Sunday, January 22, 2023

Dream Weapons present: CANDLE-LIGHTIN' TIME C60

Hey! I used an old playlist full of beautiful, melancholic jazz and some soundtrack-like tunes to compile this one for you. I've never made coverart and compiled a C60 in one short afternoon before (I kept the title of the book, so that saved me hours of work - and thinking), but I was curious to try out Logamp as a free alternative to Mixcloud. There's virtually no activety over there, but it seems ok - and I get to share the streaming version here. While this is obviously meant to be a pleasant listen, it's still emotional and deep stuff. It's the sort of music I reach for to warm my soul on cold winter days. I'm sure it'll warm you up as well -Moahaha  

1 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Sunrise
2 Galapagos Duck - What Am I Doing Here
3 Emil Viklický - Píseň Pro Jana Hammra
4 Simon Park - Wedgewood Blue
5 Tortilla Flat - Fatimorgani
6 Takeshi Inomata & The Third - Alone
7 John Graas - Land Of Broken Toys

8 Lalo Schifrin - Felicity
9 Berndt Egerbladh - Glädjens Blomster
10 John Hébert Trio - Billy No Mates
11 Herbie Mann - Flying
12 Khan Jamal Percussion and Strings Quartet - Innosence
13 Marco Antonio Araujo - Adágio
14 Ronnie Aldrich and His Two Pianos - Love Theme [From the Valachi Papers]

LINK (or you can simply click on the image)


 ...aargh now that Logamp has been down for the last couple of days, it doesn't look as promising anymore. So I'm trying this Audius-thing. Let me know if it works for you (or rather if it doesn't). At least it appears to be a lot more popular:

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Dream Weapons present: LAST CELESTIAL NOMAD C90

 Yusef Abdul Lateef (William Emanuel Huddleston) 1920 – 2013

Hey! Happy new year I guess. Trying out Pixeldrain (looks very promising to me. Let me know how it works for you) with an old compilation of mine. This Yusef Lateef-tribute was originally shared back in January 2014. The link has been dead for years, so it's about time. My lazy CD compilation-like design makes this appear somewhat cheap and disposable but the content is really, really nice.

I don't really have any new mixes underways and got a lot on my plate this year. But I've been feeling I've reached the end of the line here several times before, so I won't call it quits just yet. As far as I know, all our old mixes and shares have at least one active link. No more Mixcloud, Mediafire, pCloud or Yandex (Btw: did the links work for you?) for me, but I'm sure I'll be back with some C60's & C90's nevertheless. Anyway, here's what I wrote:

Yusef left us the 23rd of December 2013 and it seems dying is the only effective career move for an ageing artist, so his music will undoubtly get some extra attention in the next couple of years.

Over the last couple of years openminded jazz fans of blogland and elsewhere have been enjoying a flood of long forgotten spiritual and exotic jazz collections, shared 'n rare vinylrips and re-releases. For reasons unknown the author, multi-instrumentalist, soul brother, the true «world jazz» pioneer and perhaps Mr. Spiritual himself Yusef Lateef is sometimes mentioned as an influence, but rarely included.

Although an excellent tenor saxophonist leaving us plenty of classic post bop, swing and third stream compositions and recordings to discover and enjoy, I wanted to compile 90 minutes focusing on what really made him sonically stand out from the very beginning. In 1957 alone, our sound searching genius recorded material for 13 soloalbums (all worth having). Along with the more conventional jazz numbers middle-eastern, far east, spiritual & indian themes as well as his gorgeous flute, oboe and bassoon-playing and use of unconventional instruments like bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, xun, arghul, koto, gong, earthboard + a Seven-Up bottle and a balloon is already there.

On Last Celestial Nomad you'll actually get the impression Yusef played his flute and oboe (and balloon) more often than he played his saxophone. In reality its the other way around. Although representative for my favorite kind of Yusef sounds these 19 highly spirited compositions from 19 different albums recorded over a period of 15 years (1957-1972) is not an attempt to make a best of, or a representative introduction. Its like a mixtape with a unifying theme using material from one artist exclusively. Enjoy!


