Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS X C60

As I'll be busy for most of December, Christmas comes a little early this year. 
-Xmas Delights volume X is a one hundred percent sentimental nostalgia trip containing nothing but the familiar sounds of unfamiliar oldies from yesteryear. Longing back and romanticising the past is simply the spirit of the season. Its been that way for generations before us. A century ago they were already singing about celebrating Christmas in «the good old fashioned way». Beautiful tunes and heartwarming songs from decades before most of us were born. That's how I prefer my music at this time of the year. 
I don’t think we’ll be back with another mix until January. So for now, whether you like it or not: Merry Christmas or Happy Winter Festival and a Happy New Year to you all! -Moahaha

1 Fran Allison - Christmas in My Heart (1950)
2 Jose Melis - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (1958)
3 Hilmer Borgeling - Vinter i Sverige (1939)
4 Jens Book-Jenssen - Aftenklokkerne (1947)
5 American Radio Warblers With Preston Sellers - Skater’s Waltz (1951)
6 W.G.A.R. Range Riders - Winter Fell on the Range (1946)
7 Ambrose Orchestra with Vera Lynn - The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (1937)
8 London String Quartet - Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful (1945)
9 Olga Guillot - Nochebuena (1947)
10 Seeburg Background Music - Coventry Carol (1963)
11 Jacqueline Ricard - Petit Noël (1950)

12 Tuula-Anneli Rantanen - Lasikello Kertoo (1960)
13 Elliot Lawrence And His Orchestra - We Three Kings (1962)
14 André Claveau - La Légende de Saint Nicolas (1958)
15 Marie Hélène - Les Neiges de Finlande (1959)
16 Roger Williams and his Orchestra - Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (1962)
17 Eileen Barton - The Little Match Girl (1952)
18 Connie Russell - Snow Dreams (1955)
19 Eddie Barclay et son Orchestre - Noël d'Alsace (1961)
20 Gordon Jenkins with Floyd Huddleston - December (1949)
21 Jack Brown and The Three Jills - Let's Light The Christmas Tree (1948)
22 Kramer Johansens Solistorkester - Norsk Julefantasi 1. Del (1936)
23 Chœur des Mésanges & Linack - Tout Dort Dans La Nuit Sombre (1956) 


Link to all our Delights & XD-V (where you’ll also find Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

I didn’t have a lot of time compiling this year. But fortunately I had tons of 78rpm-gems from The Internet Archive lying about already. All lovingly «remastered and reshared" by internet's (probably the whole actual planet, really) no. 1 Christmas music expert Ernie (Not Bert) - which is where and how I first discovered them. This year I think about half the contents of this mix was originally discovered at his place. Huge thanks!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Dream Weapons present: MIGRATORY BIRDS C60

 «Our» birds here up north have flown to their southern wintering grounds and won’t be back until spring. Nature’s own singing continental traveller perfectly illustrates this sprawling mix of mine - where I’ve put together some of my favorite music from all over Eurasia. And then some. You’ll get a Bengali devotional song followed by a Saharawi Lament, Turkish jazzy psych, some Iranian santoor, Ukranian folk, a Nigerian Reggae from Jamaica and a lively Lebanese song. And that was just from the fifth to the eleventh tune! -Moahaha

1 Siri Karlsson - Lament
2 Alex Serra- Dracmas For Taxi
3 Kjorstad Brothers - Så lokka e over den myra
4 Ìxtahuele - Bwawto
5 Banasree Sengupta - Jishu Tumi Je Amar Disha
6 Aziza Brahim & Gulili Mankoo - Lamentos
7 Kit Sebastian - Kozmos
8 Hossein Farjami - Shekare Ahoo

9 D-Drifters-5 - Я сьогодні від вас від’їжджаю
10 Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari - Nigerian Reggae
11 Fairuz - El Amar
12 Ziad Rahbani - Natouret El Mafateeh
13 Αφροδίτη Μάνου - Στα ξένα που με ξόρισαν
14 Nytt Land - Vargavinter
15 Hamlet Gonashvili - Kakhuri Nana
16 Michio Miyagi - 数へ唄変奏曲
17 The Bengt-Arne Wallin Orchestra - Vallåt fran Mockfjärd

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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SEVEN SUTRAS C60

Art has its triptychs, religion has its trinities and Prabha Devi has finally finished the unholy collection of three Sevens. In the very early days of Dream Weapons, Seven Daemons was released. Seven Rays came along a little later, and now finally the penultimate chapter is complete: Seven Sutras.

