Thursday, March 21, 2024

Dream Weapons present: INTO BLISS C90

One reason as to why I compile all these jazz-mixes of pure bliss and no atonal blowouts just occurred to me: This is largely how I present jazz to others in real life. Very few people I know are as deeply into all kinds of music as myself. Anything too free, avantgarde or invasive will just get in the way of conversation - and make them uncomfortable. Hell, in regards to my family, even the jazz collected here would give me weird looks. But my friends wouldn’t mind this. And I obviously love it, so «Into Bliss» is an attempt to… please everyone -Moahaha    
1 Billy Gault - Aisha
2 Sonny Fortune - Sunshower
3 Heikki Sarmanto Quartet - Jai Guru Dev
4 Lloyd McNeill Quartet - Two-Third's Pleasure
5 Gary Peacock Trio - Nanshi
6 Heinz Von Moisy - La Carretera
7 Michael Naura - Black Pigeon
8 Sunbirds - Fire Dance

9 Arnie Lawrence and Treasure Island - Abdullah and Abraham
10 Fritz Pauer - Terra Samba
11 Gino Marinacci - Sensitive
12 Stan Sukzmann - Sojan
13 Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet - Prayer
14 Erich Kleinschuster Sextett - Sunshine In Raindrops
15 Gerald Merceron - Rio Pop
16 Green Cosmos - Über Dem Berg 



  1. Really appreciate the work you all are doing. Reminds me of the good old days where I discovered new music through music blogs. Thank you :)

    1. Thanks for letting us know it's appreciated, Zhou. Yes, when DWp started we were all missing those good old days ourselves. I still do:)

  2. I seem to have spent my life attracting weird looks for the music I like. It's good to hear I'm not the only one. Many thanks for the Bliss, Moahaha.

    1. Haha I suppose every visitor here is in "our club", zipper