Monday, January 20, 2020

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: DRAWN FROM MEMORY C60

Some music transcends you to outer space or other dimensions - while Drawn From Memory is like a time machine that transports you backwards in time to a deceitfully wondrous past that never was. Twenty-one dusty old gems that time forgot from all over most of the world -Moahaha

1 Bernard Hilda feat. Jane Morgan - Comme On Est Bien Dans Tes Bras
2 José Betancourt And His Orchestra - Cha-Cha-Cha Flamenco
3 Armenian-Caucasian Folk Ensemble - Kiz Neman
4 René Carol, Kammertanzorchester Hans Busch - Ukraine
5 Ara Bartevian Orchestra (feat. Kevork Yanbekian Folk Band) - Nazani
6 Carol Bruce - My Shawl
7 The Fontane Sisters - I Had a Talk With the Wind and the Rain
8 Fabre Duroseau - Pourquoi Ces Larmes
9 Pan Wan Ching - Tower of Gold
10 Yukiji Asaoka 朝丘雪路 - 死ぬほど愛して

11 David Carroll - Orientale
12 Champ Butler - Dry Land
13 Ana Maria - Cachito
14 Dreamy Music - Hawaii Guitar Tango (夏威夷吉他探戈)
15 Patrice & Mario - Boléro d'Islam
16 Akemi Misawa - Anata Honto Ni Mono Tannai  
17 Ida Brun y su Guitarra Hawaiana - Pagan Love Song
18 Uncredited Tahiti band recorded by Gaston Guilbert - Vairota
19 Dorothy Masuka - Zono Zam
20 Nelson Waikiki - Slack Key
21 Baeg Ilhui / 백일희 - China Mambo / 챠이나 맘보

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Monday, January 6, 2020

Dream Weapons present: WOMEN OF THE WORLD, TAKE OVER! C60

 Because if you don´t the world will come to an end
And we haven´t got long
Men have had their shot and look at where we´ve got

-Regardless of gender I generally don’t have much faith in Homo sapiens, but Ivor Cutler has a point - doesn’t he? Also I simply needed a title for yet another enchanting and life-enchancing, female fronted, around the globe kind of mixtape. Old songs for a new decade -Moahaha 

1 G. Tumendemberel - Туулын урсгал (1976-version)
2 Aïda Aznavour - Aravodian ! Archalouissin'
3 Rika Zarai & Yohanan Zarai et Son Orchestre - Erev Chel Chochanim
4 Margot Loyola - Mamiña
5 Isabel Parra - Amores Bailando
6 Nuccia Bongiovanni - Valzer di Mezzanotte
7 Tova Ben-Zvi (טובה בן צבי) - Di Beryozke (די בעריאזקע)
8 Field recording - Bowed Harp (Uganda)
9 Fang Ntumu-women from Nkong Meyos - Shells of 'Snail
10 Mme Mong Trung Tran Van Khé - Qua Cau Gio Bay
11 Choh Ying & Maurice Patton and the Melodians -  往事一傷空

12 Yang Hee-Eun (양희은) - 저 부는 바람
13 Tilly Tizzoni, Gruppo Folk Italiano - La Playa
14 Helen Robinson Youth Choir - Sit Down Children
15 Duo Lauterburg / Margot - Gruss Aus Adelboden
16 Nita Lopez - Fado
17 Maria Paris - Maruzzella
18 Kazuko Matsuo - Misa yo, Tango o Odoro yo
19 Lena Pamela (Nikos Mamagakis) - Ω! Χαμηλώστε Αυτό Το Φως
20 Kevser Selimova - Urosevich Ensemble - Jano, Jano
21 Laurice Peters & The Derbecki Ensemble ‎ - Saifeyeh
22 Waldjinah - Djoko Tarub


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Dream Weapons Present: XMAS DELIGHTS VOL. VIII C60 

As always before this eight ever Xmas Delights is a nostalgia-drenched hour stuffed with mostly folk, latin and lightly jazzy Yuletide oldies. Whether you’re lukewarm, love or hate this season - another choosy selection of carefully handpicked festive tunes as presented by Dream Weapons is exactly what you need. Its about 50% serious beauty while the rest is cozy or jolly. Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Festival, God Jul or whatever you prefer! -Moahaha

