Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE LIMITATIONS OF SCIENCE c90

Solar Plexus - Moebius & Plank
Le Sang du Poete - The Beatniks
In My Lifetime - The Flying Lizards
I Have A Little Brain - Gershon Kingsley
Computer Graphic - Joel Vandroogenbroeck
The Delicate Code - Torn Levin Bruford Isham
Grey Lagoons - Doctor Mix And The Remix
Destination Moon - Solid Space
Prelude VI For Magnetic Tape - Ilhan Mimaroglu
Good Old Germany - Einzelgänger
Strip-Tease - Cosmic Overdose
Super Lady - Jeff Phelps
Tam Tam Samba  - ADN' Ckrystall
Mystery Trip - Stratis

Alleewalzer - Thomas Dinger
Грусть И Надежда - Анатолий Фомин
Dream Maker - Doris Hays/John Matthews
Village Voice - Michal Turtle
Destroyer Eye - Video Liszt
He's Like You - Patrick Cowley
Processional - S. Araw "Trio" XI
Kopf Und Bauch - Gorilla Aktiv
H.S.T.A. - Das Ding
Macumba - La Fondation
Kaleidoscope - BBC Workshop
Under Observation - Francis Monkman & Adrian Wagner
Mist of Time - Paul Williams
Tranquillium - Tonto's Expanding Head Band

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  1. Its a bit of a shame that this one; a favorite of mine is both uncommented and without an introduction-text. But here's a little write up I made for my Ear&Mind-expanding Comps and Mixtapes-list:

    - Inspired mixtaping from Sadhu Sadhu who outdoes himself and pretty much everybody else this time around. 28 tunes strong but you’ll hardly notice - not even once where one band or artist takes over for the other.

    Let’s see on Mixcloud its tagged: Minimal Wave, Krautrock, Library Music, Tape Music and Art Pop. Sure, why not. If I didn't knew better I would have guessed it was some sort of legendary lost gem of a double album recorded sometime in the early eighties - a sophisticated spatial analogue electronic gem with a sort of intimate feel to it that is. I keep imagining these little green men operating their little unidentified flying object. If you don't feel any wiser reading this just look at the cover art... or even better: click on the link and listen to it!