Though a Sutra is more of poetic roots, the name sounded evocative and fit with the overall theme of "exotic oriental" that runs through the spine of the mix, delving sideways into some Brazilian girl groups and even Mauritius rock. Largely instrumental, but collected to be listened to as a whole album, turn it on during an extra dull winter day and let it brighten up the living room for an hour at least -Prabha Devi

1 Mohamed Mazouni - Ecoute Moi Camarade
2 Elias Rahbani - La Dance De Nadia
3 Ammar El Sherei - Asmar Ya Asmarani
4 Zafer Dilek - Çiçek Dağı
5 Gökçen Kaynatan - Pencerenin Perdesini
6 R.D. Burman - Shalimar Title Music
7 Ti L'Afrique - Soul Sock Séga
8 Teo Usuelli - Piacere Sequenc

9 Regiane - Broken Heart Melody
10 Isabelle Aubret - Pour Aimer Il Faut Etre Trois
11 Kartina Dahari - Seruling Senja
12 不得了 - 姚蘇蓉
13 Hany Mehanna - فرحة - Farha
14 Bimbo & Lin - Lalaki
15 Fer'et El Moseeqa El Arabeya - Ahwak
16 Baligh Hamdi - Zamane

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Monday, October 18, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SELENIAN GARDENS C60

Selene is the goddess of the moon. And from her botanical planetarium you can spot Planet Earth upper right, behind the exotic flowers. This of course means sixty more minutes of spicy psychedelic jazz grooves that’ll take you away on one unworldly ride after the other -Moahaha

1 Gianfranco & Gian Piero Reverberi - Le Malizie Di Venere #4
2 Mashmakhan - Letter From Zambia
3 Sukellusvene  - Sea Journey
4 Magician - Bazaar
5 Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr.  - The Riot
6 Jazz Q - Kartágo II (early version)
7 Lotus - Marschvals

8 The Middle-Earth Band - Work While It Is Day
9 Venegoni & Co. - Ubuo
10 Pop Workshop - Equivalent In Nature
11 Boillat Thérace Quintet - 1224
12 Alain Goraguer - La Comtesse Se Dévergonde
13 Araconga - Bad Beat Boys
14 Ben and The Platano Group - Paris Soul

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SYRINX RADIO C60

As we enter another epoch in the collaboration corridor of DW, this time the obscure music hoarders at Radio Alhara reached out and asked if we could supply them with a mixtape for September. It is only on rare occasions these days that the three architects of Dream Weapons, Moahaha (♌︎), Sadhu Sadhu (⟡) and Prabha Devi (☾︎), join forces, but this was an opportunity we couldn't turn down.

Three minds were sent racing into the void to collect sounds and sighs captured on tape from all corners of the globe. The tracks were shared and listened to and carefully put in order, artwork created, blurbs written and off it went into the ether, off to Palestine, to perfume the air of different realms -Prabha Devi


1 Maile Serenaders - Beyond The Reef ☾︎
2 Idris Sardi - Es Lilin ♌︎
3 Stellinha Egg e Típico Brasileiro de Gaya - Bum Qui Ti Bum ☾︎
4 Kingdom of the Sun: Peru's Inca Heritage - Yawlina ⟡
5 I.D. Company - Bum-Bum ♌︎
6 সন্ধ্যা মুখোপাধ্যায় মুখোপাধ্যায় - গানে মোর কোন ইন্দ্রধনু ⟡
7 The Silvertones - 咪咪猫  ☾︎
8 H. Abdul Adjib & Uun Kurniasih - Sumpah Suci ♌︎
9 Visarad Srima Ratnayaka - Chattamanavaka Gatha - Stanzas of the Triple Gem ⟡ 


10 Tasos Chalkias - Dirminitsa ♌︎
11 Алла Баянова - Встретились случайно мы на Фестивале ⟡
12 Kang Mandor - Ujang Suryana ☾︎
13 Hương Lan - Máu chảy về tim ☾︎
14 Light Rain - Sword Dance ♌︎
15 አስቴር አወቀ (Aster Aweke) - ካይኔ አለሬ ⟡
16 U Ba Than - Pattala solo ⟡

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Monday, September 13, 2021

Dream Weapons present: IT WAS A VERY GOOD LIGHTYEAR C60

A collection of fourteen dreams as dreamt by astronauts in deep, deep cryosleep (let’s just pretend dreaming is possible while you’re cooled down to -200 °C). In infinite space their minds fly beyond the skies and down to earth simultaneously. Human/machine, organic/mechanic, warm and cold soundscapes makes up their gently contrasting dreamscore - as imagined by Moahaha 

1 A Gethsémani - Alizés ou les Mélancolies
2 Eulipion Corps - The Long Goodbye
3 Richard Schneider Jr. - Visions
4 Andrew Wasylyk - Westway Nocturne
5 Claire Hamill - Sleep
6 Argo - A4
7 Gino Peguri - Marocco

8 Laurence Vanay - Glaciers interdits
9 Symboter - New Generation (end edit)
10 Eberhard Schoener - Tjandra
11 The Arms of Someone New - With Louise
12 Alessandro Alessandroni - Disperazione
13 Fumio Miyashita - Touch
14 Francesco Bucchieri - Dream

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Like this? Then I'd say there's a great chance you'd enjoy the dreamlike moods of Observance, Innerouterspace, On Ice, Tveklang & Return to Trappist-1 as well.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE LIGHT TRAVELLER C60

Autumn is the season of the harvest. I for one go mushroom hunting. The fall of the leaf gives life and brings death in glorious shades of yellow, orange, red, purple and brown. Perhaps needless to say we've entered my favorite time of the year. Long walks in the in the woods and the mountains has inspired another edition of Moahaha’s finest folk hour. 