Thursday, December 1, 2022

Reuploads... + Cab Calloway

I've had to reupload Eastern Embroideries, Murderous Grooves, Endless Summer, The Quiet Earth, Seabeds and Desert Caravan to Ulož.to*. I'm quite familiar with it. It's simple to use and effective. If all the info appears in Czech, you can press the English flag. Press "Slow download/turtle" (slow=a minute or two). If there's any problems, just ask me. *Xmas Delights XI, We're Out of Space and Port of Call got new links as well.

  ...Mixcloud has started charging money for uploading further streams, Mediafire is blocking quite a few of my files, pCloud limits all my files due to "high download traffic"... and they all want my money. But I'm not gonna spend money to share music for free. Looks like the universe is telling me to stop sharing mixtapes..................................  blah...


-If for nothing else but to make this post a little less boring, here's "an oldie" I compiled back in 2012, that's probably new to most of you. The link has been active all these years so it's just a repost. Like that Marie Laforêt-comp, it's shaped to resemble a double album: 

LP 1: A+B & LP 2: C+D or both in a:

New Link

"Does the hippest man ever to walk the earth need an introduction? If so, I'll let Wikipedia do it for me. Here's 16x2 of my favorite "Hi De Ho" man tunes compiled from a selection of ca. 300. Mainly taken from the 12 CD Chronological Classics - 1930-1947 collection, and the This is Hep-boxset. I definitely prefer his early days and everything included here is recorded sometime inbetween 1930-1941. I've tried to choose the best version I had available both sound-and performance-wise for each song" -Moahaha


Monday, November 28, 2022

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. XI C60

My approach to this eleventh ever Xmas Delights is the same as my tenth, meaning: another sentimental nostalgia trip containing nothing but the familiar sounds of unfamiliar oldies from yesteryear. Longing back and romanticising the past is simply spirit the of the season. It’s been that way for generations before us. A century ago they were already singing about celebrating Christmas in «the good old fashioned way». Yes I know I’m repeating myself, but that’s just how I like it. Treat yourself with some warm mulled wine, hot cocoa… or eggnog (if that’s your poison:) and cuddle up by the fireplace, if you can - with this, my coziest hour of seasonal music yet. I wish you all, all the best -Moahaha

1 Eva Dahlbeck med Stig Holms Stråkensemble - Staffan Stalledräng (early 1950’s)
2 Elton Britt - The Skater's Yodel (1954)
3 The Pilgrim Travellers - I’ll Be Home For Christmas (1953)
4 Peggy Lee  - The Christmas Spell (1949)
5 Eddie Barclay, Emil Stern - Noël Sans Vous (1955)
6 Dinah Shore - Sleigh Ride In July (1944) 
  (*or new MF-link with: 6 Kitty Kallen - The Spirit Of Christmas (1954)
7 Henry Jerome & His Orchestra - My Dream Christmas (early 1950’s)
8 John Hedéen - Nu tar vi i ring (Julpolska) (1939)
9 Henry Hall, Don Donovan & BBC Dance Orch. - The Santa Claus Express (1933)
10 Ardon Cornwell & the RCA Victor Orch. - March Of The Gnomes (1947)
11 Steinar Jøraandstad - Snefloker (1937)

12 Jill Allen with Sid Phillips And His Orchestra - Little Jack Frost Get Lost (1931)
13 Mindy Carson - Christmas Chopsticks (1949)
14 Woolf Phillips And His Orchestra - Dancing Bells (1952)
15 Bobby Capo - Navidad Contigo (1954)
16 Johnny McAfee - When Winter Comes (1939)
17 Skinnay Ennis with Hal Kemp and His Orch.  - It's Winter Again (1932)
18 Trudy Richards - The Winter Waltz (1950)
19 Music Box Series - O Little Town Of Bethlehem (1953)
20 Will Osborne - Out in the Cold Again (1934)
21 The Jeff Alexander Choir With Bill Lee - Little Bitty Baby (1952)
22 Mary O'Hara - Na Leanbhaì I Mbeithil (1958)
23 Bamberger Symphoniker & Jonel Perlea - Christmas Carol (1958)
Here / Here


Link to all our Delights & XD-V (where you’ll also find Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

