Friday, September 27, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: ODYSSÉE ORIENTALE C60

A trip to the «mystical orient» much like I imagined - or dreamt it was like during my early childhood days. I planned for this mix to slowly build in intensity from start to finish a little like a long bellydance routine but it rather builds, and builds then slows down… and builds again. -Moahaha

1 Ziad Rahbani - Oghniyat Al Radio
2 Abdou El Omari - Fatine
3 Saloua - Yalli Sehrouni Aïnik
4 Youssef Kassab, Hamouda Ali - Rumba
5 Ahmed Fouad Hassan - Egyptian Caravan
6 Khamis Henkesh - El Farah
7 George Abdo - Raks Al Hayet (Dance of Life)
8 Mohamed Abdel Wahab - Ayam Wa Layali
9 Najah Salam - Rohna Ta Nekhtob Saâda

10 Mehmet Evren Hacıoğlu - Çakal Çökerten Zeybeği
11 Sobhi Mourad - Bayi Am Yesmah Akhbar
12 Lila and her Arabian Knights - Racks Balady
13 Mozaffar Shafiee, Hadi Inanlou & Mahriz Ensemble - Sayeh Va Sarv
14 Amir Ates - Çaldın Diyemem Gönlümü Verdim Elimle
15 Ali Yılmaz, Deniz Göktaş & Nuri Yılmaz - Düğün Evinde
16 Unknown Artist - Hikaz
17 Sharifa Fadel - Men Soghro
18 Gamal Salama - The Story of Tutankhamun Part II, ending

-and if you'd like more of this kind of music - which I'm certain you will - check out ARAB TUNES الإيقاعات العربية


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dream Weapons present: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES C90

The music of the spheres is recently proven by astrophysicists to be jazz. This is actually the first out of three (or maybe four) oriental/spiritual, latin space-fusions and all that jazz in the vein of The High Priestess and Fourth World. Yeah I decided to keep on compiling until I ran out of unique ensembles and their more or less unheard tunes of awesomeness - and I have A LOT of gems to choose from. Jazz was undoubtly the greatest musical invention of the 20th century and here’s the first sixteen staggering variations of what it sounded like -Moahaha

1 Appendix - Space Trip
2 Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Run One Mile
3 Nick Ayoub Quintet - Desert Boots
4 Oriental Wind - Dolunay
5 Stanley Cowell - Ibn Mukhtarr Mustapha
6 Joe Chambers - Medina
7 Neil Ardley - Mediterranean Hustle
8 Elysian Spring - Lotus

9 Viejas Raices - Mira Tu
10 Mal Waldron - The Call (live)
11 H. Caiage (Gerardo Iacoucci) ‎- Pedinamento
12 John Tchicai & Strange Brothers - I En Kælder
13 The Lightmen Plus One - Song Of Praise
14 Donald Byrd - Fufu
15 Egba - Lisa Sover
16 Harold Land - Pakistan