Thursday, November 7, 2019

Dream Weapons present: INCANTATIONS C60

Like spinning in an opium hallucination, INCANTATIONS takes you through various stages of intoxication. From the soothing inception of dreams, to the darker depths of "the fear", soft pockets of clean air, spiralling nausea, and the final curtain call when the world slips back into our senses and we once again press play - Prabha Devi

Lennie Hibbert - Chinese Beauty
Francis Bebey - Rwanda
Orient Express - Birds of India
Omar Khorshid - Raqsed El Fada
Alessandro Blonksteiner - Un Jardin
Naima Samih - Rmani Rih

Les Abranis - Chenar Le Blues
Omar El Shariyi - Maliesh Amal
Amedee Pierre et I’Ivoiro Star - Vla
Vas De Cabo Verde - Fra Broque
Tesfai Gabre with Choir - Ye Feker Selamta
Neşe Karaböcek - Aşık Olamıyorum
Cici Kizlar - Gencim Yaşamı Severim



  1. Alessandro Blonksteiner - Un Jardin beautiful sound!!!
    also the other tracks are beautiful

  2. Another fantastic compilation, thank you. May I ask where the beautiful cover artwork is from?

    1. A. Rouleau: I "made" the cover so I can answer that part: It was originally the front page of the German periodical called "Jugend" and was first published in 1900. The magazine actually gave name to the german version of Art Noveau - Jugendstil. Glad you enjoyed both mix & art.

    2. Thank you. :-) Both the original and your cover look amazing.