-The Light Traveller... is this someone who travels light, or a traveller of light? I don’t know, a bit of both. I do however know that you'll get plenty of pastoral themes plus melodies and voices of spine-tingling beauty -Moahaha 

1 Teddybjörn Band - Moravsky Kras
2 Swordedge - Brave Wolfe
3 The Lion & the Fish - Green
4 Séguin - Par de là L'Hiver
5 Pat Kilroy - Star Dance
6 Spriguns Of Tolgus - Keys Of Canterbury
7 Robin & Barry Dransfield - Tapestry
8 Bridget St.John - Song For The Waterden Widow
9 Tony Wright (KINGYO) - Laughing Love (Part II)
10 Yays & Nays - Nature Is My Mother

11 Alasdair Clayre, Emma Kirkby & Victoria - Snow
12 Skin Alley - Country Aire
13 Ashley Hutchings - Staines Morris
14 Rosalie Sorrels - Il Pleure
15 Jean Ritchie - The Cuckoo (Another Version)
16 Mama Béa Tekielski - Cet enfant que je n'aurais pas
17 Phil Et Emmanuelle Fromont - Epinette Et Darbouka
18 Skara Brae - An Buinneán Buíi
19 Dolly Manuel - Nasudi a Babbai
20 Mike Maran - Monday Boy
21 Diane Hildebrand - And It Was Good

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Travellin' in the Dark is this light traveller's travelling companion (so are Rock Me to Sleep  + The Hearing Forest and the Seeing Field)

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Dream Weapons present: VERSES WITHOUT WORDS C60

Eight years ago I posted a Verses Without Words 2xC60 (the links have been dead for years) that had radically different covers and contained 40 songs in total. I suppose this compressed version is about 35% identical to the original. Its so differnt that I couldn't really repost what I originally wrote, so here's a newly written text as well:
-Verses Without Words contains 22 tunes with nothing but my favorite kind of musical lyricism: wordless vocal. Perhaps unsurprisingly this means almost a 1/3rd of its content is lifted from various italian b-movie soundtracks. Plus there's some library music-delights. But there’s also a few jazzy scats, a trio of esoteric folk songs, a little exotica and a memorable visit to Bollywood. A couple of downright scary numbers (like in the video underneath), but largely packed with lovely melodies and voices of otherworldly beauty. Still it does resemble the killer score to some forgotten giallo or fantastique-film. In other words, enough words -Moahaha

1 Fiorenzo Carpi - Mariale
2 Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte
3 Amadeo Tiommasi - Shake Tragico
4 Merit Hemmingson – Vindarna Sucka Uti Skogarna
5 Kalyanji Anandji – Theme Music (Sad)
6 Pierre Bachelet – Historie D'O  
7 Egisto Macchi – La Nascita Dell'Idea
8 Gianni Marchetti – Amor A Contraluce
9 Sonorhc – La Reine Des Sables
10 Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes – Aria Populaire
11 Alessandro Alessandroni – Preludietto
12 Jacques Denjean - Agony
13 The Sound of Feeling – Hex
14 Alessandro Alessandroni – Devil's Nightmare
15 Carmen Lesay – Sunset Mood
16 Johnny Lewis Trio and Millie – Snake Hips
17 Yma Sumac – Lament  
18 Baker St. Philharmonic – Singalong Junk
19 Michel Gonet – Eve Starlette
20 Anneke Konings - Love
21 Franco Micalizzi - M40
22 John Cameron/Keith Mansfield – Fly Away

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE GARDEN PARTY C60

Fifty-odd years ago an eccentric billionaire, globetrotter, collector of beautiful things and all-round degenerate throws a garden party for the ages. Strange and unrealistic things happen behind the scenes, while people dance and enjoy themselves all over the mega-mansion. Once again a little like the soundtrack to a daft movie I'd enjoy for the visuals - and love for the score. Don’t you just wish you were there? -Moahaha

1 Sapodilla Punch - I’m in Love
2 The Black Pages - There Goes
3 Cristina Buarque - Chorava No Meio Da Rua
4 Piero Piccioni - Scacco Alla Regina
5 Chandra Darusman & Guruh Sukarno Putra - Himbauan Rimba Raya
6 Elis Regina - Osanah
7 Vagelis Fournistakis - Club Background Source
8 Brian England - One of These Days (We're Gonna Blow Ourselves Up)
9 Gerhard Heinz - Brazilian Countess
10 Franco Micalizzi - Robert's Theme

11 Zz En Demaskers - Beat Girl
12 Peggy March - 霧の中の少女
13 Charanjit Singh - Jo Tum Todo Piya
14 Barbara Ruskin - Where Are We
15 Gianni Marchetti - Part-Y-Time
16 Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Love Streams
17 Arsenio Rodriguez - Bruca Manigua (instrumental version)
18 Susanna Haavisto - On Kyyhkynen Erehtynyt
19 Wagner Tiso - Assim Seja
20 Andi Meriem Mattalatta - Lagu Merdu

