Monday, February 19, 2018

Dream Weapons present: EARTH’S ORBIT C90

Covering a lot of musical territory and many moods - earth’s yearlong orbit around the sun seemed like an appropriate metaphor for my world party mix no. 4 or 5 (or 6). The Armenian lady dressed in her stunning traditional folk-costume largely exudes serious beauty but there’s an overweight of festive dance tunes here (also loaded with beauty I may add). Yet another one for the ever expanding dream-party-that-may-never-materialize-collection.


1. Armenian Song and Dance Ensemble - Hamayak Djan
2. Stavros Xarhakos - Tsifteteli Hitzaskar
3. Rebecca Pan - I Will Ask You / 我要問你
4. Izumi Yukimura - Anmitsu Hime / あんみつ姫
5. Ginji Yamaguchi and the Luana Hawaiians - Kaeri Bune
6. Webley Edwards - Hiilawe
7. Club Nisei Orchestra - So-Ma Bon Uta
8. Teresa Teng - Love Flowers
9. Hoàng Oanh - Lẻ Bóng
10. Anastacios Smirniotis Orchestra - Neyalo Stoma
11. Goom - Massai (Part 2)
12. Hachig Kazarian Ensemble - Oud Fantasy
13. Soraya Melik - Bagdat Yolu (The Road to Bagdad)
14. Ahmad Fouad Hassan - Raqs Al Ghawazi

15. Mehnaz - Maine Tere Khuwab
16. Orkes Kroncong Mutiara - Langgam Suling Bambu
17. John Pi'ilani Watkins - The Hana Chant
18. Armenian Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments  - Narine Bar
19. Kladivo, Konj in Voda - Na Poti Domov
20. Ilie Alecu - Hora Lautareasca
21. Ani Gagova (Ани Гагова) - My Heart Aches (Огън гори в душата ми)
22. Halychyna - Буковинські мелодії / Bukovinian Melodies
23. Googoosh - Yekrouzee
24. Eddie "Sheik" Kochak & Hakki Obadia - Desert Wanderers
25. Noor Jehan - Aaja Tujhe Afsana
26. Giuliano Sorgini - Kistna
27. Jose Afonso - Se Voaras Mais ao Perto
28. David Fanshawe - Et In Spiritum Sanctum



  1. The World as one and multiple.
    I am an Armenian-Turkish guy and love this musical rainbow.
    Discovered also recently Onnik Dinkjian and Feyzullah Cinar.
    Thank you for your taste and efforts!

    1. Thanks Armand - glad you're enjoying our tastes and efforts! "The world as one and multiple" is a nice way of putting it. I always try to make smooth transitions from one song/tune to the next and its interesting to experience that going from Armenia to Greece to Hong Kong-or from Pakistan to Indonesia to Hawaii (and back to Armenia) etc. may sound just right.

      -I'm vaguely familiar with Onnik Dinkjian from the brilliant "Armenians in America"-compilation but had never heard of Feyzullah Cinar. I'm listening to the latter artist right now. Sounds darker-tinged and very promising. Thanks again.

  2. thanks for all the mixes.....

    1. You're welcome - it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without listeners though - so thank you for checking them out.

  3. Track 15, Maine Tere Kwuhab. I’m besotted. Where is she/he/they from? Amazing song, amazing mix!!!

  4. Thanks Rex! Mehnaz Begum is Pakistani. She's is-or was (she passed away in 2013) quite famous and recorded countless Lollywood-songs over a couple of decades. I got Maine Tere Khuwab from a 1983-collection but I'm guessing it's originally from a soundtrack.

  5. so glad i found you guys on this blog & on mixcloud wonderful sounds

    1. Well we're pleased that you found us and that you enjoy the music we share

  6. So amazing. Thank you! Really great taste and selections here and beautiful cover art. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you D. Christie! - always happy to see the cover art get a mention as well as the song-selection.