1 Schola Gothia - Antiphona: Maria, Maria
  -Birgitta of Vadstena  14th century
2 Zulma Yugar - Aires de Bolivia en Navidad
  -Zulma Yugar 1970 Bolivia
3 Magida El Roumi - Yena'ad A'laykon
  -Younes, El Roumi, Chalhoub - Lebanese
4 Barry and Beth Hall - Nous Voici Dans la Ville
  -France, 15th century
5 Orquesta De Julio Gutierrez - Sueno De Navidad
  -Mario Fernández Porta, Cuba 1955
6 Betty Missiego - Festejo Navideño
  -Betty Missiego, 1970 Peru
7 Lolita Garrido - Noche Silenciosa
  -Franz Xaver, 1818
8 Fem Bobbies & Studio Orchestra - Tipp-Tapp (Tomtarnas Julnatt)
  -Alfred Smedberg, 1898
9 Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra And Chorus - Blue Christmas
   -Billy Hayes og Jay W. Johnson i 1948
10 Eileen Wilson, Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra - A Dreamer's Holiday
   -Mabel Wayne &  Jim Gannon, 1949

11 Up With People - Hope of Mankind
    -Herbert Allen, Dr. Marshall Cartledge, 1968
12 Marais And Miranda - Fife And Drum
    -Bernard de La Monnoye, 17/18th century. France
13 Kitka - Ayios Vasilis
    -Greek Kalanda
14 Apollo's Fire & Jeannette Sorrell - Star in the East The Shepherd’s Star
    -Reginald Heber, 1811
15 Kapela Brodow - O Adorable Lady - a Hymn to Our Lady from Lubelskie
    -Poland,  1904
16 Siwsann George & Roger Plater - Ar Fore Dydd Nadolig - Clywch, Clywch
    -Pre-reformation, Wales
17 Strada - Pastre Dei Mountagno
    -Nicholas Saboly, published 1673
18 Les Compagnons De La Chanson - Les Trois Souverains Princes
    -François-Auguste Gevaert (1828-1908)
19 Stor Odeon Orkester - Aftenklokker
    -Albert Frederick Marzian, 1913

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Link to all our Delights & XD-V (where you’ll also find I-IV) + here's the streams for 2018, 2017 & 2016: 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

20ft radio & Dream Weapons present: WAYWARD C60

The keywords I wrote actually worked better than my attemts to formulate a few sentences - so here they are: beautiful bad trip strange surreal gothic horror spooky eerie moon night sleep dream haunting supernatural nightmare fairytale suspense voices choirs echo weird melancholic artsy space atmospheric... It should give you an idea of what to expect -Moahaha


1 Cinorama - The Day Is Coming The Mountain Moves (end edit)
2 Spires That in the Sunset Rise - Well Tempered
3 Quimper - A Mammal Cannot Be A Plant
4 Luciano Michelini - Barbara (Suite 1)
5 Camino Al Desvan - La Misma Mezcla Se Encuentra en Casa
6 Berto Pisano - Patrick Vive Ancora 01 (movie-rip)
7 Orkest Ruud Bos - The Ritual
8 Phantom Band - Nervous Breakdown


9 Sueno Sueno - Nao
10 Barry Gray - Lunarville 7: Suite
11 Né Ladeiras - Alhur
12 CHBB - Maú-Maú
13 André Ricros & Louis Sclavis Quartet - Dis-Moi Donc Bergère
14 Awake - Evocazione Remota
15 Jean Cohen-Solal - Matiere
16 Guglielmo Papararo & Vittorio Montis - Andromeda

Friday, November 22, 2019

Dream Weapons present: LITTLE BLACK BAG C90

While waiting for the next 20ft Radio-mix to broadcast I figured I might as well brush up on - and share another one of my pre-Dream Weapons C90's. Its probably brand new to most of you blog visitors anyway. Upon relistening I enjoyed it way more than I though I would. An unpretentious, non-conceptual bag of freaky fun, I think. Eight years ago these tunes were all ultra obscure (even Drowning in Berlin & Yeweyn Haregitu).

