мори, ваклай, ваклай (Bulgaria)
13 Levon Madoyan & Hachik Khachatrian, Vladimir Egorian - Derbent (Armenia)
14 Hamlet Gonashvili - Imeruli Nana (Georgia)
15 Abkhazian State Song and Dance Ensemble - Саматхуа Радеда (Abkhazia/Georgia)
16 Aram Merangulian & Armenian Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments - Kenarigi Bar (Armenia)
17 Aidas - Ant Kalno Malūnėlis (Lithuania)
18 Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Narine – Choir (Armenia)
19 Taraful din Mavrodin - Pe Deal Pe Teleorman (Romania)

20 Veneta Tsvetkova / Венета Цветкова - Three Nightingales are Singing Like Larks / Три бюлбюла пеят (Bulgaria)



The title title borrowed from a Hungarian folk tale, listen to: First the Dance, Then the Feast (read by Bethany O’Halloran)

Monday, February 19, 2024

Dream Weapons present: WHEN BRIDDES SINGETH BREME C60

The title means «When birds sing gloriously» which again is taken from a British medieval song titled «Lenten ys come with loue to toune». Speaking of the Middle Ages, the musical content of «When briddes singeth breme» is so-called Early Music based on material dating back to the 13th up to the 15th century. In the olden days life was brutal and ugly, but miserable lives calls for art of otherworldly beauty. For most of you it will probably sound much like folk music. And that's because it essentially is folk music. With every tune included originating from the mainland of Europe, my «Ye Olde England»-like title ended up as somewhat misleading. That’s because I made the cover art at an early stage, and every jolly «Hey nonny, nonny»-ditty was removed underway. Which is probably all for the better -Moahaha  

1 Reval’s Troubadours - Mit Ganzem Herzen
2 Veronique Chalot - La Chanson de Mai
3 Marc Lewon, Baptiste Romain & Ensemble Leones - Clausula
4 Kalenda Maya - El Rey de Francia
5 Phil Et Emmanuelle Fromont - La Brande
6 Micrologus - Volta ti in ca Rosina
7 Gothart - Imperayritz
8 Ensemble Unicorn - Ghaetta

9 Catherine Braslavsky - Je Te Pri De Cuer Par Amors
10 John Sothcott & St. George's Canzona - Estampie Real
11 Studio Der Frühen Musik - Lamento di Tristano
12 Ensemble Oni Wytars - Mari Stanko
13 Götterfunken - Nevestinko Oro
14 Fabio Tricomi, Fabio Accurso & Roberto Bolelli - Eia Frates
15 Alla Francesca - J'aime la Biaute


Btw: In my late teens/early 20’s I was a passionate Medieval and Renaissance music collector. I became quite the amateur/expert. At least I thought so myself. But I never really recovered after my whole record collection was stolen in a break in. Thinking about it still fills me with sadness. But time has healed the wounds enough for me to compile this for you. Anyway, to find out more about the music and it's origins in fuller detail, you will have to google search the ensembles and titles. I did not have it in me to include all of that this time around.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Dream Weapons present: JAZU KISSA C90:

Unique to Japan, a jazu/jazz kissa are spaces where jazz music is played for dedicated listening rather than as backgrund music. As their "local" vibrant jazz scene feel somewhat overlooked and underappreciated, I thought I'd compile some of my favorite gems from 1970-1977. Quite similar to my previous jazz compilations really, except that’s it’s all originating from the Land of Rising Sun -Moahaha

1 Hiromasa Suzuki - 3000 B.C.
2 Ryo Kawasaki - Tane's Dream Part 3
3 Toki Hidefumi Quartet - Let's Get It Together
4 Terumasa Hino - Hohjoh
5 Isao Suzuki Quartet - Blow Up
6 Tohru Aizawa - Dead Letter

7 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Speak Under My Breath
8 Mikio Masuda - Add Some
9 Kohsuke Mine - Recollection
10 George Hirota - Sahasurara-Sunrise
11 Masabumi Kikuchi - Circus
12 Takeshi Inomata & Sound L.T.D - Scotland Scene



...and while I have your attention: George Glass why runs the Groovy Library-blog just wrote about locating a bunch of unpublished or disappeared comments in a spam folder. So I looked around and located more than 30 completely normal comments (seven or eight of them were my own:) in this "spam folder" I had never noticed before. I don't know why this happens but they're all published - or republished now. So if you've commented and you're comments were either never published or seemingly removed - it's certainly not because I didn't appreciate you thanking me for the mix:)

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Dream Weapons present: LUX IN TENEBRIS C60:

Light in Darkness/Lux in Tenebris is a phrase taken from the Gospel of John. «The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it». Light and dark. Great art usually has a bit of both, eh?

