Friday, November 22, 2019

Dream Weapons present: LITTLE BLACK BAG C90

While waiting for the next 20ft Radio-mix to broadcast I figured I might as well brush up on - and share another one of my pre-Dream Weapons C90's. Its probably brand new to most of you blog visitors anyway. Upon relistening I enjoyed it way more than I though I would. An unpretentious, non-conceptual bag of freaky fun, I think. Eight years ago these tunes were all ultra obscure (even Drowning in Berlin & Yeweyn Haregitu).

-An eclectic mix of japanese waltzes, vintage electronics, strings & discobeats, fast flowing chanteuses, fun rides, badtrips, space-sweeps, and some occult jazzfusion. Once you opened this Pandoras purse and unleashed all its mysteries and dark little secrets, there's no turning back
-Moahaha, 2011

1. After Dinner – Sepia Ture
2. Fibonaccis – The Ordinary Women
3. Johnny Hawksworth – The Whistler
4. Melodic Energy Commission – Migration of the Snails*
5. Les Elles – La Chatte Monsieur Clock
6. Classroom (Cos) – La Partie D’ Checs
7. Staff Carpenbourg and the Electric Corona – Lightning Fires, Burning Sorrows
8. Mobiles – Drowning in Berlin
9. Munch – Car
10. Variete – Good Night-Age
11. Aleksei Rybnikov – Big Space Travel OST, unknown title
12. Nico Fidenco – Come Back! Rhythm
13. Non Credo – Happy Wretched Family
14. Patrice Sciortino – Approche Dramatique
15. Andre Hossein – Orgie 4 (Macha-Raspoutine)


1. After Dinner – Sepia Ture II
2. J.A Caesar – Nazo ga Fue Fuku Kagee ga Oduru
3. Solex – Some Solex
4. Oleg Kostrow – Zagado’njy Passazhir
5. Yello – No More Roger
6. Ennio Morricone – La Proprieta’ Non E’ Piu un Furto
7. Dollie – Under Snø
8. Danielle Dax – The Shamemen
9. Guy Pedersen (Chant : Françoise Walle) – Te Connais Tu Toi Même
10. Caravelli - Métamorphose Démentielle
11. Goom – Massai (Part 1)
12. Darso & Daetty Kurnia – Jalma Dengki
13. Apparation – Apparation
14. Alemayehu Eshete – Yeweyn Haregitu
15. Jacques Denjean – The Cult
    (outro: Columbia River Entertainment – Knocking On Door)



  1. Hi,
    what a beautiful music you give us every time you post something!
    sorry for not commenting more often!

    1. Thank you Il Commendatore - no need to be sorry but your comment is greatly appreciated!