-as always my delights wouldn’t be half as delightful without ERNIE NOT BERT.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Dream Weapons present: EASTERN EMBROIDERIES & MURDEROUS GROOVES C90X2 (reworkings)

 -I revisit all our old C90’s while making streams to upload for Radio AlHara. However these two mixtapes compiled in spring 2016, were originially C120’s(!). Not long after I posted them I’ve thought them both to be overlong and hard to sit through. You know, a little bloated. Our ninety minute radio slot twice a month was a perfect excuse to trim them down to three-fourths of its original size (plus improve on the flow, the sound and the cover art). To me they feel brand new and I finally enjoy them from start to finish. Well here they are (again):

EASTERN EMBROIDERIES C90 (March, 2016) new link: HERE

Ever since my childhood I've had an affinity for a certain timbre that could mainly be found in the music from behind the Iron Curtain and in the regions of the former Sovietunion. Wether it’s armenian tetrachords, persian shashmaqam-modes from the central asian regions, klezmer, balkan or gypsy tunes... melancholic,  joyous (or both simultaniously) - it always seem to go straight to my heart -Moahaha

1 Ensemble de Shavkat Mirzaev - Gulruch / Soul of Flower (Uzbekistan)
2 Zeynəb Xanlarova - Ек-ёк (Azerbaijan)
3 Munadjat Yulchieva & Ensemble Shavkat Mirzaev - Ranolan Mansun (Uzbekistan)
4 Georgian Voices - Aba Darujan (Georgia)
5 Sirajoddin Juraev - Masq-e Javanan (Tajikistan)
6 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Doko, Doko Mori Crno Oko (Macedonia)
7 Abdukvaki Abdulrashidov - Tanavar-E-Farghaneh (Tajikistan)
8 Agapi Kazarian - Hikou Ghimeten Tchim Gidi (Armenia)
9 Turgun Alimatov - Chorgoh (Uzbekistan)
10 Esma Redžepova - Caje Sukarije (Macedonia)
11 Toni Iordache - Cantec de Ascultare si Breaza (Romania)
12 Vladimir Smbatian - Armyanskie Narodnye Melodii (Armenia)
13 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Ej Gugutka Guka U Gora (Macedonia)

14 Verka Siderova - Zhunala e Radka (Bulgaria)
15 Mira Vasiljevic - Oj Javore (Serbia)
16 Kairat Boibosynov - Ashilim (Kazakhstan)
17 Kanklių Trio - Preliudija Ir Fuga C-Dur (Lithuania)
18 Usnija Jasarova - Me Suneste Aljan (Macedonia)
19 Pauls Dambis - Jūras Dziesmas (Sea Songs): I. Pūti, Pūti, Vēja Māte (Latvia)
20 Ozoda Ashurova & Abduvali Abdurashidov - Yor Gulsumane (Tajikistan)
21 Salamat Sadikova – Kirgiz Jeri / Kygryz Land (Kyrgyzstan)
22 100 Kaba Bagpipes Choir and Orchestra - Bela Sum, Bela, Yunache (Bulgaria)
23 Valentinas Kaplūnas - Paltanavičius / Rapsodija (Lithuania)
24 Nezaket Memmedova - Nece Unudum Seni (Azerbaijan)
25 Istvan Nyul - Mélodie Csángó et Danse Hajduk (Hungary)
26 Hasmik Harutyunyan & The Shoghaken Ensemble – Kessabi Oror (Armenia)
27 Georgi Cholev - Melodia Na Tambura (Bulgaria)


MURDEROUS GROOVES C90 (April, 2016) new link: HERE

Jazz can be and mean a great many different things - spiritual, intellectual, political, relaxing, painful... you name it. Its also potentially full of suspense, tension, action and horror which is why jazz has been used to a great extent in film noir, thrillers, crime, giallo, cop-movies to name a few genres. I don't know why film-makers abandoned the perfect soundpalette to go along with moving images in favour of pompous orchestral scores and seemingly random pop-songs, but I know that they shouldn't have.