-So what I’ve compiled for you is mostly contemporary classical music originating from sometime in between 1947 up to the present era. I’ve come to learn that 20th century Eastern European composers speaks to me the most. No place else than behind the former Iron Curtain do I find all this soul crushing beauty in spades. But east or west, everything included here touches me deeply -Moahaha

 1 Sulkhan Tsintsadze - Didavoi Nana
   Georgian State String Quartet
 2 Herman Galynin - Suite for Piano: II. Intermezzo
   Fernanda Damiano
 3 Peteris Vasks - Balta Ainava (White Scenery)
   YuEun Kim, Mina Gajić, Coleman Itzkoff
 4 Anne Vanschothorst - Higher She Flies Without Feet!
   Anne Vanschothorst
 5 Henri Dutilleux - Sonate for Oboe and Piano: I. Aria-grave
   Caleb Harris
 6 Wolfert Brederode - Ruins 1
   Wolfert Brederode
 7 Johannes X. Schachtner - Bach.Choral.Exerzitien: VI. Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten (BWV 691)
   Patrick Stapleton

 8 Bohuslav Martinů - String Quartet No. 7, H. 314: II. Andante
   Stamic Quartet
 9 Tõnu Kõrvits - Stalker Suite - II. The Room
   Duo Gazzana
10 Valentin Silvestrov - Winter Evening
   Elene Gvritishvili, Alexey Pudinov
11 Balys Dvarionas - Élégie for Violin and String Orchestra
   Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
12 André Jolivet - Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orénoque
   Heinz Holliger
13 Maija Einfelde - Sonāte - Meditācija Altam Un Klavierēm: II. Allegro Energico
   Andrejs Senakols & Veneta Miķelsone
14 John Bence - Michael, Archangel of Hod
   John Bence 



Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Dream Weapons present: THE TREE HUGGERS C90

Reading about the origins of the term «tree hugger», I ended up compiling a tribute of sorts to the Chipko Movement in India*. Speaking in musical terms, it’s ninety minutes of instrumental acoustic «eastern-sounding world-vibes» of light and dark. A celebration of the good in mankind while mourning the evil deeds of the wicked, simultaneously. But that’s just me and how I tend to think about these things, I suppose. Music for both meditation and contemplation -Moahaha 

*& the 364 Bishnoi villagers who sacrificed their lives to save trees - whom that movement were originally inspired by

1 Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures - Ourobouros
2 Roman Bunka - Egypt Eyes
3 Hossein Farjami - Jahromi
4 Kanguru - Ras Lila
5 Orexis - Anthraxis
6 Lothlorien - Duet for Sarod and Alto Flute
7 Rabih Abou-Khalil - Dawn

8 Giacomo Dell'Orso - La Fame Nel Mondo
9 Om - Aguni
10 Braen - Danse de la Mort
11 Light Rain - Beautiful Friend
12 Turgun Alimatov - Куйгай
13 Nouthong Phimvilayphone - Lam Tanvai
14 Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Magrebi
15 Stenio Mendes - Sonata Perdida
16 Seagram - Night King


Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Twenty-one pretty melodies. Every once in a while I need gentle music that’s not out to challenge me - or anyone else. Don’t you? I think you do -Moahaha

1 Massimo e Massimo - L'istituto Al Tramonto
2 Louise Cordet - In a Matter of Moments
3 Horst Wende - Ya Laure Houbbouki
4 Jeannine Otis & Heikki Sarmanto - Flowers In The Water
5 Jan Lindblad - Kojo No Tsuki
6 Catherine Spaak - Penso A Te
7 Stanley Wilson - Zulu Love Magic
8 April Stevens - And So To Sleep Again
9 Keith Mansfield - Swingle Song
10 Tina & David Meltzer  - I’ll Forget You

