Monday, August 6, 2018

Dream Weapons present: SUN MOON STARS C60

I had planned for you to post a pitch black and dissonant mix but today I didn’t feel like adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Instead I present to you:

-A shamisen/jazz fusion groover followed by some vintage Rocksteady, Bollywood, Lollywood, Bellydance/Oriental-favorites and so fourth. No actual concept but a looser follow up to former «world» mixes such as Earth’s Orbit, A Traveller’s Tale, Faraway Dances and One Last Dance. Some transitions from one tune to another may not be the most graceful ever but... well its for free!


1 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi
2 The Renegades - Mr. Hops
3 Atiya Sharara - Ah Ya Zein-Salem ‘Ale
4 Shamshad Begum - Chandni Aayi Banke Pyar, O Sajna, O Sajna
5 Unknown / Exotic Oriental Dances - Layal Eskandareyat
6 Nahid Akhtar - Yeh Subh Badal Dena
7 Edward Mekjian Ensemble - Anoosh Yar
8 Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites - Dollar a Bill

9 Yvonne Harrison - Take My Hand
10 Suraiya - Hum The Tumhare Tum The Hamare
11 Rajkumari & Prem Adib - Yeh Rail Humare Ghar Ki
12 Radio Noisz Ensemble- IIIOrno
13 Simon Shaheen - Bortuqal
14 Shaukat Ahmad - Rindi Poshmal
15 Laila Mourad - Moshtakalek
16 Hesam Inanlou - The Last Lullaby
17 Macha Gharibian - Kélé, Kélé