There's much greatness hidden in mostly obscure soundtracks and even more obscure production/library records - and from countless hours of excellence I've compiled 90 minutes of tunes in all kinds of moods, approaches and genres really, but still pretty much jazz in one way or another -Moahaha

1 Raymond Le Sénéchal – Generique
2 Farlocco - Stadio
3 Raymond Guiot – Primitive Spirit
4 Pippo Caruso – Discosession
5 Ziad Rahbani - Variation 2
6 Art Blakey - No Hay Problema Pt. 2
7 Orkest Ruud Bos - Dat Verhaal Van Jou
8 Fiorenzo Carpi - Pelle Di Luna
9 Guy Pedersen - Chasse À L'homme
10 Janko Nilovic – Flemish Suite
11 Barney Wilen - Poursuite et Metro 

12 Keith Papworth – Wheel Man
13 Stefano Liberati - Shark Jazz Band
14 Giuliano Sorgini - Ingranaggi Pesanti
15 Bruno Nicolai – Immaginativa
16 Michel Bernholc – Articulation
17 Giovanni Tommaso - Underground Number Seven
18 Alessandro Alessandroni – Introverso
19 Aldo Buonocore - La Fine di Fanny
20 Camille Sauvage – Requiem Pour Satan
21 Pierre Arvay – Footing
22 Ennio Morricone - Gatto a Nove Code
23 Daniela Casa – Dittatura 

-click on titles or cover art for links (original C120, 2016-versions are here & here)

Monday, November 7, 2022

Dream Weapons present: WE’RE OUT OF SPACE C90

I don't know how well I succeeded but my intention was for the cover art to resemble my favorite Cosmic Jokers, Harmonia and Cluster-albums. I've compiled a sort of «Fahren, fahren, fahren auf der Milchstraße» mix of kosmische unterhaltung. Electronic music, but in a warm and playful way. For the most part -Moahaha 
1 Massive Suits Quartet - The Odyssey, Pt. 1
2 Mamman Sani Abdoulaye - Bodo
3 Michele Mercure - The Sky Is Falling
4 Teisutis Makacinas - Ilgas Laukimas
5 Rainbow Generator - Quiblings Query
6 Vick Mars - Arran Avenue Summer
7 Matt Berry - Music For Insomniacs (Part II) end edit
8 Philippe Feret - Jeux de Verre
9 Kosmischer Laufer - Weltraumspaziergang
10 Château Flight - Les Vampires (Part 7)
11 The Trash Can Company - The Manchester Stomp
12 Carl Matthews - Image III

13 Flaty - Aliyans (feat. Lapti)
14 Adrian Cox - Aegina (Part 1)
15 Max Ox - Seat 7B
16 Fred Weinberg - Aum Mau Mau
17 Kitaro - Endless Dreamy World / Kaiso
18 Klaus Krüger - Suchen
19 Mike Vickers - Tomorrow Today
20 Mick Clarke - Time Is Now
21 Gerhard Heinz - Disko Alternativ
22 Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho - Tout-en-rêverie
23 Michael Bundt - Terrania (Electri City)
24 Ian Boddy - Natural Motion
25 Syrinx - Field Hymn (Epilogue) 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Dream Weapons present: DESERT CARAVAN C90

It was only a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this dense, 19th century Orientalist painting by Charles-Théodore Frère. It affected me. I felt the intense heat and tasted the sand in my mouth. This is a soundtrack for the cover art and sonically a follow-up to my «east meets west» 2016-mix Orient-Tneiro. Back then I wrote «Oriental jazz-vibes and slow 'n sensuous bellydance grooves. Unlike an Exotica-album your inner imagined landscapes won't be of the sea or the jungle, but the desert and the savannah». I wouldn’t last for a day in a habitat like that, but I can listen to this kind of music all day every day. -Moahaha

1 Gus Vali - The Speechless Animal
2 Uakti - Arabesque
3 The Sheiks - Ya-Habibi
4 Attila Engin Group - Zultan
5 Omar Metioui - Twisya de la San´a
6 Chris Kalogerson & The Ensemble Sarqi‎ - Haso-Eliniko
7 Amer-Abic Orchestra - Jazz in Port Said
8 Train - Arabesque
9 Esin Engin & His Orchestra - Kolbastı
10 Clivage - Tabarkha
11 Umberto Santucci - Museo orientale (Vers. arpa)
12 Artie Barsamian - Little Boy (Pokrig Dughah)

