Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dream Weapons present: PURGATORY BLUES C60 by Al Lover


"Next up on the Dream Weapons guestmixes is none other than Al Lover. Al spends most of his time touring the world with his solo electronic work and working with levitation as their official Dj. We asked him if he would be interested in doing a mix, and sure enough he delivered an eclectic mix of "Purgatory Blues" ready to download, record on tape and print the cover art." -Prabha Devi

Footnote Of A Tragedy - Carl Brice
Let Me Down Easy - Betty Lavette
It Seems Like I've Been Here Before - J.J. Jackson
I Dreamed About My Lover - Jerry Fuller
What You Gonna Do - Debra Lewis
Six Feet Under - Bob Fryfogle
Dead! - Carolyn Sullivan
Death Of An Angel - Donald Woods
Endless Sleep  - The Hondells
Endless - Lorez Alexandria
Nautilus - B. Bumble & The Stingers

I Want My Baby Back - Jimmy Cross
Nobody's Gonna Hurt You - Donna Dee
Strange Fruit - Josh White
Insane Asylum - Ko Ko Taylor
Must Be Catchin' - Julie London
King Heroin - James Brown
Bali Ha'i - The Irridescents
You Don't Love Me Anymore - Nella Dodds
Dead Man - George Weston
It's All Over - Ben E. King

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dream Weapons present: HANUMAN'S FIRE TORCH C60


"Ravana tried to murder the captured Hanuman by setting him on fire with a fire-torch, dressed in Royal Siamese apparel. This mix is named after the incident, but any further resemblance stops here. It's basically a short journey through Jazz, World Music, Voodoo Tunes, French Soundtracks and the odd Gospel song thrown in to confuse and coerce the listener into just relaxing for a moment and giving in.

Nothing is to be gained, but hopefully nothing will be lost either."

-Prabha Devi

The Wanderer - Eden Ahbez
Chant of the Moon - Robert Drasnin
Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh! - Voodoo Drums
Tell Her - Fred Williams & The Jewels Band
The Lord Will Make A Way - S. C. I. Youth Choir
Milonga Del Solitario - Jorge Cafrune
The Middle Of The Night - Master Musicians of Jajouka
Trance Dance - Korla Pandit

Un Soir De Blanco - Claude Thomain
Dernier Domicile Connu - Francois De Roubaix
Watermelon Man - Julie London
LA Ibkey - Ahmed Abdul-Malik
Vibes From The Tribe - Phil Ranelin
Japeru - William Parker & Hamid Drake
Gushin Shvidni Gurdjanelni - Hamlet Gonashvili


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dream Weapons present: THE POTENTIAL THAT BLINDS C60 by Tsaheylu Silene Bathyketes


A collection of contemporary curiosities by my beloved friend Tsaheylu! Make sure to drop by his blog for more mixes over here. 

-Sadhu Sadhu

"The mix carries a occult meaning and connects with a double twin. Those who have eyes and ears corrupted in the grip of death might find it"

- Tsaheylu Silene Bathyketes

U.S.A._A-OK - 5:12
Secret Senses - Russian Tsarlag
Nowhere To Go - Sparkling Wide Pressure
fiume nero - Donato epiro
Fiddler On The Skateboard With Chinese Hat - Yximalloo
twee.t'pss -  chushi
Piano Clatter - Foehn
Christ Alive - The Sea Nymphs
Ship Of The Damned - Phantom Orchard
Suicide Hotline - Lamborghini Crystal
Renewable Destination II - Caboladies

A Mystic Experience - Jon Rose
Walviss - Geharkt Strand
Forbidden Dreams - Niggas With Guitars
Wind Crystal - Jeweled Scabbard
She Wears A Hemispherical Skull Cap - Craig Leon
Monochord - Max Eastley
Don Blubber - Geharkt Strand
Trovão - Persona
Akazehe par deux jeunes filles - ?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dream Weapons present: EASTERN EMBROIDERIES C120

 Eastern Embroideries c120

Ever since my childhood I've had an affinity for a certain timbre that could mainly be found in the music from behind the Iron Curtain and in the regions of the former Sovietunion. Politics and troublesome history aside, wether it was armenian tetrachords, persian shashmaqam-modes from the central asian regions, klezmer, balkan or gypsy tunes– somehow it always reminded me of fairy tales.