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Once again featuring a couple (three actually) of gems sent to me from Monkey D. Sound

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Marie Laforêt - Maïtena Marie Brigitte Doumenbach (C60)

My latest show/C60 for 20ft Radio was broadcast a couple of days ago, but they're busy with some music festival, and seemingly haven't had time uploading my mix on mixcloud, so I'll wait with posting "The Garden Party" until they do. Meanwhile here's a(nother) compilation I made nine years ago. Back when when I compiled it her music wasn't on Spotify and in general she felt far more unknown or perhaps forgotten than she does now (at least where I'm situated). But its a spectacular collection of tunes... if I dare say so myself. Anyway:

-Maïtena Marie Brigitte Doumenbach is  Marie Laforêt's (1939-2019) birthname. Sounding a little like Edit Piaf with an updated 60's sound, the swissborn (but of armenian origin), Paris based actress/singer/model Marie Laforet was never really a Ye-Ye girl. Some of her hits are typical Ye-Ye, but in general her style was too sophisticated, artsy, mature and not poppy enough to be a part of that scene.

The main reason I made my own Golden Hour of 25 songs chosen out of about 150, is (as always) that I've never came across one that felt pleasing to listen to all the way through. If you don't know this stunning lady or her stunning chansons yet, this might become your perfect summer soundtrack discovery. If you do know her I hope you approve of my selection
-Moahaha 2012

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE INFINITE STREAM C90

Twelve weirdly wondrous avant-garde/free jazz (and the likes) treasures, 1967-1980. This one's taken me ages to finish as it was vital that every selected tune had a certain crossover appeal + a «whoa I didn’t see that coming!»… whilst listening sensation. A stand out quality.

-Whether that means combining uncompromising jazz with choirs, spoken word, a dance groove, a lovely folk tune, over the top insanity - or a sound space of strangely evocative timbres. An infinite stream of pure, convoluted entertainment. 2x45 minutes packed with virtuosity, insanity and excitement! -Moahaha

1 Jan Garbarek Quartet - Arnold (final part)  5:39
2 Baird Hersey and the Year of the Ear - The Charioteer  3:36
3 Miho Kei & Jazz Eleven - Kokezaru Kumikyoku 1. Mizaru  6:31
4 Charles Sullivan - Genesis  17:36
5 Georg Riedel - Riedaiglia 6  5:14
6 Barry Altschul - Con Alma de Noche  6:10

7 Herbert f. Bairy - Runnin’  7:39
8 Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Love Buenos Aires  9:09
9 New Jazz Trio - Absolute  2:58
10 Barre Phillips - Part VI  11:01
11 Tony Iglio - Yatagan  7:31
12 Melvin Jackson - Dance of the Dervish  6:35


Sunday, June 13, 2021

Dream Weapons present: ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON C60

Tippy toeing rhythms & rhymes, mild mannered voices and sounds. Like half-forgotten daydreams through a soft focus lens. Mostly in a lighthearted, sensuously innocent mood, yet not without life’s fair share of melancholy and sadness -Moahaha

-In gentler tones Secunda hopes «There will be nonsense in it» (Lewis Carroll)

1 Yves Simon - Le Mariage A L'Usine
2 Thien Huong et Jean-Philippe - La Prison De Bambou
3 Kathe Green - Bossa Nova
4 Chiemi Eri - Sado-Okesa
5 Shuji Terayama - 逢いたい
6 Armando Sciascia - Mediterranean Sunset
7 Martha Mendonça - Superstição
8 Fernanda Maria - Princesa do Tejo
9 Silvano D'Auria - Sabina #3
10 Tomoko Ogawa - さよならマカオ
11 Rafika Duri & Ireng Maulana - Sabda Alam
12 Charles Dumont - Theme Oriental

13 Junko Igarashi - 垣根の向う
14 Off Course - ほんの少しの間だけ
15 Denise Emmer - Tema Verde
16 Maria Creuza - Luz Negra / O Sol Nascera
17 António Emiliano - Alegres Camponeses
18 Hareton Salvanini - Olhe Menina
19 Fred Bongusto - Titoli
20 The Mutual Understanding - Rain Rain Go Away
21 Mike Green - Tara's Theme
22 Birgit Bruel - Den Største Sorg
23 The Fleetwoods - I Believe
24 Roberto Anselmi - Casa Bianca (Marcia Lenta E Cadenzata)

All in the Golden Afternoon along with The Innocents, Safe Space is the Place, Birds of a Feather and Windswept Daydream makes for a pentalogy of musical delights. Seven hours of balm for the ears and kindness for your soul (if you got one).

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Dream Weapons present: TREMBLEMENT C90

An almost identical version of this was originally posted elsewhere in 2014. The link has been dead for years and I think it deserves to be available. I had actually lost my own version, so I had to remake it from scratch.

