Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dream Weapons present: INTO BLISS C90

One reason as to why I compile all these jazz-mixes of pure bliss and no atonal blowouts just occurred to me: This is largely how I present jazz to others in real life. Very few people I know are as deeply into all kinds of music as myself. Anything too free, avantgarde or invasive will just get in the way of conversation - and make them uncomfortable. Hell, in regards to my family, even the jazz collected here would give me weird looks. But my friends wouldn’t mind this. And I obviously love it, so «Into Bliss» is an attempt to… please everyone (except for my family) -Moahaha    
1 Billy Gault - Aisha
2 Sonny Fortune - Sunshower
3 Heikki Sarmanto Quartet - Jai Guru Dev
4 Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Two-Third's Pleasure
5 Gary Peacock Trio - Nanshi
6 Heinz Von Moisy - La Carretera
7 Michael Naura - Black Pigeon
8 Sunbirds - Fire Dance

9 Arnie Lawrence and Treasure Island - Abdullah and Abraham
10 Fritz Pauer - Terra Samba
11 Gino Marinacci - Sensitive
12 Stan Sukzmann - Sojan
13 Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - Prayer
14 Erich Kleinschuster Sextett - Sunshine In Raindrops
15 Gerald Merceron - Rio Pop
16 Green Cosmos - Über Dem Berg 


Monday, March 11, 2024

Dream Weapons present: HERDING CALLS C60

As promised in my previous post here's that Western European folk-mix of mine. Or rather the Nordic nations plus France, some Celtic songs, a Welsh tune and uh... an Irish music project from Sardinia. No 1970’s psychfolk this time, but more traditionally based. In all of my crate digging life I’ve flicked through countless Scandinavian folk albums with similar cover art to this one, in the cheap bins. As charming as they often appeared visually, I still never gave them the time of day. Well, not until in the last couple of years or so. About half of these represent some of the best tunes I’ve located on such albums - while the other half is found… elsewhere:) An hour full of life and wonderful melodies. Try it! -Moahaha

1 Nils Økland - Rose (N)
2 Carola Standertskjöld - Hämärä Kun Mulla Luontonsa Peittää (SF)
3 Harpan Min - Enkellåten (S)
4 Burträskar'a - Malin Häggströms Vaggvisa (S)
5 Åsa Jinder & Svenska Låtkvintetten - Mot Kvällningen (S)
6 Unni Boksasp - Kysja Roa - Etter Magnhild Almhjell (N)
7 Olav Snortheim - Imyljo Jul Og Kyndelsmesse (N)
8 Lillemor Lind - Skänklåt Från Enviken (S)
9 Rhona MacKay - Buain A' Choirce, Domhnall an Dannsair, Glenlivit (C)
10 Jean-François Dutertre - Bacchu-Ber (F)

11 Pelle Jakobsson - Vallåt Från Nås Efter Tillmans Sara (S)
12 Kirsten Bråten Berg - Liti Kjersti og Elvekongen (N)
13 Cumulus - Soua Sorsa, Lieku Lintu (SF)
14 Norrlåtar - Järvenpään Ranalla (SF)
15 Jean David -  Ya Mimoun Ya Messhoud / Donnez Pour Le Rompelpot (F)
16 Mairéad Ní Dhomhnaill - Ar A Dhul Go Baile Átha Cliath Domh (C)
17 Carreg Lafar - Cŵyn Mam-Yng-Nghyfraith (W)
18 Erlend Apneseth - Hallingen (N)
19 Glee’s - Ave Maria/Half Penny Hompipe (I)
20 Margit Myhr - Bånsull (N)



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