I compiled 120 minutes in two parts or 2 x c60. If these parts were character types or beings Out of the Village would be the extrovert and Into the Forest the introvert. But music and emotions are more complex than that so you'll find melancholy and joy simultaneously in both the village and the forest.

- Moahaha

  Out of the Village

1 Kurmangazy Kazakh Folk Instruments Orchestra - Kui Daidarai (Kazakhstan)
2 Agapi Kazarian - Hikou Ghimeten Tchim Gidi (Armenia)
3 Zeynəb Xanlarova - Ек-ёк (Azerbaijan)
4 Nezaket Memmedova - Nece Unudum Seni (Azerbaijan)
5 Radka Koushleva - Tornal Todyu (Todyu has Started) (Bulgaria)
6 Kairat Boibosynov - AСЬІЛІM (Kazakhstan)
7 Magda Pushkarova - Tudoro, Tudoro (Bulgaria)
8 Mira Vasiljevic - Oj Javore (Serbia)
9 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Ej Gugutka Guka U Gora (Macedonia)
10 Georgian Voices - Aba Darujan (Georgia)
11 Ewa Demarczyk - Deszcze (Poland)
12 Usnija Jasarova - Me Suneste Aljan (Macedonia)
13 Ozoda Ashurova & Abduvali Abdurashidov - Yor Gulsumane (Tajikistan)
14 Ensemble de Shavkat Mirzaev - Gulruch / Soul of Flower (Uzbekistan)
15 Toni Iordache - Cantec de Ascultare si Breaza (Romania)
16 Esma Redžepova - Caje Sukarije (Macedonia)
17 Salamat Sadikova – Kirgiz Jeri / Kygryz Land (Kyrgyzstan)
18 Edil Huseinov – Jew's Harp Melody (Kazakhstan)

  Into The Forest

1 Munadjat Yulchieva & Ensemble Shavkat Mirzaev - Ranolan Mansun (Uzbekistan)
2 Istvan Nyul - Mélodie Csángó et Danse Hajduk (Hungary)
3 Pauls Dambis - Jūras Dziesmas (Sea Songs): I. Pūti, Pūti, Vēja Māte (Latvia)
4 Vladimir Smbatian - Armyanskie Narodnye Melodii (Armenia)
5 Valentinas Kaplūnas - Paltanavičius / Rapsodija (Lithuania)
6 Verka Siderova - Zhunala e Radka (Bulgaria)
7 Vanja Lazarova Dimitrovska - Doko, Doko Mori Crno Oko (Macedonia)
8 Kanklių Trio - Preliudija Ir Fuga C-Dur (Lithuania)
9 Eugen Doga - String Quartet no. 2 - III. Allegro Non Troppo (Moldova)
10 100 Kaba Bagpipes Choir and Orchestra - Bela Sum, Bela, Yunache (Bulgaria)
11 Tátrai Quartet / Béla Bartók - String Quartet no. 4: IV.
   Allegretto Pizzicato (Hungary)
12 Abdukvaki Abdulrashidov - Tanavar-E-Farghaneh (Tajikistan)
13 Turgun Alimatov - Chorgoh (Uzbekistan)
14 Hasmik Harutyunyan & The Shoghaken Ensemble – Kessabi Oror (Armenia)
15 Sirajoddin Juraev - Masq-e Javanan (Tajikistan)
16 The Cracow Klezmer Band - Bereshit (Poland)

- blogs such as Obscure Little Beasties, Жужу! & BG folklore music has been helpful.

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