Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Dream Weapons present: XMAS DELIGHTS X C60

As I'll be busy for most of December, Christmas comes a little early this year. 
-Xmas Delights volume X is a one hundred percent sentimental nostalgia trip containing nothing but the familiar sounds of unfamiliar oldies from yesteryear. Longing back and romanticising the past is simply the spirit of the season. Its been that way for generations before us. A century ago they were already singing about celebrating Christmas in «the good old fashioned way». Beautiful tunes and heartwarming songs from decades before most of us were born. That's how I prefer my music at this time of the year. 
I don’t think we’ll be back with another mix until January. So for now, whether you like it or not: Merry Christmas or Happy Winter Festival and a Happy New Year to you all! -Moahaha

1 Fran Allison - Christmas in My Heart (1950)
2 Jose Melis - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (1958)
3 Hilmer Borgeling - Vinter i Sverige (1939)
4 Jens Book-Jenssen - Aftenklokkerne (1947)
5 American Radio Warblers With Preston Sellers - Skater’s Waltz (1951)
6 W.G.A.R. Range Riders - Winter Fell on the Range (1946)
7 Ambrose Orchestra with Vera Lynn - The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot (1937)
8 London String Quartet - Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful (1945)
9 Olga Guillot - Nochebuena (1947)
10 Seeburg Background Music - Coventry Carol (1963)
11 Jacqueline Ricard - Petit Noël (1950)

12 Tuula-Anneli Rantanen - Lasikello Kertoo (1960)
13 Elliot Lawrence And His Orchestra - We Three Kings (1962)
14 André Claveau - La Légende de Saint Nicolas (1958)
15 Marie Hélène - Les Neiges de Finlande (1959)
16 Roger Williams and his Orchestra - Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (1962)
17 Eileen Barton - The Little Match Girl (1952)
18 Connie Russell - Snow Dreams (1955)
19 Eddie Barclay et son Orchestre - Noël d'Alsace (1961)
20 Gordon Jenkins with Floyd Huddleston - December (1949)
21 Jack Brown and The Three Jills - Let's Light The Christmas Tree (1948)
22 Kramer Johansens Solistorkester - Norsk Julefantasi 1. Del (1936)
23 Chœur des Mésanges & Linack - Tout Dort Dans La Nuit Sombre (1956) 


Link to all our Delights & XD-V (where you’ll also find Vol. I-IV) + here's the streams for 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 & 2016:

I didn’t have a lot of time compiling this year. But fortunately I had tons of 78rpm-gems from The Internet Archive lying about already. All lovingly «remastered and reshared" by internet's (probably the whole actual planet, really) no. 1 Christmas music expert Ernie (Not Bert) - which is where and how I first discovered them. This year I think about half the contents of this mix was originally discovered at his place. Huge thanks!


  1. Magical. Thank you. A Very (Early) Merry Christmas to you all!

    1. Thank you Markus - And a very (early) Merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Looks like a great selection, and not just of my shares. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. you make me happy old friend. i surfed here thinking maybe... december will be magic again...

    1. Always a pleasure to make old friends happy, Bil:) - I hope X delivers that old december magic!

  4. Always the best, Moahaha. Thanks for figuring out this music stuff for working joes like myself. I'm gonna put this on and melt the hearts of all the juggalos and metal boys I work with.

    1. Haha thank you TheGemenii! I've only ever worked for myself, but I imagine metal boys and juggalos are mostly very nice people that makes great colleagues. But when it comes (christmas) music, they probably need to be steered in the right direction. I'm glad to be of service and hoping for melting metal hearts.

  5. Hi Moahaha!! Thanks a lot for this wonderful gift, please be my guest in my new music blog site The Flying Zoo:

    Happy holidays!! See you next year!!


    1. Hi Crazy Monkey - Congratulations on your new blog! I'd like to add The Flying Zoo to our blogroll, but somehow the edit/add-tool is... gone! It's just not there anymore, so I haven't been able to add new blog in months. Anyway, Happy holidays to you too!

    2. -I figured out how to add new blogs. Look forward to chack out new posts/shares of yours:)

  6. Beautiful things ! Thank you ,Moahaha ! All the best for the New Year!

    1. Best wishes for the New Year to you too, DOOMSTERJOHN!

  7. Replies
    1. un placer, Francisco Ortiz Archila :) -Moahaha