13 Archimedes Badkar - Desert Band
14 Bros. In Co-op - Listen Heah
15 Anestos Athounasiou & His Ensemble - Stavrodromi
16 Baligh Hamdi - The Beloved Date
17 Roman Bunka - M. in T.
18 Hossam Shaker - Tamra Henna, Pt. 2
19 Sonorch - Plaine Du Tal
20 Said Slam - Inta Inta
21 David Carroll - Shish-Kebab
22 Arkadaş - Boyle Ikrar Ilen
23 Light Rain - City of Dreams
24 Tarik Bulut - Arabic Fantasy 



Btw: here's the full painting (thanks to pete.m I now know it's by Charles-Théodore Frère)

Sunday, October 9, 2022

(self)promotion: Eulipion Corps - Rites & Mysteries (Wormhole World, 2022)

Yes, I've made the cover art for a second Eulipion Corps album. After compiling 150 mixtapes I'm incapable of creating designs for the traditional CD/LP square (I tried both times:). But Julian doesn't seem to mind adopting "our signature look".

I've featured his music on two previous mixes: The Quiet Earth and It Was a Very Good Lightyear. So I'd say there's a fair chance you'll enjoy this if you enjoyed those - and of course if you liked Eulipion Corps (or "our") previous album Aenean Fields.

It's either free to listen to at Bandcamp, or £2.50 to buy the digital version (the CD is unfortunatly already sold out), so if you're curious, there's really no reason not to give it a try. I think it's beautiful. -Moahaha

(print on "picturedisc")


Monday, September 26, 2022

Dream Weapons present: THE HUMMINGBIRDS C60

Outside my window its all grey and the rain is pouring down. I find myself in need of a mindtrip with a summerly sort of vibe. Which is exactly what I’m offering you all as well. 

-The Americas is the natural habitat of the hummingbird and Latin America is primarily where they live. Much like my similarly themed: La Flor De Sur and Southwards before, I’ve collected a dozen sweet old songs and almost as many (dance) tunes - either originating from, or inspired by musical traditions from  somewhere south of Miami. Or maybe south of Key West. Once again prepare yourself for melodramatic voices, great melodies, infectious rhythms and much beauty! -Moahaha

1 Magdalena Castro - Tenias Que Marcharte
2 Unknown/Caribbean Rhythms - A Colombian Pasillo
3 Noite Ilustrada - Nada Me Embaraça
4 Ritmo Natural - Bolero Natural 2
5 Onilda Figueiredo - Duas Cruzes
6 Les Shleu Shleu - Compas X
7 Claudia Moreno - Ronda
8 Hermanas Serrano - Casanova
9 Hank Levine - Swingin' Village
10 Antonio Maciel - Zacamandu

11 Preston Epps - Bongos in Paradise
12 Maria Creuza - Apelo
13 Johnny Spencer and the Kona Koasters - s' Pacifica
14 Royal Hemmingways - Suena Con Esta Noche
15 The Diamond Head Beachcombers - Beyond the Reef
16 Quinteto Ternura - Ele e Ela
17 Trio Irakitan - Ave Maria No Morro
18 Daniela Casa - Aconcagua
19 Iwalani Kamahele & Charles Miller - E Maliu Mai
20 Arsenio Rodriguez - Mona

Here / Here


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dream Weapons present: EARTHDUST ONE C90 + ASTRAL LOUNGE C90 (Radio AlHara-revisitation 4 and 3)

Earthdust One will broadcast at the wonderful Radio AlHara tomorrow, thursday at 7:00 PM Betlehem time.  I was never 100% pleased with the opening track (As an introductory song. I do like it), so for this version I've scrapped it. Earthdust One now opens with: 1 Mario Migliardi - Tema di Andromeda... (over My Love Hath Vow'd). Other than that it's identical,  just a little "remastered". Still I think a download link to this new version is in its place:

-My first ever mix for Dream Weapons from December 2015, was supposed to start off in gentlest way - while slowly metamorphosing into unnerving darkness over 90 minutes. But fortunately the listener that plan didn't really work for me. So I started blending a few dark, chilly moods in between the warm and comforting tunes and vice versa - instead. Much better. Folk, avantgarde, soul, enka, surf, jazz… almost every new song introduces a radically different style of music, but I dare say it’s quite an enjoyable ride -Moahaha  

Here's the link to the original post: Earthdust One (2015)

...and two weeks ago, this "oldie" was broadcast (sorry, yes I know been busy and this is all a little messy. But it deserves a visit/revisit).

