Monday, May 22, 2023

Dream Weapons present: THE OLD WAVE C60

The Old Wave is really just a bunch of tunes from the early to mid-eighties, that's either been with me forever, or I’ve stumbled over in various places around the internet. If not that old, New Wave is at least middle aged by now (yet for some reason "The Middle Aged Wave" didn't feel right). But it holds up well and still sound as fresh as ever. More so than the music from the second part of the same decade. It was an uniquely vibrant period for «popular music». I’ve simply collected nineteen standout gems (at least I think so) from this era that has gone under most everyone’s radar. Yes I know, The Comsat Angels and Lene Lovich are relatively well known, but the single/EP flipsides included here aren't. Chilling and doom-laden in a sort of cold war angsty way + plenty of fun -Moahaha

1 Mystery Plane - Telephone
2 Kaffi - Moonbeams
3 Ende Shneafliet. - Midnight Train
4 Dislocation Dance - Roof is Leaking
5 The Comsat Angels - We Were
6 Sueno Sueno - Hands
7 Störung  - Macabre
8 Avocados - I Never Know
9 Mal - A Letter From Yellowland
10 Stupid Set- Relaxin

11 Drinking Electricity - Fall
12 Lene Lovich - Cats Away
13 Tarzan 5 - Boys Game
14 David Harrow - Still Optimistic
15 Leven Signs - Our Position Vanishes
16 M.Nomiized - Nitsed
17 Jung Analysts - Punishment is Art
18 Galen Herod - 800728
19 Hong Kong Syndikat - Divided By



Thursday, May 18, 2023

Added streaming options

Update: the Spatial Jazz is blocked. Unlike Mixcloud and Hearthis, Audius isn't really meant for mixes. Hearthis has a weekly upload limit, so I can't just lump them all there. All these complications are frustrating, but as long as our mixtapes are available in some kind of format, I'm relatively "happy".

Hello fellow music lovers. Not a big deal but perhaps worth a post just to let you know. Some of you (or maybe none) might have noticed that I've later added a player for Northern Songs. As I have forgotten my reasons for not adding streaming options every time I've shared a reworking of these originally decade old pre-DWp-mixtapes of mine, I decided to do something about it. I know some of you prefer streaming, and it can of course be very practical.

I've not decided yet whether to add stream-options for the compilations I've made purely for one single artist. Does any of you want - or need the three Fairuz C90's, the Sabah, Marie Laforêt and Cab Calloway-collections I've posted here as streams - or are you good with the mp3's you got?

These are the four old mixes that were missing a streaming option, with links to the original post if you press the title: 

A Song in the Blood re-uploaded!

  Dying Breed 

 Little Black Bag

 Spatial Jazz

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Dream Weapons present: NORTHERN SONGS C90

By "popular demand" I’ve flicked/improved upon and re-uploaded this ten year old C90 for you. I don't think there's been an active link for the old version in like seven or eight years. A handful of the artists selected are represented with a couple of tunes each, and a few ensembles/artists included are relatively profilic. It’s not how I would compile a mix in 2023. I do think it's pretty great for what it is though. Plus this version got three short, but sweet bonus songs. Here's what I wrote back in 2013:

Last part of the title is taken from Immigrant Song, as I grew up imagining Led Zep was singing about norwegians migrating to America. Turns out it was about Iceland but nevermind, it still fits.

My original idea was to make a «true» nordic folk collection with tunes and arrangements based on/or in direct contact with the old tradition. I ended up including some slightly rocked/jazzed up material but kept it mostly traditional with plenty of hardangerfiddle. No electro-or freakfolk to be found. Most of the edits I made are taken from medleys. Northern Songs should either make you want to dance or weep. Or dance and weep

1 Intro: Ulver – Hiertets Vee (edit) N
2 Pernille Anker, Hans Brimi – Blå Toner fra Lom N
3 Hedningarna – Skamgreppet S/F
4 Gjallarhorn – Minuet from Jeppo-Polska F
5 Garmarna – Drew Drusnaar-Idag Som Igår S
6 Egil Storbekken – Vesletjennlåten N
7 Kalenda Maya – Dei Två Systrarna N
8 Kalenda Maya – Ungan Herredag N
9 Folk och Rackare – Vänner och Fränder N/S
10 Väsen – Anno 1643 S
11 Menaiset – Tule! F
12 Ane Heiberg – Å Vil Du Hava Meg Til Å Kveda N (bonus, 2023)
13 Nils Økland – Svev-Til Eili N
14 Pernille Anker – Budeiesull Fra Brimisætra N
15 Niekku – Tutskovi F
16 Niekki – Pc 1582 (edit) F
17 Koyhat Ritarit & Primo – Kallon Vienti Honkaan F  
18 Magnús Þór Sigmundsson and Rafin R. Jónsson – Krummavísur I

19 Turid – Tintomara S
20 Folque – Ravnene N
21 Nya Ljudbolaget – Når Gryningen Kommer S
22 Slinkombas – Opp i li, Bånsull N (bonus, 2023)
23 Arbete och Fritid – Pols Efter Henningsgard, Brekhena S
24 Älgarnas Trädgård – Möjligheternas Barn S
25 Arbete och Fritid – Finsk Sorgsmarch S
26 Fred Åkerström – Epistel nr 81 (Bellmann): Märk Hur Vår Skugga S
27 Ragnarok – Polska Från Kalmar S
28 Erik Bye – Margaretas Vise N
29 Østerdalsmusikk – Bukkehornlåt etter Ole Eggen N
30 Slinkombas – Gamlestev N (bonus, 2023)
31 Samla Mammas Manna – Folkvisa i Morse S
32 Merit Hemmingson – Oxbergsmarschen S
33 Kong Lavring – Liv & Katinka N
34 Koyhat Ritarit & Primo – Lopetussanat F
35 Magnús Þór Sigmundsson and Rafin R. Jónsson – Tröllaslagur I 




 (N=Norway, S=Sweden, F=Finland, I=Iceland)