Sunday, November 25, 2018

Dream Weapons present: I HEAR VOICES C90

I had already started collecting tunes for this mix of mine simultaneously as Sadhu Sadhu mentioned his similarily themed Mouth of Truth. His approach was quite unlike I Hear Voices. But I too present to you a smörgåsbord of human emotions expressed through the use of voice-or voices as the running theme. I always had a soft spot for spoken word done with genuine musicality - and half of the material included is musically accompanied poetry and tales. While the rest is primarily wondrous folksongs, or the more abstracted «voice as an instrument» kind of soundscapes. As often before this mix is darkly flavored, jazzy, folky, psychedelic and occasionally far out and experimental -Moahaha

1 Samy Birnbach & Benjamin Lew - Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulders
2 Nya Ljudbolaget - Minnesvisa
3 Rosalie Sorrels - Report from Grimes Creek
4 Neil Ardley (Ivor Cutler narrator) - The Dong with a Luminous Nose
5 Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Water for Robeson and Williams
6 Lee Hays - Talking Bilbo
7 Peggy Seeger - When I Was Single
8 The Spectre Collector - The Mourning Room (Conversations)
9 Amedeo Tommasi - Suspence Magico n. 1
10 Jeong Ranyeu - Hall For the Elderly
11 Uri Caine & La Gaia Scienza Ensemble. Mariko Takahashi  narrator - Hör Ich -12 Das Liedchen Klingen
12 Collage - Kodu Kaugel
13 Shorty Petterstein - A History of Jazz
14 Philippe Katerine - Monologue Sacha

15 Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra - Ulalume
16 Bruce Johnson - Astral Child
17 Kathy McCord - Jennipher
18 Txomin Artola - Gogoeta Hauek
19 Slinkombas - Kråkevisa
20 Aitana Alberti & Dúo Amanecer - Musica Arabe Tradicional
21 Albanian Men's Group From Vlorë - Légende de la Femme Emmurée
22 Jacques Henry Lévesque - extrait de Les Pâques a New York (Blaise -Cendrars)
23 Îles Salomon, Malaita/'aré'aré - Lamentation Funèbre, Aamamata
24 Vox Populi! - Lunar Plexus
25 Eleni Sikelianos & Jillian Mukavetz - The Drama of the Shadowdrome
26 Areski Belkacem - Chanson Pour sa Mère
27 Roy Harper - Duty
28 Zbor Kazališta "Komedija" / Miljenko Prohaska - Finale

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Dream Weapons present: SILK ROAD C60

SILK ROAD started off as an attempt to piece together some music from the countries bordering that legendary passage, however, too many songs failed to fit, and I found others from different countries that worked better so it became what it is. A kind of excavation into some primitive songs and some more polished and well-recorded. Just light a shisha pipe, brew some mint tea and sit back and immerse yourself for an hour.

-Prabha Devi

1 Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai - Taishikich Chshi
2 Unknown - Brao: Arakk Healing Ritual
3 Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou and Ensemble - Ouakha Dial Kheir Women’s Chorus (Tahala)
4 Miss Inah and The Sweet Malay Entertainers - Sesalken Oentoeng
5 El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe - Dalonah
6 Cheika Djerba - Rah Alia Rah
7 Kachbal & Zarwal Tafjija - قشبال و زروال التفجيجة فكاهة
8 Lili Labassi - Mazal Haye Mazal
9 Ehl-i Keyif - Nihavent Longa
10 Lekali Folk Music & Cultural Group - Bhijyo Timro
11 Nyel Che - Oves Oh Jeik Bhri Ra Dhah
12 Kumar Basnet - Herda Ramro
13 Innov Gnawa - Bangara
14 Levitros - Farfara
15 Lhamo of Lubcha Village - Fagi Pangsho Den Mi Nang Na