-An eclectic mix of japanese waltzes, vintage electronics, strings & discobeats, fast flowing chanteuses, fun rides, badtrips, space-sweeps, and some occult jazzfusion. Once you opened this Pandoras purse and unleashed all its mysteries and dark little secrets, there's no turning back
-Moahaha, 2011

1. After Dinner – Sepia Ture
2. Fibonaccis – The Ordinary Women
3. Johnny Hawksworth – The Whistler
4. Melodic Energy Commission – Migration of the Snails*
5. Les Elles – La Chatte Monsieur Clock
6. Classroom (Cos) – La Partie D’ Checs
7. Staff Carpenbourg and the Electric Corona – Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows
8. Mobiles – Drowning in Berlin
9. Munch – Car
10. Variete – Good Night-Age
11. Aleksei Rybnikov – Big Space Travel OST, unknown title
12. Nico Fidenco – Come Back! Rhythm
13. Non Credo – Happy Wretched Family
14. Patrice Sciortino – Approche Dramatique
15. Andre Hossein – Orgie 4 (Macha-Raspoutine)


1. After Dinner – Sepia Ture II
2. J.A Caesar – Nazo ga Fue Fuku Kagee ga Oduru
3. Solex – Some Solex
4. Oleg Kostrow – Zagado’njy Passazhir
5. Yello – No More Roger
6. Ennio Morricone – La Proprieta’ Non E’ Piu un Furto
7. Dollie – Under Snø
8. Danielle Dax – The Shamemen
9. Guy Pedersen (Chant : Françoise Walle) – Te Connais Tu Toi Même
10. Caravelli - Métamorphose Démentielle
11. Goom – Massai (Part 1)
12. Darso & Daetty Kurnia – Jalma Dengki
13. Apparation – Apparation
14. Alemayehu Eshete – Yeweyn Haregitu
15. Jacques Denjean – The Cult
    (outro: Columbia River Entertainment – Knocking On Door)

*I replaced Ramases – Crazy One with Migration of the Snails, as Prabha Devi has used the former for one of his mixes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dream Weapons present: INCANTATIONS C60

Like spinning in an opium hallucination, INCANTATIONS takes you through various stages of intoxication. From the soothing inception of dreams, to the darker depths of "the fear", soft pockets of clean air, spiralling nausea, and the final curtain call when the world slips back into our senses and we once again press play - Prabha Devi

Lennie Hibbert - Chinese Beauty
Francis Bebey - Rwanda
Orient Express - Birds of India
Omar Khorshid - Raqsed El Fada
Alessandro Blonksteiner - Un Jardin
Naima Samih - Rmani Rih

Les Abranis - Chenar Le Blues
Omar El Shariyi - Maliesh Amal
Amedee Pierre et I’Ivoiro Star - Vla
Vas De Cabo Verde - Fra Broque
Tesfai Gabre with Choir - Ye Feker Selamta
Neşe Karaböcek - Aşık Olamıyorum
Cici Kizlar - Gencim Yaşamı Severim


Monday, October 28, 2019

Dream Weapons present: SAFE SPACE IS THE PLACE C90

The season of colorful autumn leaves dancing in the air is ending and we’re entering the dark days of winter. So I’ve compliled a bright and gentle soundtrack to help us through. My idea of a safe space is a recreational place in sound filled with soft and comforting melodies, angelic voices, harps, wide eyed innocence and general kindness - rather than the modern understanding of the term. I guess mostly I just added «safe» to Sun Ra’s afrofuturist sci-fi flick and thought it looked kinda clever. Its basically Windswept Daydream / Birds of a Feather part three.

