Monday, October 28, 2019

Dream Weapons present: SAFE SPACE IS THE PLACE C90

The season of colorful autumn leaves dancing in the air is ending and we’re entering the dark days of winter. So I’ve compliled a bright and gentle soundtrack to help us through. My idea of a safe space is a recreational place in sound filled with soft and comforting melodies, angelic voices, harps, wide eyed innocence and general kindness - rather than the modern understanding of the term. I guess mostly I just added «safe» to Sun Ra’s afrofuturist sci-fi flick and thought it looked kinda clever. Its basically Windswept Daydream / Birds of a Feather part three.

-Come to think of it warm and lovingly crafted melodies sometimes work like magic in horror movies, or as the score to your worst nightmares… but scratch that thought and just revel in tenderness -Moahaha

 1 Mary Badham - Wish Me a Rainbow
 2 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Summertime
 3 Beautify Junkyards - The Miller's Song
 4 John Cameron - Half  Forgotten Daydreams
 5 Haruko Wanibuchi - つぶて数え唄
 6 Alan Lee - Bailero
 7 Sandrine Chatron - Sonate pour harpe opus VII No. 1. Part 3
 8 Bergen White - The Bird Song
 9 Peter Tessier - Pastorale
10 Satyajit Ray - Love Theme; Sanju And Lizzie
11 Izumi Yukimura - The River of No Return
12 Judy Singh - Samba del Sol
13 Remigio Ducros - Saudade do Brasil
14 Nina & Frederik - Charade
15 The Tokens - Some People Sleep

 1 Lesiman - Messaggio
 2 Nutshell - Heaven Only Knows
 3 DR Pigekoret - Frydelig Med Jubelkor
 4 Les Djinns - Les Feuilles Mortes
 5 The Folklords - Forty Second River (Alternate Version)
 6 Jack Daugherty And The Class Of 1971 - Brothers And Sisters
 7 Minoru Muraoka & New Hit Sounds - 涙の季節
 8 Muksut - Balladi
 9 Lucy Ann Polk & Les Brown - You're Different
10 Bing Crosby - When You're in Love
11 Bit 'A Sweet - Travel
12 Altatódalok - Csija, Csija, Aludj Penja - Fesl Bimbó
13 Meredith d'Ambrosio - When The End Comes
14 The Singers Unlimited - Eventide

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  1. thank you !! for all the beautiful music !!

  2. You're welcome - I'm glad its appreciated!