Friday, October 28, 2016

Dream Weapons presents: SALOME'S DREAM C60

Salome's Dream is an evocative mix of female voices stirring the dead winds of winter to curl around our throats and force us indoors to pour over books, bottles of absinthe, check our reflections in long mirrors as the shadows pass making the room quiver and our hearts beat. -Prabha Devi

1. Lament - Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
2. Nadirs Of The Sun - Isengrind
3. Pläkkikanteletar - Lau Nau
4. Desire - Fursaxa
5. Myrskylaulu - Kuupuu
6. I Go To Sleep - Anika
7. Zzotto - Pattern & Shape
8. Dead - Dana Gillespie
9. Wooden Ships - Christine Harwood

1. A Doppia Faccia - Nora Orlandi
2. Belladonna [Reprise].mp3 - Masahiko Sat
3. At the Sundown - Elodie Lauten
4. Spaces We Breathe - Woo
5. Le Rite du Serpent Corail - Sunhiilow
6. Flights of Fancy - Maggi Payne
7. Satanic Verses Lead Us In An Oriental Reverse - Harps Of Fuchsia Kalmia
8. How Sad, How Lovely - Connie Converse



  1. Hello, thank you for the amazing music mixes that you are sharing with the world. Is there a chance of you having the album "Mongolie-musique vocale et instrumentale" from the Inedit/maison des cultures label? It did exist somewhere on the internet, but unfortunately has been deleted ever since. I would be very happy to be able to hear it. Thank you very much in advance for your efforts and consideration. Kind regards from Austria

  2. many thanks, you are fantastic! I looked for this for years!! All the best to you and your team on this blog. Best regards and wishes from Austria!