-Come to think of it warm and lovingly crafted melodies sometimes work like magic in horror movies, or as the score to your worst nightmares… but scratch that thought and just revel in tenderness -Moahaha

 1 Mary Badham - Wish Me a Rainbow
 2 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Summertime
 3 Beautify Junkyards - The Miller's Song
 4 John Cameron - Half  Forgotten Daydreams
 5 Haruko Wanibuchi - つぶて数え唄
 6 Alan Lee - Bailero
 7 Sandrine Chatron - Sonate pour harpe opus VII No. 1. Part 3
 8 Bergen White - The Bird Song
 9 Peter Tessier - Pastorale
10 Satyajit Ray - Love Theme; Sanju And Lizzie
11 Izumi Yukimura - The River of No Return
12 Judy Singh - Samba del Sol
13 Remigio Ducros - Saudade do Brasil
14 Nina & Frederik - Charade
15 The Tokens - Some People Sleep

 1 Lesiman - Messaggio
 2 Nutshell - Heaven Only Knows
 3 DR Pigekoret - Frydelig Med Jubelkor
 4 Les Djinns - Les Feuilles Mortes
 5 The Folklords - Forty Second River (Alternate Version)
 6 Jack Daugherty And The Class Of 1971 - Brothers And Sisters
 7 Minoru Muraoka & New Hit Sounds - 涙の季節
 8 Muksut - Balladi
 9 Lucy Ann Polk & Les Brown - You're Different
10 Bing Crosby - When You're in Love
11 Bit 'A Sweet - Travel
12 Altatódalok - Csija, Csija, Aludj Penja - Fesl Bimbó
13 Meredith d'Ambrosio - When The End Comes
14 The Singers Unlimited - Eventide

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dream Weapons present: STORM WARNING C60

Last year I made the mixtape Halcyon Daze which was a "feel-good" list of songs to ward off depression and open the doors of summer. Storm Warning follows in the same vein, trying to dispell the dark clouds of coming winter and breathe some sunshine into cold rooms. From calypso to japanese pop songs and african swingers, just let the mood take over and fill you with some optimism - Prabha Devi.

1. Young Tiger - Calypso Be
2. The Mighty Terror and his Calypsonians - Tv Calypso
3. Lord Fly - Blu-lu-Lup
4. Lord Ivanhoe - The Water Gobbler
5. The Ticklers - Healing In The Balm Yard
6. The Tiger - Delcina
7. Lord Cobra Y Los Pana Afros- Negro Heart
8. Lord Messam - Linstead Market
9. Ken Booth - Thinking
10. Duke of Iron - Bambouche

11. Papi Brandao Y Sus Ejecutivos - Viva Panama
12. The Peanuts - O-Edo Nihon-bashi
13. Les Loups Noirs - Donné Donnant
14. Charles Lembe - Quiero Wapacha
15. Liza Ngwa - Massa Pierre
16. Matano Juma - Dada
17. Afrisa International - Mongali


Friday, September 27, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: ODYSSÉE ORIENTALE C60

A trip to the «mystical orient» much like I imagined - or dreamt it was like during my early childhood days. I planned for this mix to slowly build in intensity from start to finish a little like a long bellydance routine but it rather builds, and builds then slows down… and builds again. -Moahaha

1 Ziad Rahbani - Oghniyat Al Radio
2 Abdou El Omari - Fatine
3 Saloua - Yalli Sehrouni Aïnik
4 Youssef Kassab, Hamouda Ali - Rumba
5 Ahmed Fouad Hassan - Egyptian Caravan
6 Khamis Henkesh - El Farah
7 George Abdo - Raks Al Hayet (Dance of Life)
8 Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Ayam Wa Layali
9 Najah Salam - Rohna Ta Nekhtob Saâda

10 Mehmet Evren Hacıoğlu - Çakal Çökerten Zeybeği
11 Sobhi Mourad - Bayi Am Yesmah Akhbar
12 Lila and her Arabian Knights - Racks Balady
13 Mozaffar Shafiee, Hadi Inanlou & Mahriz Ensemble - Sayeh Va Sarv
14 Amir Ates - Çaldın Diyemem Gönlümü Verdim Elimle
15 Ali Yılmaz, Deniz Göktaş & Nuri Yılmaz - Düğün Evinde
16 Unknown Artist - Hikaz
17 Sharifa Fadel - Men Soghro
18 Gamal Salama - The Story of Tutankhamun Part II, ending

-and if you'd like more of this kind of music - which I'm certain you will - check out ARAB TUNES الإيقاعات العربية


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Dream Weapons present: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES C90

