Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Dream Weapons present: NUMINA C60

Music for whenever life in itself offers a bit of a challenge. Half a century old jazz sounds in various shapes and colors is my main safe haven in music. Needless to say I listen to this stuff A LOT. Neither avantgarde nor easy listening. Free spirited but with hooks and grooves. No other theme here really. A tribute to the divine healing powers of listening to musicians that plays together simply for the sake of creating music - together (at least that is how I interpret it) -Moahaha

1 Esa Pethman - Shepherd Song
2 Rain - Whine And Wail
3 Barry Miles - Tandoori
4 Baroque Jazz Trio - Delhi Daily
5 Source Of Life Arkestra Revelation - To the Most Holy Place
6 Jazz Work Shop - Sha Shtil Harabbi Ba

7 New York Jazz Quartet - Song of the Black Knight
8 Dom Um Romao - Lamento Negro
9 Walter Bishop Jr. - Keeper of My Soul
10 Joe Haider Trio - Tante Nelly
11 Formace JQ - Jan Kepler
12 New Jazz Trio - Haranca (Take 1 edit)



Friday, February 10, 2023

Dream Weapons present: SOULSIDE JOURNEY C60

You may not be able to tell from my shares, but I love the hell out of 60-70’s funky soul music and listen to it all the time. It still feels somewhat a little outside my «field of expertise» (whatever that may be), so I guess I’ve l haven’t had a full mix in me until now. Well, actually I posted a Soulside Journey C90 ten years ago which is probably my least interesting mix ever. This has the same title but the cover and all the songs are new. I think by now I’ve fallen into enough rabbit holes full o' soul to compile an hour of non-stop bangers for you. Ok, maybe not all bangers, but all great -Moahaha

1 Chuck Brooks - Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Part 2)
2 Aaron Neville - Jailhouse
3 The Wildcats - 3625 Groovy Street
4 The V.I.P.s - Maxie's Mood
5 Gloria Jones - Share My Love
6 Sloan Bey - Look At Your Brother
7 Carla Thomas - Give Me Enough (To Keep Me Going)
8 George Jackson - Love Hijacker Pt. 2
9 Ted Taylor - Something Strange Is Going On In My House
10 Nikki Giovanni - The Way I Feel

11 Dynamic Corvettes - It’s A Trap
12 Goldie & The Gingerbreads - Song Of The Moon
13 Jacky Giordano - Steel Mongoes
14 Doug Hammond - Wake Up Brothers
15 Ralph & The Telecasters  - Something Deep Inside
16 Winfield Parker - Starvin’
17 Bun Hunga And His Combo - Bangala
18 The Natural Resources Unpolluted - Funky With My Stuff
19 Jewel Bass - It's Been a Long Time Coming