A sweet Spiritual Jazz mix by Sadhu Sadhu (2015)

Monday, September 5, 2022

Dream Weapons present: INDOOR GAMES C90

Late last August I compiled a folk-mix sort of tributing the coming of autumn in all its glory*. This year’s autumnal mix however, is for the great indoors. Contemplative, (but not meditative), gently strange songs and instrumentals for book reading, board games, playing cards, knitting, drinking tea or wine, making soup, staring out the window… or whatever you feel like like doing when days get colder and shorter. This time I actually made the cover art first, and then I started collecting music I enjoy that I associated with the visuals in one way or another -Moahaha

1 The Ron Grainer Orchestra - The Art Seminar Around the Fountain
2 Miranda Martino - Maraviglioso momento
3 Séguin - Crépuscule
4 Toru Takemitsu - In the End
5 Mikael Lammgard, Gunnel Derning - Vattnet
6 Benedicte Maurseth & Åsne Valland Nordli - Alde
7 Combustible Edison - Lonelyville
8 Paul Castanier - Cad e sin don te sin
9 The Sandpipers - If
10 Beaver & Krause - Loves Of Col. Evol
11 Cyrus Faryar - Ghosts
12 The Michael Coldin Septet - Lullaby Of The Leaves
13 Mormos - Walk In, Walk Out
14 Mor - Marines
15 Belan - Homesick

16 Stressi - Finaali
17 Gale Garnett - So Long
18 Jorja Chalmers - Nightingale
19 Jessica Moss - Fractals (Truth 3)
20 Antonio Riccardo Luciani - Problemi Del Sud
21 Dulcimer - Morman's Casket
22 Gianni Fallabrino - Ballata Ebraica
23 Long Orme - Nos Rêves
24 Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis- Sol 3
25 Ken Narita - 昼下がり
26 Makoto Kubota - あさの光
27 Raul Porchetto - I. C. Ciento Treinta y Tres
28 Alfrēds Kalniņš - Balade

Here / Here 



*The Light Traveller is 2021's rural, autumnal mix (+ a couple more folk mixes in the link)

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Dream Wapons present: SEVEN DAEMONS & ELECTRIC SHEEP C90 (Radio AlHara-revisitation 1 and 2)

We weren't entirely certain how to go about this, but the great Radio AlHara is planning to broadcast all of Dream Weapons present mixes. They wanted to start with our oldest C90's, and send them in chronological order evey second and fourth thursday each month at 7:00 PM Betlehem time. We love that they'll be getting a little extra exposure many years later.  And may use this as an excuse to repost and reintroduce our (by now seven year old) mixtapes in relation to them being broadcast. I'm sure quite a few of you haven't gotten around to check out all our nearly 200 posts yet anyway, so these old mixtapes may be brand new to maybe most of you anyway? It actually started the 10th of August with our second ever mix: Electric Sheep from 2015 -Moahaha

Next one, for tomorrow/thursday (August) 24th is this one:

SEVEN DAEMONS C90 (2015) (link to original post)

-Seven Daemons pretends to be an esoteric journey into the very eye of psychedelia, but in fact it is simply a collection of songs I had on heavy rotation back then. From instrumentals to charming 70s pop-songs that flew under the radar, i’m sure there is something here for everyones fussy tastes -Prabha Devi

Here / Here

ELECTRIC SHEEP C90 (link to original post) 

-Pretty, strange and pretty strange soundscapes made with warmly radiating analogue synths. Often accompanied by dreamlike and eerie voices singing and speaking -by Sadhu Sadhu

Here / Here


Radio AlHara has a lot of great music shows. If you're curious about them, it's easiest to follow them on instagram - where they post covers and info for all their content.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Dream Weapons present: ENDLESS SUMMER C60