-I just wanted the cover to have a similar feel as some of those strange 1970's films and books that Ben at Toys and Techniques used to present way back when the internet was still young and promising. Tremblement translates into something like tremor or trembling. It felt like the perfect name for a slightly pretentious, long forgotten arthouse obscurtity as well as describing the deep quivering bass-rumbles that dominates this mixtape. Everything from avantgarde, garage-rock, 20th century classical, library-grooves, psychedelic backwards-singing and jazz of all sorts here -Moahaha

1. A. Linstaedt - Pounding City
2. Guido & Mauritzio De Angelis - Salt Lake Feelings
3. Mark Fry - Rethorb Ym No Hcram
4. Kim Kristensen - Klædt i Stillhet
5. Francois Rabbath - L'Odyssee D'Eau (edit)
6. Nico Fidenco - Pastorale #2
7. Victoria De Los Angeles (Maurice Ravel) - L'Enigme Eternelle
8. Guy Pedersen & Raymond Guiot - Indian Pop Bass
9. Peter Thomas - Escape From The Camp
10. Richard Davis - The Rabbi
11. Nils Økland - Straum
12. Ennio Morricone/Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Ritorno All'Inzio
13. Aart Brouwer - He Pssst
14. Byard Lancaster feat. Sonny Sharrock - Satan

15. A. Linstaedt - Hell For Leather
16. Long Orme - Arboc
17. Don Gere - Werewolves On Wheels (end theme)
18. The Creepniks - Zombie Stomp
19. Bruno Nicolai - E 444
20. Paul Motian - Tuesday Ends Saturday
21. Stelvio Cipriani - The Run In The Alley
22. Lena Nyman & Rune Andersson - Turandot
23. Gerardo Iacouuci & H. Caige - Revolte
24. Lesiman - Furia
25. Peter Frohmader/Nekropolis - Unendliche Qual
26. M.Nomiized - Enfant Mort
27. Trollmann Av Ildtoppberg - The Dreamshadows
28. J.F Jenny Clark - Ozone

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Dream Weapons Present: I AM THE RESURRECTION C60

Soulful, spiritual and spaced out oriental/occidental jazz-fusions with throbbing bassline-grooves may not be the gospel of salvation for all humankind. But it radiates warm vibes which will make you feel good and put a grin on your face. At least it has that effect on me. Enjoy! -Moahaha

1 Jacky Giordano - Fluid Man
2 Amancio D'Silva - What Maria Sees
3 Augusto Martelli - Nanaue
4 Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - The Other Face
5 Association - Jazzper
6 Kyriakos Sfetsas - From a Foreign Land - από ξένο τόπο
7 Paz - Time Stood Still

8 Tri Atma - The Bird Of Power
9 Clivage - Eudjal
10 Oneness of Juju - West Wind
11 Shankar Jaikishan • Rais Khan - Raga Bhairav
12 Andrea Centazzo - First And Last Freedom
13 Mahagon - Pulnocni
14 Moonstruck - A Space in Time

I Am the Resurrection is the sixth or seventh (...maybe eighth) incarnation in my ever expanding universe of «carefully selected jazz fused with other stuff-gems»-mixtapes. Here’s links to the previous six: Celestial Space Inn, Per Aspera ad Astra, Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of We Travel the Earthways & Spirits Unknown). That’s more than ten hours of music, sweet music in total! 

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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Sabah - El Shahroura (C60)

While waiting for my upcoming mix to broadcast here’s one more improved and repackaged Moahaha bonus-compilation «from the vaults». A relatively simliar 2x45 version was shared elsewhere in early 2013. 

Sabah (1927-2014), also known as El Shahroura (=Blackbird) was a Lebanese singer and actress whose fame spread all over the arab and western world. Still I've never come across anything near a decent attempt on collecting an album worth of highlights out of the reported 3500 songs in her repertoire. Which is why I decided to have a go at it myself. The end result is this hour (or 2x30) of tunes selected from almost 20 hours worth of recordings. To my ears Sabah's voice doesn't quite match the otherworldly beauty of Fairuz’, but she could hold a note a for about a minute. Plus the instrumentation is in general more traditional/folkier and often infectiously furious -Moahaha

1 Mafesh Gheirak
2 La'a Ya Melowaa Le Albi
3 An Nada 'Nada
4 Minqullak Fakeena
5 Tou' Oua Doub
6 Laish Bitiz'al Laish Bitghar

7 Ya Bou Al-Hajanah
8 Ya Habibi Ya Hayati
9 Ya Tayr Ezzaroura
10 Dek el Kaff
11 Ya Omma Men Chab Bhalhay
12 Aho Da Ely Benhebo

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Dream Weapons present: OFF THE RAILS C60

A ‘trip to heave and ho, up down, to and fro' is good for you every once in a while. Isn't it good to be lost in the wood? Just make sure you don’t get stuck in there forever. Off the Rails is a musical journey that gently entices you off the straight and narrow path, luring you into the great unknown. Safe travels! -Moahaha

