Monday, August 6, 2018

Dream Weapons present: SUN MOON STARS C60

I had planned for you to post a pitch black and dissonant mix but today I didn’t feel like adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Instead I present to you:

-A shamisen/jazz fusion groover followed by some vintage Rocksteady, Bollywood, Lollywood, Bellydance/Oriental-favorites and so fourth. No actual concept but a looser follow up to former «world» mixes such as Earth’s Orbit, A Traveller’s Tale, Faraway Dances and One Last Dance. Some transitions from one tune to another may not be the most graceful ever but... well its for free!


1 Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalos - Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi
2 The Renegades - Mr. Hops
3 Atiya Sharara - Ah Ya Zein-Salem ‘Ale
4 Shamshad Begum - Chandni Aayi Banke Pyar, O Sajna, O Sajna
5 Unknown / Exotic Oriental Dances - Layal Eskandareyat
6 Nahid Akhtar - Yeh Subh Badal Dena
7 Edward Mekjian Ensemble - Anoosh Yar
8 Bobby Ellis & The Crystalites - Dollar a Bill

9 Yvonne Harrison - Take My Hand
10 Suraiya - Hum The Tumhare Tum The Hamare
11 Rajkumari & Prem Adib - Yeh Rail Humare Ghar Ki
12 Radio Noisz Ensemble- IIIOrno
13 Simon Shaheen - Bortuqal
14 Shaukat Ahmad - Rindi Poshmal
15 Laila Mourad - Moshtakalek
16 Hesam Inanlou - The Last Lullaby
17 Macha Gharibian - Kélé, Kélé



  1. Thank you very much Moahaha! The Armenian tracks Anoush Yar (which means Sweet Lover) and Kélé Kélé (from Komitas) went right to my heart. Blame it on my armenian origins. And I have a soft spot for indian and arabic female vocals. So it's perfect. Armand

    1. Always good to hear from you Armand - While the rest of the songs are more vivid or fun (I hope) I think your armenian favourites (that went straight to both our hearts) are the two most beautiful on the mix. I do have a preference for the female voice myself and almost 20% of the tunes with a male main vocalist is probably way above my average. I thought Edward Mekjian has a particularly pleasant voice. Funnily he is

      -known as Eddie Mekka and is best known to television audiences for his role as 'Carmine Ragusa', The Big Ragu on the hit ABC-TV sitcom, "Laverne & Shirley". He played the role of 'Carmine' for the show's entire run. The role of 'Carmine' lead to numerous guest appearances on many of the most popular series of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Eddie was seen on such television shows as "The Love Boat", "Fantasy Island", "Moonlighting", "The New Rockford Files".... You can read more if you like here:

      Anyway I'm glad you liked it!

    2. Thanks a lot Moahaha for the information. I will read about Eddie Mekka. Didn't know him. Best.

    3. -You may not find it all that interesting. It's just that often when I try and dig for more info about some "mysterious" artist I stumble over I find very little. So I was amused to find a quite profilic Armenian-American sitcom (and more) actor behind music as wonderful as this.

  2. Nice mix good people, quite intoxicating! I find myself in agreement with Armand, I haven't (to my knowledge) come across any Armenian music. But based on the Macha Gharibian track, Ill definitely be exploring the genre further.
    I adore the fabulous Nahid Akhtar, who I've discovered recently on Pakistani soundtrack compilations. Is there any corner of the globe Dream Weapons haven't covered???

    1. Thanks rex! You've must have unknowingly come across some armenian music on "Earth Orbit" (a song and an instrumental - both quite representative) + if you've heard it: Faraway Dances (The Gomidas Band). There's also a couple on my older, slightly patchier mix: Eastern Embroideries. There's much beauty to be found, even on cheap looking compilations such as "The Music of Armenia Vol. 1-6".

      Yes I originally discovered Nahid Akhtar on similar/or same compilations. There's still plenty of great songs from her out there on worn out #7's and obscure OST's.