Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE LIMITATIONS OF SCIENCE c90

Solar Plexus - Moebius & Plank
Le Sang du Poete - The Beatniks
In My Lifetime - The Flying Lizards
I Have A Little Brain - Gershon Kingsley
Computer Graphic - Joel Vandroogenbroeck
The Delicate Code - Torn Levin Bruford Isham
Grey Lagoons - Doctor Mix And The Remix
Destination Moon - Solid Space
Prelude VI For Magnetic Tape - Ilhan Mimaroglu
Good Old Germany - Einzelgänger
Strip-Tease - Cosmic Overdose
Super Lady - Jeff Phelps
Tam Tam Samba  - ADN' Ckrystall
Mystery Trip - Stratis

Alleewalzer - Thomas Dinger
Грусть И Надежда - Анатолий Фомин
Dream Maker - Doris Hays/John Matthews
Village Voice - Michal Turtle
Destroyer Eye - Video Liszt
He's Like You - Patrick Cowley
Processional - S. Araw "Trio" XI
Kopf Und Bauch - Gorilla Aktiv
H.S.T.A. - Das Ding
Macumba - La Fondation
Kaleidoscope - BBC Workshop
Under Observation - Francis Monkman & Adrian Wagner
Mist of Time - Paul Williams
Tranquillium - Tonto's Expanding Head Band

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE EXECUTIONER'S SONG c90

...and the road leads to nowhereis the first line sung in «Blow Your Brains Out», the opening song. But after a handful of seductive folk/pop-tunes followed closely by various southeast-asian grooves and the likes, overlapped by some avant-weirdness & doom-laden baroque - this road has actually lead you to the guillotine (dripping with the memories of the people it had seen) of The Excecutioner's Song

I think of this mix like a road movie in music – a road-horror movie perhaps. Open, adventurous, dreamlike and surreal for the first parts of the trip but true to the genre it takes a darker turn and ends in (bloody) tragedy.


1 David Alexander Hess - «Blow Your Brains Out»
2 Zerfas - The Piper
3 Ptarmigan - Go Dancing: Go Dancing
4 The Shangri-Las - Past, Present and Future
5 Maddy Prior & Tim Hart - Bring Us Good Ale
6 Jose Afonso - Era Um Redondo Vocabulo
7 Vasant Rai & Oregon - Autumn Song
8 Jeti & Dengan The Alfan - Mesra Di-Kenangan
9 Shusha - I Have Come To Ravish My Betrothed
10 Freddy Lindquist - Sharako
11 Walter Franco - Muito Todo
12 Chico Hamilton – El Moors

1 Jan Huydts Trio - 3x4
2 Sadja - Improvisation IV
3 Persona - Introducao / Monte
4 Darso - Teu Paraughuh
5 Stomu Yamash'ta - What A Way To Live in Modern Times (edit)
6 Vittorio Gelmetti - Collage
7 Magdalith - Jubilate Du Deuxierne Dimanche Apres Epiphanie
8 Romanesca - Musketeer's March (Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber)
9 Dingle Yandell & Les Inventions - What Power Art Thou (Henry Purcell)
10 National Philharmonic Orchestra – Sarabande-Duel (George Friedrich Handel)
11 Les Cris de Paris & Geoffroy Jourdain - Il Est Cinq Heures, Paris S'eveille
12 Giacinto Scelsi - Ave Maria
13 Gary Scott - The Executioner's Song

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dream Weapons Present: FUTURA PRIMITIVA c90

I thought this would end up as the less pretentious pulp-version of Antropocen (a former mix of mine). But aside from the coverart and my approach to writing this text, the actual music itself is most definitely in the same ballpark. These ninety minutes are equally packed with analogue electronics served on a bed of drum machines occasionally spiced up with a few minimalist tunes and soundscapes - among other things.


1 Lesiman – Preludio Ossessvio
2 Robert Görl – Mit Dir (extended)
3 Berlin Express – The 4-08 To Paris
4 Axxess – Owls
5 Joachim Sherylee – Start On
6 Ose – Orgasmachine
7 Zanov – Brain Activity
8 C. Boinot – Kenera
9 KHA-YM – San Fedo
10 Guy Boyer & Jean-Yves Guihal – Silent Flying
11 Space Craft's Men – Future City
12 Padded Call – Are You Anywhere?

1 Hypothese – Electrochoc
2 Art Fleury – Black Out (edit)
3 Vogue – Shattered Peace
4 Gary Numan – Asylum
5 Moebius – Etwas
6 Carlos Peron – Nothing is True
7 Yello – Thrill Wave
8 Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze: 3rd Movement
9 Electrelane - The Invisible Dog
10 Eternite – Megnetique
11 Vasilisk – Heavens Above
12 Arnold Dreyblatt - Organ Music for 16 Hands

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Dream Weapons Present: MURDEROUS GROOVES c120

Jazz can be and mean a great many different things - spiritual, intellectual, political, relaxing, painful... you name it. Its also potentially full of suspense, tension, action and horror which is why jazz has been used to a great extent in film noir, thrillers, crime, giallo, cop-movies to name a few genres. I don't know why film-makers abandoned the perfect soundpalette to go along with moving images in favour of pompous orchestral scores and seemingly random pop-songs, but I know that they shouldn't have.

There's much greatness hidden in mostly obscure soundtracks and even more obscure production/library records - and from countless hours of excellence I've compiled 2x60 minutes of tunes in all kinds of moods, approaches and genres really, but still pretty much jazz in one way or another.