1 Daniele Sepe - Che Fine Ha Fatto Beppe Pupilla?
2 Cinorama - A Moon Cat
3 Olivia Byington - Mãe
4 Non Credo - Faux Afro
5 Sylvia Anderson - Dangerous Game (From 'The Cham Cham’)
6 Mark McDowell - Dark Weave
7 Jacqueline Hyde and the Moonfolk - Runaway
8 Blear Moon - I’m Not Ready Right Now
9 Joseph Koo / 顧嘉煇 - Oh My Love
10 Dif Juz - Tabla Piece

11 Vampira - Beat Poem
12 Oronzo De Filippi - Castello Stregato
13 Hermine - Blue Angel
14 Philippe d'Aram - La Valse Grinçante
15 Caldera - Share With Me The Pain
16 Populäre Mechanik - Für Ein Paar Deutschmarks
17 Bart Wolffe - Danse Macabre
18 Art Farmer & The Baroque Orchestra - Prelude In "a" Minor
19 Randy Greif - The Hole To Heaven
20 Daniela Casa - Occultismo

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Friday, April 2, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SUNSET, SUNRISE C60

Spring is here!! This surely means the much sought-after summer of 2021 is just around the corner as well. I aimed for Sunset, Sunrise to sound like your dream holiday on a paradise island of yesteryear. Looking forward whilst longing back so to speak. A dozen plus one magical tunes packed with strings, flutes, kīkākilas, vibes, kotos, bongos, congas, boo bams, gongs, whistling and humming (m.m.)… accompanied by six enchanting songs. In a coconutshell: here’s another exotica-mix! -Moahaha

1 Jan Lindblad - Mera Dil Ye Pugri
2 Paul Mark- Gion Kouta
3 Ìxtahuele - Mareld
4 Muzzy Marcellino - Beyond the Reef
5 Stanley Black - Flamingo
6 Eve Boswell - Moon Above Malaya
7 Edmond De Luca - The Trek
8 Lombardo Twins - Arabian Drums
9 Linda Lawson - Where Flamingos Fly

10 Luis Enriquez - Mercato Delle Schiave
11 Tak Shindo - For You
12 Billy Ward, voc. Eddie Herring - Moonlight and Shadows
13 Bob Kojima and his Orchestra - Genroku Hanami Odori
14 Group Thirty Orchestra - Caracao
15 Bing Crosby - Home in Hawaii
16 Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica - Moai Thief
17 George De Fretes - Sweet Luana
18 Les Paul & Mary Ford - Farewell
19 Sam Taylor - Lullaby of Itsuki

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-and for more exotica check out Sunward & Distant Drums

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fairuz - Neighbor to the Moon, Ambassador to the Stars & Jewel of Babylon 90x3

I'll be about a week till I post my next mix and I recently reuploded this trilogy of Fairuz-compilations made back in 2012, 2013 and 2014 - so why not share them here... I thought. It really is quite an uniquely amazing four and a half hour of music from what may just be my favorite artist. Not as skilfully compiled as you've gotten used to, but you still get all the amazing songs. A little out of character and quite a few tunes here has got millions of plays on youtube/spotify etc... so I'll probably remove this post at some point (or maybe I won't). Grab 'em all while you can! -Moahaha

Here's the covers with links and what I originally wrote:

Fairuz is all I've been listening to lately, and as I plan to get as much of her music as possible, this might just be a part one. There's a flood of Fairuz collections already out there but as far as I know, none of them are similar to the 90 minutes collected for you here:

The A-side has a slight vintage feel containing mainly 50’s/60’s material while the next 45 minutes focus more on the Rahbani Bros penned 60's and 70’s large scale operettas/stage performances (including a couple of instrumentals), but also her biggest hits. There's a mix of more traditional folk songs and her westernised vocal jazz/poppier stuff on both sides. It shouldn’t be possible not to love this.

I was always planning to make a second Fairuz-collecton. What I wrote when I shared Neighbor to the Moon, basically goes for this volume as well,

My third, last and latest (I swear) compilation for the artist also known as Jewel of Babylon, Neighbor to the Moon and Ambassador to the Stars. An unplanned trilogy of carefully handpicked tunes originating from about 70-80 albums. The material here is still just as strong as on the two previous ones. Seriously, it is. What can I say, I'm such a fanboy and while she's a superstar in the greater parts of the middle east, literally nobody knows about here in the western world. Or atleast in the part of the world where I live. Her oldest material on the A-side as usual.

 -and btw, after compiling these I've kept discovering plenty more gorgeous Fairuz-gems. 

