Thursday, December 1, 2022

Reuploads... + Cab Calloway

I've had to reupload Eastern Embroideries, Murderous Grooves, Endless Summer, The Quiet Earth, Seabeds and Desert Caravan to Ulož.to*. I'm quite familiar with it. It's simple to use and effective. If all the info appears in Czech, you can press the English flag. Press "Slow download/turtle" (slow=a minute or two). If there's any problems, just ask me. *Xmas Delights XI, We're Out of Space and Port of Call got new links as well.

  ...Mixcloud has started charging money for uploading further streams, Mediafire is blocking quite a few of my files, pCloud limits all my files due to "high download traffic"... and they all want my money. But I'm not gonna spend money to share music for free. Looks like the universe is telling me to stop sharing mixtapes..................................  blah...


-If for nothing else but to make this post a little less boring, here's "an oldie" I compiled back in 2012, that's probably new to most of you. The link has been active all these years so it's just a repost. Like that Marie Laforêt-comp, it's shaped to resemble a double album: 

LP 1: A+B & LP 2: C+D or both in a:

New Link

"Does the hippest man ever to walk the earth need an introduction? If so, I'll let Wikipedia do it for me. Here's 16x2 of my favorite "Hi De Ho" man tunes compiled from a selection of ca. 300. Mainly taken from the 12 CD Chronological Classics - 1930-1947 collection, and the This is Hep-boxset. I definitely prefer his early days and everything included here is recorded sometime inbetween 1930-1941. I've tried to choose the best version I had available both sound-and performance-wise for each song" -Moahaha