The music of the spheres is recently proven by astrophysicists to be jazz. This is actually the first out of five (or six) oriental/spiritual, latin space-fusions and all that jazz in the vein of Fourth World and The High Priestess. Yeah I decided to keep on compiling until I ran out of unique ensembles and their more or less unheard tunes of awesomeness - and I have A LOT of gems to choose from. Jazz was undoubtly the greatest musical invention of the 20th century and here’s the first sixteen staggering variations of what it sounded like -Moahaha

1 Appendix - Space Trip
2 Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Run One Mile
3 Nick Ayoub Quintet - Desert Boots
4 Oriental Wind - Dolunay
5 Stanley Cowell - Ibn Mukhtarr Mustapha
6 Joe Chambers - Medina
7 Neil Ardley - Mediterranean Hustle
8 Elysian Spring - Lotus

9 Viejas Raices - Mira Tu
10 Mal Waldron - The Call (live)
11 H. Caiage (Gerardo Iacoucci) ‎- Pedinamento
12 John Tchicai & Strange Brothers - I En Kælder
13 The Lightmen Plus One - Song Of Praise
14 Donald Byrd - Fufu
15 Egba - Lisa Sover
16 Harold Land - Pakistan


Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Dream Weapons present: WIND-UP MYSTERY BOX C60

Digging for shellac-gems in flea markets and second hand stores is always a hit or miss treasure hunt. But the right kind of seven to nine decades old recorded music conveys a sort of life-affirming joy, emotional intensity or wide-eyed beauty that appeals to me more than most contemporary stuff. This mix containing only music of the 78rpm-era is a tribute of sorts to my hand-cranked gramophone player as a "magical mystery box". World music from a different world. -Moahaha

1 Unknown/E. F. Low - Flee as a Bird in Your Mountain
- New Orleans ca. 1950
2 Lulu Ziegler - Byssan Lull
- Denmark, 1949 (sung in swedish)
3 Dorothy Carless - Yes, My Darling Daughter
- UK, 1941
4 Betty Cody - Tom-Tom Yodel
- Canada, 1953
5 Isham Jones - Blue Prelude
- USA, 1932
6 Ulla Billquist - Shanghai Fifi
- Sweden, 1935
7 Hibari Misora - Watashi Wa Machi No Ko
- Japan, 1951
8 Yoshiko Yamaguchi (Li Xiang Lan) - Drifting Through Life / 身世飘零
- Japan, 1955 
9 Orkes Saiful Bahri - Ajam Den Lapeh
- Indonesia, 1950’s
10 Farid El-Atrache - Raqsat Kahramana
- Egypt, 1949

11 Suraiya - Niraalaa Mohabbat Kaa Dastur Dekhaa
- India, 1949
12 Rita Drangsholt - Taterviser 1
- Norway, 1949
13 Tora Fazylova - Kar-Shabi
- Tajikistan, 1930/1940’s
14 Biltmore Hotel Trio - Clownin' the Frets
- USA, 1928
15 Hyun In / 현인 - Mountains of Affection / 애정산맥
- South Korea, 1950
16 Folk Song & Dance Ensemble - Aikegoutk
- Armenia, probably ca. 1940 
17 Imperio Argentina - Morucha
- Argentina, 1933
18 Luis Maravilla - Souvenirs de l'alhambra
- Spain, 1953
19 Paul Robeson - Encantadora Maria
- USA, 1938
20 Norma Bruni - Verrà
- Italia, 1941


Tuesday, August 13, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: ONCE UPON NOW!!!!! C60

Spiritual world jazz poetry grooves, some eastern tinged psych, epic spaghetti western suspense, a trio of modern/trad Brazilian tunes and a funeral march. Nothing new from Dream Weapons - except this time the music is in fact brand new (or five years old at the most)! Seems like there’s actually some talent out there still (a joke). Enjoy! -Moahaha

1 Emanative - Reflection
2 Etienne de la Sayette - Lord Bougainvillard
3 Hoodna Orchestra - Magiq Kiss
4 Blameful Isles - Light of Idun (Áries)
5 The Blassics - Nag Chamba Street
6 Constantine - Egyptian Days
7 The Soul Motivators - Working it Out

1 Plim - Aerolitos
2 Rodrigo Campos - Absurdo 6
3 Tredici Bacci - Lucertola
4 Benjamin Boone and Philip Levine - A Dozen Dawn Songs, Plus One
5 Gadiamb B - Linha Amarela
6 Des Lions Pour Des Lions - March From Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary

