Friday, February 22, 2019

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: TVEKLANG C60

5x2 vintage analogue electro/acoustic (but not electroacoustic) tunes of shimmering beauty and dreamlike moods to set your mind adrift. Primarily.

«Tve» is Norwegian and means two-or double but as a split… like the forked tongue of a snake. Klang is similar to reverb, but the latter can’t be used in a context such as «complimentary colors forms a harmonious tveklang» - so its not exactly the same. But most of all I think it just sounds and look right for the content of this mix. -Moahaha

1 Liebezeit, Herweg, Stahl & Polonski - Bachelors Club
2 Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown - Il, Les Quitta A L'aube
3 Cosmic Hoffmann - Hypnotic
4 Francesco Cabiati - Chok
5 Ian Boddy - Till Quiet Descends (live, end edit)

6 Richard Schneider Jr. - Birds And Children
7 Juan Blanco - Música Para Danza
8 Paul Nelson - Vortex 1
9 Jean Hoyoux - La Blancheur Ouverture
10 Dominique Laurent & Pinok et Matho - L'appel de la Terre



  1. i really enjoyed this. would love to see more electronic stuff!

    1. Thank you Jean-Sol! Actually if all goes as planned our upcoming post will be an all electronic guest-mix (and a lovely one)...

      I don't know if you're aware but we've posted quite a few electronic mixes during our three years+ of existence. Some 100% «pure» while others a little more sprawling. You’ll find these dozen in our mix archive:

      Static Lines, Ancient Future, The Time Capsule, One Million Tomorrows, Return to Trappist-1, Passing For Human, Cold Trance, The Limitations of Science, Futura Primitiva, Deutsch Nepal, Antropocen and Electric Sheep

      -So if you haven’t already, why not check some of them out while waiting for the next.

    2. thanks for the recommendations. i just recently discovered you and so far everything has been wonderful. i am slowly working my way down your archive. really looking forward to what i will find!

    3. That's great to hear! We should probably tag all our mixees so visitors can more effectively locate the "electronic", "folk" or "jazz" etc. they want.