Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dream Weapons present: ONE LAST DANCE C90


Here / Here 


You are cordially invited to a feast for ears and feet alike - atleast compared to most of my other mixes.

Don’t know if US voters went for the warmonger or fascist-alternative just yet, but either way wintertime is most certainly here. I just learned that the first statement of the 2nd law of thermodynamics is that "heat flows spontaneously from a hot to a cold body". Unintentionally erotic-sounding laws of thermodynamics sort of sums up my primary intentions with this mix - cuz that’s what the world needs. Now get ready for one last dance around the globe.

1. Embryo feat. Sehnap Eizard - Wasserräder (edit)
2. The Web - Watcha Keele
3. Woodoo - Woodoo-Teema
4. Trevor Dandy - Judgement Morning
5. unknown Tari Minang singer - Tajuang Sani (edit)
6. Lilis Surjani & Enteng Tanamal Orkes - Kisah Ali Baba
7. The Seven Players - The Sultan’s Dream
8. Roberto Cantoral - Bajo El Viejo Reloj
9. Ivo Nilakreshna & Orkes Tjemara - Track 7
10. Rungruedi Phaengphongsai - Thoe Ru Rue Plao Wa Chan Khaen
11. A. Kadir Orkes Sinar Kemala - Djauh Dimata Dekat Dihati
12. Tri Atma - Lashya
13. William S. Fischer - Bat Bi Hiru Lau

14. Frankie Zhivago - All Around the World
15. Jabula - Let Us Be Free
16. Jermain Tamraz - Doogle Shapireh
17. Shadia - Ana Mikhasmak
18. Noor Jehan - Laga Hai Misr Ka Bazar Dekho
19. Orkes Melayu Purnama - Hidupku
20. Webley Edwards - Pele, Fire Goddess
21. Banda Do Casaco - Ai se a Luzia
22. Zeynəb Xanlarova - Ширваи баятылары
23. Esma Redžepova - Oketano Nano Odoja Čaj
24. Los Pastores - Plegaria Guadalupana
25. A. Domínguez - Punteado
26. Ralf Nowy - Tschad


  1. Hello, thank you for this great mix! Your blog is amazing and somehow reminds me of the holywarbles blog... keep up the good work. Do you by chance also happen to have the album "Living traditions: folk music from Turkey" compiled by Deben Bhattacharya? This is also one I have been searching for a while, I know it has been posted on the net.... but all links to it are gone. This will be the last time I bother you with asking for music, but I would be very happy to be able to hear that one. thank you very much in advance for your time and efforts. Kind regards from Austria

    1. Is this the one you are looking for? (Not the best rip, but the only one i have...)

    2. yes, oh my God, you truly have everything :) Thank you so much for your efforts and fr sharing the music with ppl on the internet(and with me). I wish you and your blog's team all the best. p.s. I will be ripping some rare Austrian folk music LP's, if you are interested, I will send you the links. Kind regards from Austria

    3. Hello dear fellow music enthusiasts and bloggers! I see you fulfilled requests by ppl (not everyone bothers to do this - very nice of you to help out), so I try my luck too. Kudos for this blog and your compilations!
      There is a LP of 1973 - 'music of the jivaro of Ecuador'
      also by Deben Bhattacharya there was a series of LPs with 'music of Israel' (5 LP#s plus a double album, issued later). If you shld have some of this or know of anyone who has them, it would be just awesome. Let me whísh you a good upcoming week. Cheers.

    4. Hi Anna! I'm afraid none of us got any of the Deben Battacharya-compilations you're looking for. But in case you don't already know "Music of the Jivaro of Ecuador" is commercially available for $9.99 from Smithsonian Folkways own homepage.


      I'm also guessing you'll find all the contents of those Music of Israel-albums there, but collecting them all we'll end up rather expensive (just search: music + israel).

      Best of luck in your search,

  2. Hey there and thanks! - सølγ שаябlɛş is one of the main reasons this blog exists.

    I have a few Deben Bhattacharya-compilations but not the one you're searching for (perhaps one of my fellow bloggers do). Its really no bother that you're asking though.