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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dream Weapons Present: DYING BREED C90

As it will take a little over a week from today till our next 20ft Radio special will broadcast, I decided I'd brush up on an almost eight year old C90 that was originally intended for सølγ שаябlɛş (which was shut down while I was on my finishing stages compiling this). A few of you may know this already - but here it is again, as an mp3 "special offer" for our blog-followers exclusively:
(Past Times Tunes For the End Times - Soothing Sounds of Shellac vol. II)

  We all know mankind had its chance and blew it. But as far as I know we did create the greatest music in the universe, and that almost makes up for all the evil and stupidity. Here’s a little time capsule documenting a slice of musical expressions on planet earth from the early to mid 20th century. The sound of imaginary 78’s spinning should provide for some comfort and warmth while you prepare yourself for the very end. Enjoy! -Moahaha, December 2011 

-it seems I've always had a tendency to try and make you think about the four horsemen of the apocalypse while listening to my nice collections of vintage tunes.

1.   Khemchand Prakash - Dance Music (Death Dance) 1949 India
2.   Noor Jehan – Umangaen Dil Ke Machli 1947 India
3.   Trio Lescano – Tulilem Blem Blu 1937 Italy
4.   Zarah Leander - Jag Står I Regnet 1937 Sweden
5.   Sidney Bechet - Dear Old Southland 1940 New Orleans
6.   Valaida Snow – Chloe 1937 USA
7.   Fats Waller - Dry Bones 1940 USA
8.   Red Ingle’s Unnatural Seven – Serutan Yob 1948 USA
9.   Eartha Kitt - Callete (Caliente) 1950 USA
10.  Geeta Dutt - Suno Guzar Kya Gaye 1951India
11.  Orchestre Mohamed Abdel Wahab – Cocktail 19xx Egypt
12.  Hermanas Padilla – Relempago 19xx Mexico
13.  Niño De Marchena - Tu Levantas el Vuelo 19xx Spain
14.  Radio Beograda - Ajde Jano 19xx Serbia

1.   unknown/Chassidic - Broigez Tanz 19xx Yiddish
2.   Žikva Nemeček & Kolo – Ej Sto Cu Nane 19xx Croatia
3.   unknown – Ezperanza 19xx Phillippines
4.   Wu Yingyin - Ye Ying Qu (The Tune Of Nightingales) 1940’s China
5.   Noriko Awaya – Dona Marriquita 1935 Japan
6.   Sofia Vembo - Panta Mazi (Always Together) 1951? Greece
7.   Marek Weber - Sündig Und Süss 1928 Germany
8.   Adam Wysocki - Tamara 1938 Poland
9.   Crazy Kiddies Orchestra - Rumba Fiesta 1931? Poland
10.  Bing Crosby & Bix Beiderbecke - Ain't No Sweet Man 1928 USA
11.  Norma Bruni – Ti Lascio Un Fior 1940 Italy
12.  Lucy Isabelle Marsh - Pale Moon 1910 USA
13.  unknown - Kalocsai Körtánc 19xx Hungary
14.  Ahlem -  Al Sheb Al Asma (Tall Dark and Handsome) 19xx Arabic
15.  Eghin Havasi - Kemany Minas 1925 Turkey

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Btw1: A few of these songs aren't as obscure and unheard as they once were. 
Btw2: I remember that Žikva Nemeček song were among a bunch of old tunes that were suppposedly ripped from 78's, but it doesn't sound 70 years+ old. And there's a couple more I never located the recording date for.
Btw3: While re-editing I messed up the tracklist a little bit on the B-side. But as I've said before: hey its for free!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dream Weapons present: LORD DEATH’S COUNTING SONG C90

This whole idea sort of came to me while listening through an impressive stack of shares on Die or D.I:Y? containing music by (occasionally perverted, mass murderous) cults and all sorts of far out religious music.