At the Cinema

1 Giovanni Tommaso - Underground Number Seven  (Vivere a Tokio: Citta Del Paradiso)
2 Guy Pedersen - Chasse À L'homme  (Céleste)
3 The Chico Hamilton Quintet – Sidney's Theme  (The Sweet Smell of Success)
4 Orkest Ruud Bos - Dat Verhaal Van Jou  (Dat Verhaal Van Jou)
5 Stelvio Cipriani - Spiata  (La Morte Cammina Con i Tacchi Alti)
6 Pippo Caruso – Discosession  (L'occhio Dietro La Parete)
7 Fiorenzo Carpi - Pelle Di Luna  (Un Bianco Vestito Per Mariale')
8 Ennio Morricone - Gatto a Nove Code  (Gatto a Nove Code)
9 Ziad Rahbani - Variation 2  (Bennesbeh Labokra...Chou?)
10 Stefano Liberati - Shark Jazz Band  (Pericolo Negli Abissi)
11 Aldo Buonocore - La Fine di Fanny  (Ciak Si Muore)
12 Barney Wilen - Poursuite et Metro  (Un Témoin Dans la Ville)
13 Raymond Le Sénéchal – Generique  (Chateau En Suede)
14 Art Blakey - No Hay Problema Pt. 2  (Les Liaisons Dangereuses)

In the Library

1 The Swingers – Stadio  (Jazz Video 4)
2 Michel Bernholc – Articulation  (Patchwork Orchestra 3)
3 Raymond Guiot – Primitive Spirit  (Musique En Vrac)
4 Keith Papworth – Wheel Man  (Metropolis)
5 Bruno Nicolai – Immaginativa  (Espressioni)
6 Ennio Morricone – Proposizioni  (April Orchestra Vol. 3)
7 Janko Nilovic – Flemish Suite  (Funky Tramway)
8 A.R Luciani – Epicratica  (Situazioni)
9 Camille Sauvage – Requiem Pour Satan  (Fantasmagories)
10 Luigi Zito – Movimento  (Miscellenea)
11 Pierre Arvay – Footing  (Cross Through Yesterday And Present Day)
12 Egisto Macchi – Stressing  (Neuro Tensivo)
13 Guy Pedersen – Bass-Tille  (Bass + Bass + Bass)
14 Alessandro Alessandroni – Introverso  (E Il Suo Complesso)
15 Luciano Simoncini – Interventisi  (Storia & Politica)
16 Fabio Fabor – Foule  (Infini)
17 Daniela Casa – Dittatura  (Societa' Malata)
18 Elvio Monti & Pelleus – Piscopatia  (Apprensioni)
19 Basil Kirchin & John Coleman – Paranoia  (Mind on the Run)




Mediafire has started to act up, so some of our mixes haven't been available for download lately. I've reuploaded the ones currently having issues and fixed the links in the original posts and the archive. We'll probably have to move everything from mediafire to something else at one point, but I still haven't found a good substitute. (zippyshare doesn't support https and mega has no stats etc etc, so suggestions for good hosts are welcome!)

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Dream Weapons presents: FILLING THE INFINITE BETWEEN TWO SOULS C120 by DJ Hairy Krishna

"Ajay Saggar has been immersed in music since he was a baby. His Indian parents filled the house with Bollywood soundtracks from the 50s,60s and 70s. On moving to England in 1976 at the age of 11, Ajay was spoon fed punk rock by John Peel through his nightly radio show. He started buying records shortly afterwards and has never stopped. His musical palette has expanded vastly since then and music was and is his life.

He plays in the bands KING CHAMPION SOUNDS, and DEUTSCHE ASHRAM. He has worked as a sound engineer for bands like My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr., Mogwai, Sleater-Kinney, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Aerial M, Mum, The For Carnation, Sebadoh, etc etc. Currently employed at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, music is everywhere!"

Filling The Infinite Between Two Souls
"A mix to take the listener on a journey filled with hope and light....for music is a healing force, and is love."

SIDE A 1) KALEIDOSCOPE - The Sky Children 2) A STUDY INTO 21ST CENTURY DRONE ACOUSTICS - QAV400 3) SPECIAL REQUEST - Soundboy Killer 4) DAVID CHATTON BARKER - Through The Farm & The Woods Darkly 5) REVOLUTIONARIES - Up Park Camp (version) 6) SAUNA YOUTH - Transmitters 7) SID HEMPHILL - The Devil’s Dream 8) GAL COSTA - Tuareg 9) DEUTER - Krishna Eating Fish And Chips 10) THE FALL - Australians In Europe 11) RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK & THE VIBRATION SOCIETY - Satin Doll 12) GREYSCALE - Iteration 2 13) THE ELECTRO HIPPIES - Mega Armageddon Death SIDE B 1) OAKLEY HALL - Angela 2) BROTZMANN / VAN HOVE / BENNINK - Einheitsfrontlied pt.1 3) SOMBORY JAZZ - Nananina 4) KING TUBBY - 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus 5) BO DIDDLEY - I Don’t Like You 6) GROUPER - Water People 7) CONTAINER - Appliance 8) HTRK - Body Lotion 9) BONGWATER - David Bowie Wants Ideas 10) SINGERS & PLAYERS - Bedward The Flying Preacher 11) MAP 71 - Specimen 12) THE EYES - I’m Rowed Out 13) GENE CLARK - No Other 14) DRY MOUTH - Thumb Tax 15) BAD BRAINS - Pay To Cum 16) JOHN FAHEY - I am The Resurrection

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