Friday, October 21, 2022

Dream Weapons present: DESERT CARAVAN C90

It was only a couple of days ago I stumbled upon this dense, 19th century Orientalist painting by Charles-Théodore Frère. It affected me. I felt the intense heat and tasted the sand in my mouth. This is a soundtrack for the cover art and sonically a follow-up to my «east meets west» 2016-mix Orient-Tneiro. Back then I wrote «Oriental jazz-vibes and slow 'n sensuous bellydance grooves. Unlike an Exotica-album your inner imagined landscapes won't be of the sea or the jungle, but the desert and the savannah». I wouldn’t last for a day in a habitat like that, but I can listen to this kind of music all day every day. -Moahaha

1 Gus Vali - The Speechless Animal
2 Uakti - Arabesque
3 The Sheiks - Ya-Habibi
4 Attila Engin Group - Zultan
5 Omar Metioui - Twisya de la San´a
6 Chris Kalogerson & The Ensemble Sarqi‎ - Haso-Eliniko
7 Amer-Abic Orchestra - Jazz in Port Said
8 Train - Arabesque
9 Esin Engin & His Orchestra - Kolbastı
10 Clivage - Tabarkha
11 Umberto Santucci - Museo orientale (Vers. arpa)
12 Artie Barsamian - Little Boy (Pokrig Dughah)

13 Archimedes Badkar - Desert Band
14 Bros. In Co-op - Listen Heah
15 Anestos Athounasiou & His Ensemble - Stavrodromi
16 Baligh Hamdi - The Beloved Date
17 Roman Bunka - M. in T.
18 Hossam Shaker - Tamra Henna, Pt. 2
19 Sonorch - Plaine Du Tal
20 Said Slam - Inta Inta
21 David Carroll - Shish-Kebab
22 Arkadaş - Boyle Ikrar Ilen
23 Light Rain - City of Dreams
24 Tarik Bulut - Arabic Fantasy 



Btw: here's the full painting (thanks to pete.m I now know it's by Charles-Théodore Frère)

Sunday, October 9, 2022

(self)promotion: Eulipion Corps - Rites & Mysteries (Wormhole World, 2022)

Yes, I've made the cover art for a second Eulipion Corps album. After compiling 150 mixtapes I'm incapable of creating designs for the traditional CD/LP square (I tried both times:). But Julian doesn't seem to mind adopting "our signature look".

I've featured his music on two previous mixes: The Quiet Earth and It Was a Very Good Lightyear. So I'd say there's a fair chance you'll enjoy this if you enjoyed those - and of course if you liked Eulipion Corps (or "our") previous album Aenean Fields.

It's either free to listen to at Bandcamp, or £2.50 to buy the digital version (the CD is unfortunatly already sold out), so if you're curious, there's really no reason not to give it a try. I think it's beautiful. -Moahaha

(print on "picturedisc")