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Dream Weapons present: UP ABOVE, DOWN BELOW C60

Whenever the world feels like an ugly, stupid, cold and evil place - which is quite often really… the beauty of music is always there to help me «out of the darkness and into the light*». Now here's a dozen heart-worn-on-their-sleeve-songs and a handful of complementary instrumentals. Originating from different centuries, cultures and environments, yet still sharing a common ground in mood, mode and general loveliness. All gently melancholic folk music in one way or another, but with a few modern classical and early music excursions. So dear friends, time to start our healing process and let music be your shrink, life coach or drug. Try it! The first hour is free! Sorry, got a bit carried away there. But its a nice little mixtape -Moahaha (*inspirational quote: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell)

1 Wileńszczyzna - Oj, Zaszło Słonko
2 Agate Simfonia - A Lullaby (From "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword")
3 Kaoguiamo - Guine-Kaoberdi
4 The Martin Sisters - Piccadilly Billy
5 Wall Matthews (feat. Andrew Williams & Rusty Clark) - The Village
6 Aarti Mukherji - Sab Loke Koy Lalan Ki Jaat Sansare
7 Brigada Victor Jara - Manolo Mio
8 Yovanna (Γιοβάννα) - Ο Tάφος

 9 Rovi - Buccheri
10 Popi Asteriadi (Πόπη Αστεριάδη) - Αφιέρωμα Στον Χορτάτζη
11 Aitana Alberti & Dúo Amanecer - Danza de la Pastora
12 Sylvain Chauveau + Chant 1450 Renaissance Ensemble - Pues que tu reina + Mi libertad
13 Helga Myhr - Du skal ikke døren stenge
14 Maciej Żołnowski - Kwartet Japonski II
15 Maria Joao - Senhora Santa Combinha
16 Chucha Assar - Badiour
17 Abdallah Chahine - Ya Nas Ana Mutt

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-Guine-Kaoberdi is just one among countless gems I've been sent over the years from well... someone I don't know who is, but I know it's a generous person who's got a lot of great, unheard music to share. So do check out Monkey D. Sound's youtube-account.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Dream Weapons present: PERENNIAL FLOWERS C60

Sing and dance along to melodies that sound like something your grandparents or rather great-grandparents could have spun at parties or in their spare time. That is if they were lucky enough to enjoy such things as parties and spare time... plus had eccentric but nevertheless impeccable taste - and owned a record player.

-Here's another wilted floral grouping of largely unheard six to eight decades old «popular music», revived. Twenty-two memorable, but strangely forgotten tunes that deserve our love and attention. This time slightly melodramatic and moonlit oldies with only a couple of fun novelty songs added in between the haunting and the heartbreak. Mostly musical expressions that hardly exist in our vocabulary anymore. Yet to me these pre-Fab Four era gems, speak directly to the heart -Moahaha

1 Djalma Ferreira e Seus Milionarios do Ritmo - Misterioso
2 Elder Barber - Jinetes en el Cielo
3 Eddie Miller And His Band - Ghost Town
4 Hank Levine & The Blazers - Midnight
5 Ronnie Chapman - Annie B. Is Gone
6 Lorrie Collins - Another Man Done Gone
7 Fred Lowery - The Lonesome Road
8 Elsa Bertuzzi  & Gianni Fallabrino Y Su Orquesta - Sera Di Nebbia
9 Onilda Figueiredo - Se Deus Assim o Quis
10 Jean Bonal y sus Ritmos Brasileiros - Bongiorno Tristezza
11 Carmen Costa - Começo de Vida

12 Tomás Campos & Waldo De Los Rios - El Indio Muerto
13 Kenny Graham and His Satellites - Chant
14 Hiroshi Wada & Mahina Stars -  誰よりも君を愛す
15 Amiek Dasuki - Loro Bronto
16 Jack Fascinato - Spring, Sprang, Sprung
17 The Chordettes - Moonlight On the Ganges
18 The Dinning Sisters - A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow
19 Waldo de los Ríos - Cueca Del Reloj
20 Patsy Montana - Yodeling Ghost
21 Beryl Davis - Careless
22 Walter Wanderley & Seu Conjunto - Ruega Por Nosotros

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Friday, February 19, 2021

Dream Weapons present: ACROPODIUM C60

As a curator of mixtapes, this time I decided to invite 17 artists/composers to interpret a sculpture by Brâncuși. Haha no I didn’t. Originally I found a catalogue with an «ugly» (but in a great way) Jean Arp-piece pictured on the front page that I wanted to use as cover art. Naturally I started collecting a bunch of twisted tunes. But as often before I ended up in more beautiful place than where I started. Eventually the selected music didn’t really resemble ‘Ptolemy II’ at all anymore. So at the finishing stages I swapped that in favour of this alluring work of art instead. Finally here’s the equivalence to the exquisite «Mlle Pogany II» in sound. Somewhat -Moahaha.

1 Omoide Hatoba - A Scab Forms Crone
2 Anthony Davis - Prolog (The Days In Space)
3 Remo De Vico - If you disappear, the vacuum...
4 Bill Frisell - Under a Golden Sky
5 Maria Joao - No Dia Em Que As Flores Comeram Os Passaros
6 Egisto Macchi - Un Violoncello Magico
7 Vittorio Gelmetti - Lied Romantico
8 T. Isotani & K. Yoshimatu - Lehte
9 Lalo Schifrin - Acupuncture #1

