Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dream Weapons present: HANUMAN'S FIRE TORCH C60

"Ravana tried to murder the captured Hanuman by setting him on fire with a fire-torch, dressed in Royal Siamese apparel. This mix is named after the incident, but any further resemblance stops here. It's basically a short journey through Jazz, World Music, Voodoo Tunes, French Soundtracks and the odd Gospel song thrown in to confuse and coerce the listener into just relaxing for a moment and giving in.

Nothing is to be gained, but hopefully nothing will be lost either."

-Prabha Devi

The Wanderer - Eden Ahbez
Chant of the Moon - Robert Drasnin
Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh! - Voodoo Drums
Tell Her - Fred Williams & The Jewels Band
The Lord Will Make A Way - S. C. I. Youth Choir
Milonga Del Solitario - Jorge Cafrune
The Middle Of The Night - Master Musicians of Jajouka
Trance Dance - Korla Pandit

Un Soir De Blanco - Claude Thomain
Dernier Domicile Connu - Francois De Roubaix
Watermelon Man - Julie London
LA Ibkey - Ahmed Abdul-Malik
Vibes From The Tribe - Phil Ranelin
Japeru - William Parker & Hamid Drake
Gushin Shvidni Gurdjanelni - Hamlet Gonashvili


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