11 Johnny Eaton - Quite Early One Morning
12 이미자 - 아직은 멀었는데
13 Yoshiki Kinjoh - Sendo Kouta
14 백설희 - 봄날은 간다
15 Mario Robbiani - Grazie Amore Mio
16 Sarah Brightman - On The Nile
17 Arti & Mestieri - Young Man’s Tale
18 Jack Lesmana - Iramaku
19 Lilis Suryani & Orkes Baju - Gendjer Gendjer
20 David Carroll - Dance of the Slave Maidens
21 Mantovani & Tipica Orchestra - I Wished On the Moon



Press the Easy Listening tag, and discover all my nicest shares.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL XII C90

This year I present to you an almost chronologically correct festive feast for the ears. Kicking things off with a nine decade ol' Danish ditty, it’s all cozy shellac-era oldies on the first half of my selection. Just like you’ve probably grown accustomed to by now. But for the second half I've put together a hodgepodge of heartwarming folksongs, a few loungy jazz/easy listening gems and some classical/early music stunners (nothing new from me about that either, I suppose:). All in a delightfully christmassy mode. On my twelfth ever year of Xmas-mix making, there’s also a first ever version of 12th Day Of Christmas included. I always liked the melody, yet I never really located a version I thought did it justice. But I thoroughly enjoy Geoff Bastow's afterski in the coctail lounge take on it.

Yulephiles and yulephobics alike: I’m wishing you all the jolliest season ever! I think we deserve a good one -Moahaha

1 Teddy Petersen - Julefantasi-Anden Del (1933)
2 Shep Fields And His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra - Wintertime Dreams (1936)
3 Marimba Novelty Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (1934)
4 Raymond Scott with Clyde Burke - All Around The Christmas Tree (1940)
5 Lloyd Glenn's Combo - Christmas Sleigh Ride (1947)
6 Helen Forrest - Snowman (1947)
7 Les Brown - When You Trim Your Christmas Tree (1946)
8 Dan Grisson - Wonderful Christmas Night (1948)
9 London String Quartet - Silent Night (1945)
10 Dinah Shore - The Star Of Bethlehem (1949)
11 Mindy Carson - I Want A Television Christmas (A World of Magic All My Own) (1950)
12 Buddy Clark - Merry Christmas Waltz (1949)
13 Emil Stern Et Son Orchestre - Baby, It's Cold Outside (1951)
14 Eva Dahlbeck - Sankta Lucia (early 1950’s)
15 Georgia Gibbs - Winter's Here Again (1952)
16 Rosemary Clooney - Happy Christmas, Little Friend (1953)
17 Ashley Miller - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1961)

18 Bonnie Dobson - The Holly Bears a Berry (1962)
19 Winifred Smith - 'Twas In The Moon Of Wintertime (1962)
20 María Dolores Pradera - Amarga Navidad (1962)
21 Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson - Swinging Sleigh Ride (1960)
22 Pernell Roberts - The New Born King (1963)
23 Kathy & Carol - Brightest & Best (1965)
24 Dusty Springfield - O Holy Child (1964)
25 Geoff Bastow - 12th Day Of Christmas (1976)
26 Valerie Masters - Christmas Calling (1964)
27 Hagood Hardy - Winter Time (1975)
28 Anthony Mawer - Snowmobile (1976)
29 Fairuz - Moulouk Al Majous (1977)
30 Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band - Personent Hodie (1987)
31 Zola Van - A Virgin Most Pure (2004)
32 Øyonn Groven Myhren - Et Barn Er Født I Betlehem (1998)
33 Nancy Raven - Sleighride (2003)
34 Angelika Garcia, Christian Arevalo & Jonathan Merete - Shchedryk (2017)

Btw: () = the years of recording, not composed:)



Link to all our Delights & XD-V (the latter link you'll find the Pre-DWp's Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

-and as always before my delights wouldn’t be half as delightful without ERNIE NOT BERT and his amazing blog.