10 Alabaster DePlume - Pastry
11 Fabio Fabor - Asteroidal
12 Paul Castanier - Pera Geta Elena
13 Эдуард Садоян - Две пьесы для виолончели соло 1. Zargo 2. Allegro
14 Kaija Saariaho - Überzeugung
(performed by The Norwegian Soloists' Choir/Oslo Sinfonietta/Grete Pedersen)
15 Les Fragments de la Nuit - Soleils Noirs pour Lune Blanche
16 Sic - Ella Se Desliza
17 Janko Nilovic - Un Piano Dans L'Espace

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Dream Weapons present: CELESTIAL SPACE INN C60

«Jazzing through the luminiferous ether» goes the strapline... which was the title of an interesting article I never read. For several millennia ether was thought to exist everywhere in space - as a fifth element of sorts. We have now come to learn that ether is superfluous. But that’s irrelevant to this musical voyage in vivid and spirited jazz fusion packed with sizzling grooves and scattered with heavenly chants. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but: Can you dig it? -Moahaha

1 Azteca - A Night In Nazca
2 Angelo Noce Santoro - Odessa - part I
3 Hiromasa Suzuki - Gentle Wave
4 Tom Scott - North
5 Ed Thigpen's Action-re-action - Danish Drive
6 Jerzy Milian - Czasem Bez Tercji
7 Young-Holt Unlimited - Queen Of The Nile

8 Puzzle - Haiku
9 Tranzam - Tranzam
10 Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski - Sweet Beat
11 The Chris Hinze Combination - A Collection of Potsherd
12 Volker Kriegel - Spanish Soul
13 Ambiance - Quasar 


Like this? Try these: Per Aspera ad Astra, Sun Sprites, Music of the Spheres, The High Priestess and Fourth World (+ most of Spirits Unknown).

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dream Weapons present: THE INNOCENTS C90

Up here in the northern hemisphere January is the coldest month of the year. And after a couple of mournful or dystopian shares, it's time once again to let a little sunshine in. In addition to fill your soundspace with beauty and bright welcoming warmth, these tunes will provide you with a healthy dose of vitamin D. Those who know me won’t be surprised to find glimpses of darkness in the light and vice versa - which means you need not to worry about overdosing on cuteness (depending a little on your level of tolerance I suppose). I could simply have written that The Innocents along with Safe Space is the Place, Birds of a Feather and Windswept Daydream makes for a six hours long quadrilogy of gently comforting melodies and trust that those four titles (plus the cover art) were explaination enough in themselves -Moahaha

1 Brewer & Shipley - Mass for M'Lady
2 Manfred Mann- Love Theme
3 Lori Balmer - Here Before The Sun
4 Cross Country - Just a Thought
5 Mindaugas Urbaitis - Antra Dalis
6 Karen Jones - Millicent Green
7 New Temple - Psalm 100
8 Ciato & Ciato's - Aria Per Elisa
9 Paula Moore - Learn to be Free
10 Li Garattoni - Find Out What I'm Dreaming
11 Bruno Nicolai - Nostalgia Di Un Incontro
12 Reparata & the Delrons - Mama's Little Girl
13 The Cowsills - The Prophecy Of Daniel And John The Divine (Six-Six-Six)
14 Elmer Bernstein - I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
15 Lesley Duncan - The Serf

16 Vindharpen - Rosenhaven
17 Beaver & Krause - Looking Back Now
18 Hareton Salvanini - Solidão
19 The Playmates - Gi Ikke Opp
20 Gary Lewis - Look Here Comes The Sun
21 The Children Of Sunshine - Uncle Harry
22 René Costy And His Orchestra - Easy To Be In Love
23 Karen Lafferty - Nothing Can Separate
24 Prelude - Or Maybe The Autumn
25 Alan Parker - Melody and Lace
26 Chunky, Novi & Ernie - Italian Sea
27 Lorn Smith - Last Sunset
28 The Tempters - All Day I Call Your Name
29 Jade - Prelude Willow's End

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Friday, January 8, 2021

Dream Weapons present: SECTOR UNIT C60


If you fuse the future utopian concept of (Kraftwerk’s) Computer World with the subterranean dystopia of Mark of the Mole (by The Residents) and add to that a Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare - you’ll find yourself somewhere in the neighbourhood of Sector Unit. There’s literally tons of reasons I’d rather have my not all bright, not totally bleak distant future as seen from the early 1980’s - instead of the future we got. The matching analogue electronic score being one of them - Moahaha

1 Danielle Kenny - Alarm Clock
2 Lamartine - Skylab
3 96 Eyes - Chromata
4 Tibet & Australië  - Tibet 2
5 Tomita - M3 (Main Title)
6 Ptôse - Like a Mouse
7 Rodion G.A. - Elastic
8 Al Mati - A Day Will Rise
9 Colin Potter - The Lope 1
10 Catfish - Sahara

11 Sympathy Nervous - Naniga
12 Belbury Poly  - Lord Belbury's Folly
13 Alu - Big Fon
14 Sociedades en Tetra Brik - Niño Organo
15 Renaldo & The Loaf - City Rhythm
16 Schaltkreis Wassermann - Dune Dance
17 Cosmic Neighbourhood - Vampire Bat
18 Haruomi Hosono - La Gojo

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