In this day and age I can’t wait for the dog days to end, but as a child I dreaded the coming of autumn. Remember feeling free, doing nothing, riding a bike with that girl or boy that became your best friend while on holiday? Or maybe you befriended a neighborhood cat. I always did. A warm and loving bittersweet farewell to the last breath of summer. Also, the actual songs here are mostly catchy, fun and (from) all over the place -Moahaha

1 Derboukas - Caravan March
2 Lee Mija - 漢江水打令 / Hangangsu Taryeong
3 Dimitra Galani - H Pikra Simera
4 Dia Prometido - A Time For Us
5 The World Of Good & Plenty - Children Dreamin'
6 The Voices Of East Harlem - Giving Love
7 Cedric Im Brooks - Sabayindah
8 Kathy Kirby - You're the One
9 CMU - Mystical Sounds
10 Mikado - C'est le Vent

11 Ike Bennett & The Crystalites - Patricia
12 Antonio Adolfo e a Brazuca - Ao Redor
13 Hoàng Oanh - Ru Nắng
14 Eka Sapta - Pengertian
15 Merrilee Rush - Sunshine & Roses
16 The Fool - Cry For Me
17 Igal Shamir- Reverie
18 Elisa Serna - La Muerte del Niño Herido
19 Ruy Mingas - Mu Ndenge Ami
20 The Robin Jones Seven  - Warm Loving Eyes

Here / Here New link: HERE


Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dream Weapons present: PORT OF CALL C60

Back in the days you had to either know - or be a seaman to have heard the music of the world. But today I’m your captain inviting you all on a musical treasure hunt. Get ready for another dizzying round trip of the seven seas - and back in time -Moahaha 

1 Rene Hall & His Band - Cleo (1958)
2 Adelina Garcia - Desesperadamente (1940)
3 Odete Amaral - A Batucada Começou (1941)
4 Irany e seu Conjunto - Que Murmurem (1957)
5 Josephine Baker - Sous Le Ciel d'Afrique (1935)
6 Rita Drangsholt - Sigøynerfiolinen (1945)
7 Naushad - Dance Music (1954)
8 이난영 / Lee Nan Young - 과거몽  / Lost in the Past (1940)
9 The Haitian Orchestra - Sous Les Palmiers (1939)
10 Siss Hartmann - Plukke En Høne Med Deg (1955)

11 Djuwita - Perahu Ladju (1955)
12 Roy Smeck and his Paradise Serenaders - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time (1957)
13 Xavier Cugat feat. Dinah Shore - Jungle Drums (1952)
14 Carol Bruce - Carioca (1941)
15 Mohamed Abdel Wahab - El Mamaljk (1948)
16 Shiraz  - Khitayyi (1957)
17 Tak Shindo - Huts of Kichwamba (1958)
18 Jean Lumiere - Le Caravanier (1940)
19 Damia - La Nuit en Mer (1936)
20 Hank Mardigian - Chefte Telli (1958)

Here / Here New Link: HERE


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dream Weapons present: THE QUIET EARTH C60

While waiting for a fun and lively radio special to broadcast, I decided to share this failed attempt on compiling an hour of «pleasant background music». I guess that’s outside my field of expertise. But it's still a nice mix! All very quiet and non-intrusive, but in a blue and melancholic way. Not as dark as the cover art suggests, but it would probably make for a beautiful soundtrack to a classy horror movie -Moahaha

1 Slagr - Slagr II
2 Tri Atma Und Gyan Nishabda - Märchenberg
3 Trembling Strain - Kokytus
4 Barry Cleveland with Bob Stohl & Kat Epple  - Blue Things
5 Eulipion Corps - Nostalgia Suite, Pt. 5: In a Dream
6 Benjamin Lew - Joyeux Regrets Imprιcis

7 Cybe - Kupu Kupu, Kupu Kupu (Vlinders)
8 Colin Towns - Love Scene
9 Steve Austin - Music From The Withered Orange Tree Part VIII
10 Jorge Reyes - Sazilakab
11 Emerald Web - Openings
12 Alan Feanch and Cecil Wary - The Flower Song
13 The Singers Unlimited - How Beautiful Is Night

Here / Here New link: HERE