Wednesday, July 25, 2018

20ft Radio & Dream Weapons present: MOUTH OF TRUTH C60

On our fourth mix for 20ft Radio, Moahaha and myself traveled the corners of the world in search for voices of truth.

Our journey took us deep into the ancient temples of Japan and their buddhist monks hypnotic prayers, way up to the frosty north for a visit among the Sami on the planes of the Russian tundra, onwards to the warmth of Persian nights sprinkled with soulful serenades, then both to Mongolia and The Altai Republic for an introspective voyage trough deep rumbling tones of throat singing, a detour to the Swedish sea side with their crisp local folk tunes, a short stop in the humid nights of Haiti and its haunting Vodou chants, venturing to USA exploring both a spiritual meditation on the devil and an intimate pop session of heartbreaking harmonies on teenage love and loss before we went all the way to a Senegalese monastery and their ecstatic monks.

These and many more people and places are to be found on Mouth of Truth, a sombre mix devoted on the beauty of song with the occasional sparse instrumental backing, showcasing spirituals, folk, choral, a cappella and sacred songs from all over the planet.

-Sadhu Sadhu

Side A:
1 The Bulgarian Voices Angelite - Come Into Leaf, Thou Forest ⟡
2 Marie Rottrová - Quasimodův Sen II. (Quasimodo) ♌︎
3 Unknown - а сейд-озере ⟡
4 Yulya - The Russian Convict's Lament ♌︎
5 Shusha - The Wheat-Flower ⟡
6 The Fleetwoods - My Sister's Love (Takes 1 & 3) ♌︎
7 Mary Lou Williams - The Devil ⟡
8 Marian Anderson - Crucifixion ♌︎
9 大本山永平寺維那部 - 舎利礼文 ⟡
10 Keur Moussa - Le Seigneur Nous Offre sa Bienveillance ♌︎

Side B:
11 G. Yavgaan, T Ganbold - Dunjin Garav ⟡
12 Folk & Rackare - Det Blåser Nordost ♌︎
13 Liaudies Muzikos Teatro Trupė - Bogoti broliai ⟡
14 Grand-Mere Funibus Folk - Dodo ♌︎
15 Toto Bissianthe - Papadanmbalah ⟡
16 Banda Do Casaco - Nossa Sinhora D'azenha ♌︎
17 Bolot Bayryshev - Alas ⟡
18 Isla Cameron - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme ♌︎
19 Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Polegnala E Todora ⟡
20 Ursula K. LeGuin & Todd Barton - Long Singing ♌︎


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dream Weapons present: OSIRICA C60

OSIRICA is admittedly a bit of a ADHD mix, keeping on track only for a couple songs at a time before steering into the abyss. I planned it that way, so I hope you can just enjoy the songs for what they are, and see that they do follow some twisted path in my mind at least.

-Prabha Devi

Side A
Jeanne Lee - Sundance
Harrell Singers ‎ - Theres A Land
Maulawi - Root In 7-4 Plus
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Jupiter
Lorez Alexandria - Baltimore Oriole
West African Cosmos - Jevinelo
Saka Acquaye And His African Ensemble From Ghana - Akudonno (1969)

Side B
BASA BASA - Black light
Rabbinical School Dropouts - Warp to Level Three
Débruit - Ogene Udu
Pnu Riff - Bula
Howard Wales - Karnaval
Antonio Adolfo - Vôo Da Apolo
Marconi Notaro - Ah Vida Avida

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