-I went about compiling this pretty much like I’d direct a low budget exploitaiton film about a wacko cult (leader): A beautiful intro with happy children holding hands while dancing, laughing and singing in a field - then the screen goes black, a delightfully eerie main theme starts and the title appears in awesome blood red fonts... or something. After the whole cast, producer, director-routine there’ll be a section showing seemingly innocent everyday life in the cult… Long beards and hair, bellbottoms, singing, nudity/orgies and Jesus sandals… But because they are batshit crazy things take a nasty turn. From there on it’ll just be a bunch of (beautifully shot) semirelated disturbing scenes until all hell/heaven breaks loose and everyone dies. End titles. Hey I never said I could direct!

It depends a little on where you'd draw the line but I suppose less than half of the performers here were actual cult members. Whether scary, naive, beautiful or pure evil its mostly some kind of religious music and mainly Christian (+some occult, pagan etc... stuff). A handful of tunes are «secular/neutral» but moodwise appropriate soundscapes I simply needed to create a killer mix for you all -Moahaha

1 Veronique Chalot - Vent Frais, Vent du Matin
2 Zdeněk Liška - Vision Of The Temple
3 Randy Matthews - Flesh Of My Flesh
4 Rev. Jim Jones' People's Temple Choir  - Black Baby (vocals, Marceline Jones)
5 Shoko Asahara - Lord Death's Counting Song
6 Massimo e Massimo - Swinging Cultists
7 Barbara, The Gray Witch - Me-O-Me
8 Harbinger - Open Doors
9 Mel Lyman Family - People Get Ready
10 Pastor John Rydgren - Dark Side of the Flower
11 Garrick's Fairground - For We Are Lost
12 The Heartwood Institute - The Old Ways
13 The Spectre Collector - How Can This Be So Wrong

14 Rev. Patrick J. Berkery, Ph.D. - Day of Wrath
15 The Search Party - Kyrie from "Jazz mass"
16 Good News Circle - I Wish We'd All Been Ready
17 Peter Zinovieff & Hans Werner Henze - Tristan (Short Section)
18 Sathya Sai Baba - Gayatri Mantra
19 Fire,Water,Air - Voyage
20 Charles Manson - Give Your Love to Be Free
21 The Christian Astronauts - Prepare to Fire
22 Troubled - No Excuse
23 Randy York - Wake Up
24 Toadstone - Circle of Stones
25 Constance Demby - Sant Ji
26 Church Universal and Triumphant, Inc.
featuring Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Decree 10.05 (edit)
27 Llehctim Inoj - (tide) Emag Elcric Eht


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Dream Weapons present: COLONIAL SPACE TOURS C90

Before I scrapped my original cover, inital idea and most of the content (but kept the title), the concept I went for was something like a travel agency or an intergalactic «Lonely Universe» travel book guide for future colonial space tourists. The end result is closer to this «pulp sci-fi» cover art - predominantly filled with stirring synth licks, drum machines and vocoders. Some new waveish songs as well, but all in all sounding much like the imagined soundtrack for a cheapish sci-fi flick anno ca. 1980 my visual presentation suggests  -Moahaha

1 Kevin Harrison - Camel's Mouth
2 Yellow Power - Queen Of Scots
3 Quimper - Pokey Nose
4 Yumi Murata  - 落椿~らくちん~
5 Maribeth Solomon, Brent Barkman and Micky Erbe - The House Without Walls
6 Don Cherry - Benoego
7 Dig It Al(l)  - Disco-Phase
8 Human Flesh - Delon Enlarges
9 Tomutonttu - Vesiputouksen alla, apina reppuselässä
10 BGM - And
11 Stefano Leproto - Love Theme from Sewer Baby
12 Suzy Andrews - Teenage Iceage

13 Lister - The Crawling Contest
14 Hoffnung & Psyche - Sie Bleibt Kalt
15 MK-II - Holy Waving Goodbye at Westgate
16 The Advisory Circle - Civil Defence Is Common Sense
17 Pink Tank - おしゃべりマリオネット
18 Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Der Lachende Papst
19 Pascal Languirand - Inesperdistan
20 Ahmed Malek - Tape 16 Track 3
21 Игорь Лень (Igor Len) - Приговор (Sentence)
22 Bach Revolution - Sound Story (Main Theme)
23 Carlos Perón - Der Zweite Tag der Schöpfung