Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Dream Weapons present: THE QUIET EARTH C60

While waiting for a fun and lively radio special to broadcast, I decided to share this failed attempt on compiling an hour of «pleasant background music». I guess that’s outside my field of expertise. But it's still a nice mix! All very quiet and non-intrusive, but in a blue and melancholic way. Not as dark as the cover art suggests, but it would probably make for a beautiful soundtrack to a classy horror movie -Moahaha

1 Slagr - Slagr II
2 Tri Atma Und Gyan Nishabda - Märchenberg
3 Trembling Strain - Kokytus
4 Barry Cleveland with Bob Stohl & Kat Epple  - Blue Things
5 Eulipion Corps - Nostalgia Suite, Pt. 5: In a Dream
6 Benjamin Lew - Joyeux Regrets Imprιcis

7 Cybe - Kupu Kupu, Kupu Kupu (Vlinders)
8 Colin Towns - Love Scene
9 Steve Austin - Music From The Withered Orange Tree Part VIII
10 Jorge Reyes - Sazilakab
11 Emerald Web - Openings
12 Alan Feanch and Cecil Wary - The Flower Song
13 The Singers Unlimited - How Beautiful Is Night

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  1. Thank You. So much Great Music about 70% i have never heard before

    1. You're welcome (knowing about 30% of this music is quite a lot, I think:)

  2. Replies
    1. Hope you can enjoy some introspective, autumnal music in the middle of summer, Il Commendatore:)

  3. Hi Moahaha
    The Sphix isn't exactly a music blog, but they do share interesting aural bits every so often (right now they're sharing vintage radio ads for various Godzilla movies). Recenlty they shared Spacebreaks by Various Artists that I wanted to bring to your attention (and to wider exposure in general because it's awesome).

    It always amazes me that you not only compile amazing mix tapes but you're able to find and crate dig for all this awesome music to compile into said awesome mix tapes. I just wanted to share something in return for all the awesome music you've shared with us over the years. Stay awesome, Mohahaha.

    1. Hi, thanks looks fun. I downloaded Spacebreaks and added the sphinx to our blogroll. And thanks for all your awesome compliments:)

  4. Very nice ,very soothing !Thanks !

  5. All that's missing is a blood curdling scream at the end, just to remind us to press replay. Nice mix. Cheers Moahaha.

  6. Yes, I knew there was something missing - but thanks!

  7. THANKS!!!! Greetings from Turkey