Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dream Weapons present: BIRDS OF A FEATHER C90


Or «Birds of a feather flock together» as the full proverb goes. The original idea was to collect about a dozen sweet songs and team them up with one matching instrumental each - while maintaining a continuous flow. That proved a little too difficult but I came rather close with these 17x2 neighborly oldies. At least the instrumental-song-instrumental and so fourth-structure is intact. Easy on the ears in a similar fashion Edmund Dulac’s enchanting cover illustration is easy on the eyes -Moahaha

1 Gus Vali - Delilah
2 Lily Chao - Shepherd Girl
3 Modern Sound Quintet - Urisa
4 Pearl Bailey And Sylvia Lynn  - The Wayfaring Stranger
5 Gianni Marchetti - Off Sale
6 The Caravelles - Don't Blow Your Cool
7 Teichiku Orchestra - Kimi wa Kokoro wa Tsuma Dakara
8 Mindaugas Urbaitis & Gintare Jautakaite - Kol Miega Vaikai
9 Hareton Salvanini - Perseguição
10 Marion - Abyssinian Secret
11 Alex Stordahl and His Orchestra - Tunis: Ports of Call (Escales)
12 Line Monty (Laïla Fateh) - L'orientale (original version)
13 Kostas Bezos and the White Birds - Μη με ρωτάς (Don't Ask Me)
14 Narciso Parigi - ...E La Barca Tornò Sola
15 Richie Allen - Breakin' Out
16 Yun Liu - 深閨寂寂 (Deep and Silent)
17 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - 花笠音頭 [Hanagasa Hondo]

18 Alicia Maguina - Interrogación
19 C. Papadoukas & C. Pertsinidis - Petite Guitare Triste
20 Juan Gelman & Juan Cedrón - Extrañura
21 Horst Wende - Forlorn Girl (Wafani)
22 Arleta - Second Summer
23 Hal McKusick Octet - My Inspiration
24 Zarah Leander - När Rosorna Står I Blom
25 Gianfranco Plenizio - Titoli
26 Nancy Adams - Love Is
27 Amedeo Tommasi - Gemelli
28 Cheryl Thompson - Black Night
29 Awake - Carrellata
30 Maha Abdel Wahab - Hamza
31 Sextuor Arabesque - Chanson De La Paix
32 Dennis Day - Wonder Boy from Peru
33 Sounds Orchestral - Carnival
34 The Sounds of Sunshine - You Are My Tomorrows, Today



  1. Lovely collection of genre and feel - Thanks Moahaha

    1. My pleasure Sip the Light Umbongo. Happy to hear you're enjoying it

  2. First time visiting your blog, and I love it, thanks!
    (Lolo from Paris, France)

    1. Bienvenue Lolo & bonnes découvertes (if that last part translates to something close to "happy discoveries")!