Friday, October 28, 2016

Dream Weapons presents: SALOME'S DREAM C60

Salome's Dream is an evocative mix of female voices stirring the dead winds of winter to curl around our throats and force us indoors to pour over books, bottles of absinthe, check our reflections in long mirrors as the shadows pass making the room quiver and our hearts beat. -Prabha Devi

1. Lament - Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
2. Nadirs Of The Sun - Isengrind
3. Pläkkikanteletar - Lau Nau
4. Desire - Fursaxa
5. Myrskylaulu - Kuupuu
6. I Go To Sleep - Anika
7. Zzotto - Pattern & Shape
8. Dead - Dana Gillespie
9. Wooden Ships - Christine Harwood

1. A Doppia Faccia - Nora Orlandi
2. Belladonna [Reprise].mp3 - Masahiko Sat
3. At the Sundown - Elodie Lauten
4. Spaces We Breathe - Woo
5. Le Rite du Serpent Corail - Sunhiilow
6. Flights of Fancy - Maggi Payne
7. Satanic Verses Lead Us In An Oriental Reverse - Harps Of Fuchsia Kalmia
8. How Sad, How Lovely - Connie Converse


Friday, October 21, 2016

Dream Weapons recommends: ETHERIC FOUNTAIN CHANNEL

My dear friend Tsaheylu Silene Bathyketes, has released a new album! Check it out!

- Sadhu Sadhu


A mix of newage music, loops, noises and fieldrecordings/naturesounds. The self-titeled tape from etheric fountain channel stretches over 90 minutes and has floating transitions between the songs,blurring the compositions as parts to its whole,adding a overall feeling or color despite its wide range of expressions. its a fairytale journey through undiscovered landscapes. From digging through ditches as a hedgehog to witnessing futuristic monoliths being erected from an eagle's eye. It takes you walking by a lake in thick fog, hearing portals opening and closing through the echoing waves. The music is almost entirely made of acoustic instruments and field recordings, except some keyboardnotes in there that stick out as kind of obvious. It's got dimensions of depth you don't discover in it's ocean of sound on the first listening, though it's manageable. If you work at sorting out its layers and textures -you can hope to reveal new forms of meditation and or worship. The tape is a inspired incarnated image of the dancing elementals on the threshold of our senses. A pure communication in the form of musical memory.



order from Sunroad records facebookpage.

Peace brother

Wednesday, October 12, 2016



Traditional-to psychedelic folk-favorites of a gentle, mysterious beauty long lost. Twenty songs and a few instrumental interludes all recorded sometime in between the mid-60’s up to early 80’s, that may lull you into a longing for olden times - centuries before you were born.

Times that… must have been total shit if you weren’t royalty or filthy rich. And anyone that lucky were most likely some sort of tyrant. BUT let’s not dwell on short and miserable lives once lived.

I'm afraid I seem to have strayed somewhat from my original brief. But in a nutshell: art is more fun than reality. Enjoy!

1. Nick Dow - Burd Margaret
2. Maureeny Wishfull - London Town
3. Robin Williamson - For Three of Us
4. Veronique Chalot - Sylvestrik
5. Zeit - Gli Antichi Colori
6. Mandy Morton - Wake Up in the Morning
7. Pyewackett - The Grey Cock
8. Peo - Maj
9. Bermuda Triangle - Wind
10. Spirogyra - Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way
11. Pererin - Titrwm Tetrwm

12. Jed - Winter’s Glade
13. Joseph Pusey - The Chambermaiden’s Dream
14. Lars Klevstrand - Det Er Den Største Dårlighet
15. Kathy & Carol - A Swallow Song
16. Arleta - Mes S’Afti Ti Varka
17. Shide & Acorn - Legend
18. Nordvision - Mooir Mini Kvi Kvi
19. Tir Na Nog - Goodbye My Love
20. Steeleye Span - Bonny Moorhen
21. Mayfly - Lemoncake
22. Folk och Rackare - När Som Jag Var På Mitt Artonde År
23. Jeff Moore and Friends - Flying So High

- This mix has taken its title from the Hieronymus Bosch-drawing (detail) used on the cover. Look closely and you’ll notice that the forest literally has ears, and the field eyes. - Moahaha

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE SPIRAL TEMPLE C60

"THE SPIRAL TEMPLE is a soothing journey into the throwbacks of the 60s, intertwined with some mystical sitars and drugged out vocals. A mix for the reflective soul, with a nod towards joy and slight euphoria"

1. Morning Storm - Clem Alford
2. Drug Song - Dave Bixby
3. My Way To Be Hurt - Oriental Sunshinenin
4. Raga Desh - Paul Horn
5. The Plains Of Delight - Philamore Lincoln
6. Color Fantasy - Maitreya Kali
7. Raining- Paper Garden
8. Way Of Going - The Cosmic Gardeners

1. Someday Girl - The Moon
2. Magical Fingers Of Minervae - J.K. & Co
3. The Dream - Magic Carpet
4. Crazy One - Ramases & Selket
5. I Give You Johnee The Truth - Saddhu Brand
6. Road to the Sun - Roger Bunn
7. Dance of Maria - Elias Rahbani
8. Going Back Instrumental Ooda Chant & Ending - Bobby Callender